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This is a platform for debate about various topics. No need for a masters or PHD to have a great debate. Topics we debate on are world events, religion, politics, etc. Again this show is for the common person who does research to debate on multiple issues. It's time to embrace debate. Get your pen and pad ready. Email me at ="text/javascript" src="">>

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Representing the Knesset of Jesus Zadok is back with another biblical lesson for you. Zadok Ben Israel
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Get ready for Part 2. Rahim Ali (Islam) Email - Support DT4U & Check out the Website Below

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Get your pen and pads ready. This should be another powerful event. Rahim Ali

Brother Josh (Absolute Bible Truth) Email - The Radio Show Link Below

Vera is back live on Debate Talk 4 U. She's been on the show before so check out Season 1 Exposed Jehovah's Witnesses Pt.1,2,& 3. Vera

LaRon Campbell Bust Tha Bible Like A Rifle (FACEBOOK GROUP)

You don't want to miss this classic music artist testimony. Zaydok The God Hop Emcee Email -

Keep it locked on Debate Talk 4 U Radio. Yahshuah Amishidiyah is back with a new lesson for the listening audience to enjoy. Feel free to call in with questions and comments. Just press 1. Yahshuah Amishadiyah... more

On this episode Sal Showtime reveals to the DT4U family upcoming projects and also ask the question why don't we as black people don't support one another. Email -,,... more
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