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  • Should Republicans Reach Out To Minorities And Why? Walter Myers III & JP Sloane

    in Politics Conservative

    Walter Myers III is a libertarian-leaning, constitutional conservative who blogs on limited government, personal responsibility, and civil liberties. He holds a Masters Degree in Philosophy from Biola University, where he is an adjunct lecturer for the Masters Degree in Science & Religion program. When not working fulltime as a cloud architect for a major software company, Walter devotes his time as Programs Chairperson for the Lincoln Club of Orange County, a pro-business PAC dedicated to limited government, a strong national defense, and maximizing individual liberties. Walter also blogs for the Discovery Institute's Evolution News and Views blog on Intelligent Design (http://www.evolutionnews.org/). Walter's personal blog, Scientia Media, can be found at http://www.scientiamedia.com

  • WTF? (Where's The Focus?) w/Kevin A. Phillips-Celebrating Every Day as a HOLIday

    in Non-Profit

    Celebrations are a common occurance every single day of the year all around this world. But do you understand WHAT they are and WHY? American culture as ostrosized the rest of the world in its effort to control and manipulate the weak minds of those not PAYING ATTENTION. Want 'proof', just turn on the tv or go out in public. Join us tonight as we share a list of common misunderstandings of celebrations occuring around this world and how acknowledging them will improve your continued progress.

  • Brandon Hein - Felony Murder - An interview with Gene Hein, Brandon's father

    in Politics

    Hear from Gene Hein, Brandon's father.  Gene has been very active in fighting for his son, advocating against felony murder and enacting change in the system.  Gene's fight has never slowed and there are updates to this case.  
    On May 22, 1995 Brandon and 4 other teenagers [Jason Holland, Micah Holland, Tony Milotti, Chris Velardo] went to the backyard clubhouse of Mike McLoren a locally known pot dealer.  Mike’s friend , Jimmy Farris who was the son of an LAPD officer, was there.
    15-year-old Micah Holland entered first. followed by the others but by then the bigger McLoren had Micah in a headlock. Micah’s older brother, Jason, jumped in and the melee was underway. During the 60 second fight Jason Holland pulled a 2″ Swiss Army-type knife from a holder on his belt and stabbed at McLoren. Mike’s friend Jimmy Farris jumped in and Jason stabbed him too. Fists swung in the dark and in 60 seconds it was over and Jimmy Farris and Mike McLoren left the “Fort” running to the McLoren house.
    Brandon was in the fist fight though he didn’t know who was swinging or why. Tony Miliotti was standing in the doorway. Chris Vellardo was sitting in the truck. Nothing stolen. After the fight, Brandon, Jason, Micah, and Tony walked from the “Fort” and joined Vellardo in the truck and drove off. Jason would later tell the incredulous boys, “I think I stabbed them.”  All four boys would be charged with felony murder carrying a mandatory life without parole.  Some believe that the harshness of the charge and sentence was directly related to who the victim was, the son of an LAPD officer.

  • Polygamy in the Black American Muslim Community: Pro or Con?

    in Politics

    Polygamy in the Black American Muslim Community: Pro or Con?
    Polygamy, more appropriately polygyny, is a topic which inspires lively debate regardless of one's position on the matter.
    Indigenous (Black/African-American) Muslims have arguably, been the most frequent practitioners of plural marriage in the Black American community. Join us as we host a call-in session which will allow listeners, both pro and con, to voice their opinions and share their experiences. 
    Our In-studio panel of moderators will represent practitioners and non-practitioners of both genders, who will offer their insights on the subject in the light of Islamic law and our contemporary social reality as indigenous Muslims in the United States of America. 

  • The Don Smith Show

    in Politics Conservative

    The Don Smith Show “where it’s ok to be a conservative,” brings you the most in-depth coverage of all the latest political news. While the liberal media currently dominates the airwaves, now there's an alternative. Listen to The Don Smith Show every Saturday at Noon ET to hear great interviews with people like Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Dinesh D'Souza, Col. Allen West, Charlie Daniels, Gov. Scott Walker, Dr. Ben Carson, Chuck Woolery, Ben Shapiro, Jon Voight, Deneen Borelli, NRA President Jim Porter, Victoria Jackson, and many more leading conservative voices.
    Don Smith is a veteran of the US Navy, today he hosts the "Don Smith Show" every Saturday at Noon ET. He is also the President of ACS Public Relations firm, handling some of the top conservative personalities in America. Tune in every Saturday at Noon ET for all the latest conservative news.

