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In my shows I try to give you, the audience, a chance to know each guest as someone you know and trust and then our conversation is about her or his book, project, or unique and helpful POV. It is not confrontative, but conversational, and most guests ask for a return visit. In the ARCHIVES are 4 years worth of interviews with many of the world's most sensitive and intelligent CHANGE AGENTS. If you are one - contact me at rewiringyourbrain@gmail.com - Dr.Rose Here's recent comment by a guest."Thank you for having me on your show. It was one of the most intelligent and insightful interviews I have done (I've done more than 150 interviews on the book). Elliott R.Katz, BEING A STONG MAN A WOMAN WANTS. " Most guests ask to return, which is why I totally enjoy each show and know you will too.

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Tom is an Author, Certified Public Accountant, and Certified Financial Planner.His book can help your listeners learn what the rich do that they don't - exposing the secret success habits of the Super Rich.According to Tom, anyone who wants... more

Today's world is packed with confused and hurting people. People who live their lives in quiet desperation, who desire happiness through self-improvement, freedom from dead-end jobs and unrewarding relationships,who long for sound... more

Malcolm and I have these great conversations on my show and his. His Brink Thinking book resonates with much that I belief. He gets more famous people than I do, but his guests are as eclectic as mine so we both get interesting POV... more

My definition of intuition was too simplistic. On my radio show I argued with Diane Brandon that it was merely the balance of the emotional brain to the errors of the cortical brain. Both means of processing information were vulnerable... more

Len was on 6/7 about his novel. Today he will be discussing slavery and racism through the ages. Though there has been progress in the US and worldwide I believe both exist, especially in our minds if not in overt actions.The novel, a... more

The Heaven at the End of Science argues that when we eliminate science's Great Assumption – a self operating world of mindless matter – we come upon the only truth left standing: we are one mind in the midst of... more

If you have money to invest this is the[person to listen to as she is a true EXPERT. YOU will have the TOOLS to invest intelligently.I dialed the wrong number a few times so didn't connect on time - just fast forward 1/ and 1/2... more

Janice is famous for her being John Gray's (Men Are From Mars, Women Are from Venus) major trainer. Her superb book about 12 Rules to better relationship has helped thousands improve their relationships. A review ?I love this book!... more

Madonna Hanna, a former fashion and retail executive, now teaches beginning and advanced fashion marketing and career exploration/personal finance classes at Bremerton High School in Bremerton. In 2006, Hanna created and... more

Today Elinor will focus on her new book, INSPIRED BUSINESS.Motivational speaker, author, sales consultant, relationship selling.A vision came to me while at Stanford Hospital lying on a stretcher with a broken neck. I had one of those... more