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    Gone Are The Warm And Friendly Days Of Mom and Pop Shops. Okay if you are under 30 you probaly have no idea what a "Mom and Pop Shop" is.
    Mom and Pop Stores were those small neighborhood grocers/trading posts type marketplaces.
    Locals would commune to share stories from the neighborhood. People felt safe to send their children down the street for an ice cream cone. Women could sale their bake goods, and canned foods. Men could bring grain in from the farm and locals would receive all of the lastest news from the oracles.
    People were known by their products and sevices. 
    Marketing and Branding was limited to how well you could bake, sew, can or farm.
    Well, that was long before my time, and probably yours. 
    With the birth of the world wide web there are few and rather remote Mom and Pops. For the most part they are a thing of the past.
    Today, we are online to stay.
    Although off line businesses will continue to be a part of our lives, the internet has truly dominated and become the marketplace of today!
    If you are not online; you may be missing a big part of growing your business.
    You may be left behind in a generation whose lives are  curtailed around the internet. 
    DrFaye brings another brand to Blog Talk Radio "Star-Oids".  
    Star-Oids offer Marketers and Brand Builders additional exposure for their products and services.
    Through "Business Building Branding and Broadcasting" DrFaye expose new and veteran clients to services and products that will assist them in getting before more people in less time when the appropriate steps are taken. 
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