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    Being Part of the Whole

    in Homeschooling

    There is much unschooling necessary if we are to develop to our full potential.  So much repression has become habit, we feel a resistance to changing and becoming whole, vibrant and truly alive.  Children have this, we are born with it and gradually loose our zest for learning, sharing and co-creating as if everything has to fit inside of the reality being presented.  Challenging these restrictions takes courage.  The universe is conspiring in our favor because we are part of it and discovering how we operate assists us in navigating our future as we merge back into wholeness.  We are designed to create with a dynamic computer system that is listening to us and leading us outside the box of our human conditioned thinking.  Letting go of the resistance to becoming wise and powerful with boundless love is on our doorstep.  Lets step over the threshold.

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    Homeschool chat with Angie

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    Angie and I chatting about Homeschooling benefits for children and families!