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The Detector hosted D'Anne Burley featured on is your broadcast for very news with interviews, special investigations by the experts. CIA/FBI/BATF, Scientist, Military, Politicans Entertainers, Busine

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why are cituzebs of all races hitting the streets nationwide about police jisc8nduct and the growing mistrust of law enforcement because of there lack of protocols relating to real criminal acts which has lead to terror including ok city and wtc... more

Yes it took to of them in Bolingbrook illinois yep the police to bring me to justice as i had a screw missing on my plate then tge twist came for another ticket for my plate light not working one hour two officers whike in the areathere are isi cells... more

HOSTED BY D'ANNE BURLEY AND BOB JONES, we are the detectors ans seek out the real news and truth behind the stories that the mainstream refuse to carry. Our goal is to help you with research and evidence which is not included within... more

todays news with more information about the facts behind the story hosted by danne burley and bob

tonight we will discuss what is really Behind the fslling economy in Russia and the nightmare that it will impose worldwide. can this mean war? hosted by DAnne Burley and Bob Jones callers 718-508-9513

tonight we will talk to john gary peeler former retited aft cia agent about the issue of ebola and other attacks against the us

We are Americans who worked all of our lives to now this condition which is worsening as we see the destruction of our society via the lack businesses which create employment, healtcare systems that are collapsing to the very rich,... more

Tonight D'Anne Burley and Bob Jones , will talk about the real deal of the issues that are involving the collapse of the United States Economy call 1-630-863-9971 facebook.com/danneburleyshow please like us .........

I saw the video where Brown pushed the clerk but again people who just want to see what is not on the video claimed that Brown pushed the man to the ground, and again blacks have no jobs and no money so they are being lead to steal as... more

Today more on world issues and what is happening within the United States as African Americans are struggling to survive the plague of lack of employment and racism in 2014. Is it better for Blacks Having a African American President and... more
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