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In my shows I try to give you, the audience, a chance to know each guest as someone you know and trust and then our conversation is about her or his book, project, or unique and helpful POV. It is not confrontative, but conversational, and most guests ask for a return visit. In the ARCHIVES are 4 years worth of interviews with many of the world's most sensitive and intelligent CHANGE AGENTS. If you are one - contact me at rewiringyourbrain@gmail.com - Dr.Rose Here's recent comment by a guest."Thank you for having me on your show. It was one of the most intelligent and insightful interviews I have done (I've done more than 150 interviews on the book). Elliott R.Katz, BEING A STONG MAN A WOMAN WANTS. " Most guests ask to return, which is why I totally enjoy each show and know you will too.

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Alone. Jeannie spent most of her 38 years - alone - in her mind. Her insensitivity to others' thoughts, feelings, and actions kept her from making meaningful emotional connections. Her sensory system reacted badly to what was... more

This could help anyone with power over another to rethink power.In Defense of Chaos by LK Samuels, now available.Chaos gets a bad rap. Few people realize that without the dynamics of chaos, order would not exist. In fact, nothing... more

John is a fountain of interesting anecdotes about not only sports figures, but great people in history.He grew up in Chicago surrounded by championship collegiate teams and decorated and historic professional teams. . His love for... more

She is again, brilliant and clearly helpful. Sheis a freelance writer living in Northern Virginia. Her articles have appeared in The Washington Post, USA Today, The Miami Herald, George Washington University magazine, The... more

Jack's BACK! He has more interesting information to share.He became interested in the JFK assassination after seeing a bootleg copy of the famous Zapruder film of President Kennedy's fatal motorcade in 1972. He has been researching... more

I'm 81 and have lived a long, productive, and mostly happy life. I have a loving wife and family that continues to make my life worth living. My radio show and my writing give me the chance to express my views and help people make more... more

Hank has been on twice. First he discussed his article from THE FUTURIST magazine about the Mind of Africa. He destroyed the concept of the stereotypical belief of the mental and emotional inferiority of black people. He stated that... more

From an interview on Meetup. Am excited about your new group. Am a Change Agent with Quantum Leap Technologies, www.atQuantumLeap.com, focusing in 3 areas: Life Transition, Communication Skills, Sales/Marketing.I live in the... more

Trouble the first minutes with his phone. Fast forward.You won't want to miss what he has to say. It could change your mind.With 30 years experience in pioneering Paranormal Research, Edward has had the opportunity to conduct... more

Can stress really cause you to have a nervous breakdown, or even develop a serious mind condition?Unfortunately yes, and this is something I learned the hard way. Few would doubt that stress, particularly if it's prolonged, can have both... more