  • Kylie Hughes Live

    in Military

    Join us this week as we welcome Pop music singer songwriter, Kylie Hughes. Based in Malibu, CA., A Pepperdine graduate, Kylie has many musical accomplishments under her belt, having gigged both with her band and performed solo acoustic sets in numerous Hollywood hotspots (Viper Room, Hotel Café, House of Blues), and local clubs in and around Malibu (Malibu Inn, Sunset Lounge, Canyon Club). Additionally, the pop songstress also sang the National Anthem before a concert by John Mayer at the California Mid-State Fair; shared the stage with The Beach Boys in Thousand Oaks, CA and with Jewel in Napa, CA; played at the Cantinas Music Festival in Paso Robles, CA on a bill with Newsboys and MercyMe; and performed a duet in 2013 at Carnegie Hall with Michael W. Smith. In 2014 Kylie entered the music scene with the release of her EP "Calipopicana". Her passion for spontaneous adventure and obvious musical talent quickly earned the songstress attention from fans and critics. Kylie is currently working on a new album release for early 2017. Her latest single and music video "Take Me Anywhere" takes you along on a road trip to some of her favorite places in California and even some places she had never been before. The “Take Me Anywhere” video follows her previous video for her single “Never Ever.” We will talk to Kylie about her upcoming schedule, get a behind the scenes look at her music, feature her latest songs, and ask her to share her message for the troops. Please be sure to visit Kylie Hughes at http://www.kyliehughesmusic.com/ and spread the word. Fans are welcome to call in and speak live with Kylie during the show (718) 766-4193. And as always we will give shout outs to our deployed military listeners. Our message to the troops: WE do what we do, because YOU do what you do.

  • Fade To Black: A Conversation About Race In America

    in Politics Progressive

    This POWER Network episode will be a conversation about what it’s like to be Black in America. We will exchange perspectives among our Black and white hosts, talking about the challenges in the US right now but also potential solutions and what we can do in our communities. We'll also have a Trump voter on to hear his views AND explore what we all have in common. A novel concept! The POWER Network stands for (literally) Peace, One love, Wisdom, Empowerment & Revolution. Our hosts for this episode include:
    Russ Terry, Founder & CEO of The POWER Network. Russ is a seasoned Coach who has worked with more than 200 clients from companies such as Microsoft, Google, Yelp and PwC, plus emerging leaders in MBA Programs at Cornell Univ and NYU. He also has a series of books on Gratitude. His first book – My Gratitude Journal – came out in 2014 and his second book – Our Gratitude Mission – was published in 2016.
    Tonja Poinsette is a personal Life Coach who helps people recognize their life’s purpose and how to manifest their personal long or short-term goals. After assessing her own life’s purpose with a Life Coach, Tonja obtained her certification and embarked on her own coaching career. Tonja is currently partnering with a local, grass roots, youth mentoring program to coach female teenagers as they transition from adolescent to young adult. 
    Gregory Nesmith covers, commentates, and coaches UNderdogStuff®. He is an entrepreneur, business consultant & leadership coach, speaker and Founder & CEO of UNderdogStuff® consulting, coaching, and media company. He is also Creator & Host of ‘The Gregory Nesmith Show - A Special Delivery of UNderdogStuff®’ live radio show on WHCR 90.3 FM NYC, also available via podcast. All his activities are inspired by his commitment to fighting for UNderdogs.

  • open mic

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  • Transportation Update - Foreign Ownership of Public Infrastructure and Toll Road

    in Politics

    Transportation Update - Foreign Ownership of Public Infrastructure and Toll Roads

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    Home Front with Scott Roberts --- Worldviews

    in Politics Conservative

    Have you ever wondered why some people are so ignorant about certain issues?  It’s been said that Theology drives Philosophy.   Agreement starts with having a common understanding of life.  On our show today, we discuss what’s wrong with Socialism and what the church is supposed to be doing.  You’re going to hear about what is accomplished by going to a foreign country on a Missions trip, and how we can address poverty apart from growing government bigger and how to know the truth.
    Today we interview Pastor Scott Roberts.  Scott is from Bellingham, Washington where he pastors Hope in Christ Church.  You can find his blog here:  http://www.hopeinchristchurch.org/

  • Coaches Gina Sannasardo and Emily Fowler discuss how to empower women!

    in Politics Progressive

    Are you a women, or know a women, that lacks confidence, self-esteem, and needs motivtion and inspriation to live out their dreams and goals?  Then this show is for you! Here we will address what emowerment is and looks like in action.  We will highlight tips to not only empower each other, but empower ourselves so that we might live out our designated purpose.  We are all make with so many gifts, talent, and treasure-it is our time to shine and let our voices be heard. It is our time to reach beyond what is "typically" expected and astound the world.  
    Gina Sannasardo is a Christian life coach of Peace, Joy, and You Coaching that supports moms that are feeling stuck, lost, exhausted and can't see the plan God created for them.  She has developed a signature program called "Petals and Prayers" where moms can come together for renewal, support, acceptance, and night out for themselves!  She is an Amazon #1 Best selling co-auther and freatured in the Chicagoland magazine Natural Awakenings.  She loves to share her Spirit driven message!  # www.findinggodspeace.com