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The Detectors Radio Network on the issue of Healthcare Death Panels for Seniors

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DAnne Burley Show

DAnne Burley Show


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Is there are reality to the issue of "Death Panels" within healthcare packages given to those with Disabilities and Senior? In my mind and after person experience in dealing with health care providers I can see that there is a very complex hidden system that allows for the lack of treatment of those that are being determined and useless to todays society on the basis of "Income type of health issues and now who is paying the bills on this one.

The very people who are being discriminated against in healthcare. In fact these care measures are acting in violation on the ADA laws which prohibited discrimination towards the treatment of those with Disabilities and what's more interesting is that the very people who are being "murdered slowly" within plan care lack of treatment and the people who worked all of their lives jobs who took away there 401k's rights to the very real finance within social security which was used to fund military projects. These politicans and using us as they did in ancient Rome during the time of NERO to fund future projects that they have no budget for in order to coverup the robbery of social security from years pass.

Many senior have no clue of the issue of medical care and just follow the trend, whereby if they reach an age of what maybe concluded as "Time to Die" they are placed in a non care line-up within medical care health providerships operated from within insurance companies and by those who are in adminstrative levels of hospitals and medical care facilities.

What can be done, well it is another election time and unless you are ok with dying when it's not your time and or your planned not to be removed from this planet you need to make you voice heard and tell those people involved you are seeing that they do something or; you will not help them get re-elected into office, nor will you provide a dollar of support to their campaign.