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In my shows I try to give you, the audience, a chance to know each guest as someone you know and trust and then our conversation is about her or his book, project, or unique and helpful POV. It is not confrontative, but conversational, and most guests ask for a return visit. In the ARCHIVES are 4 years worth of interviews with many of the world's most sensitive and intelligent CHANGE AGENTS. If you are one - contact me at rewiringyourbrain@gmail.com - Dr.Rose Here's recent comment by a guest."Thank you for having me on your show. It was one of the most intelligent and insightful interviews I have done (I've done more than 150 interviews on the book). Elliott R.Katz, BEING A STONG MAN A WOMAN WANTS. " Most guests ask to return, which is why I totally enjoy each show and know you will too.

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His first interview was fantastic.Don't miss this one. You'll learn much about money..Founder of http://www.FTMDaily.com, a popular website dedicated to helping people learn the truth about money and the economy.Robinson is known... more

Dating Goddess is a midlife woman who, after her husband of 20 years surprised her with a divorce announcement at age 48, turned her search for her next mate into an adventure.She chronicles her lessons, insights, stories and advice... more

In fairness to doctors most are conscientious and doing their best to help you with medical problems. They are human and they face four main forces that prevent them from doing their best. Number one is the way they are paid by... more

Picture your daughter, your niece, or a girl you love.What kind of life do you want her to have?I'm willing to bet you want her to be healthy, vibrant, happy and (eventually) have a loving, fulfilling sex life.You want her to nourish herself with... more

Do you have trouble with anger management, and find yourself caught in the same old emotional reactions?Maybe you blew up at your spouse, only to realize after the smoke cleared that you might have overreacted just a tad. Or perhaps... more

On the topic of WWIII/The New Emerging Eurasian Balance of Power/Global Balance of Power2. On World Literature 3. On the Causes of and Possible Solutions for the World Financial/Economic Crisis/Decline of the Western... more

John's story is as interesting as his expertise on CONTROL.REAL INFLUENCE is an essential read for business leaders, entrepreneurs, marketers, salespeople, and anyone who needs to work with others.Many people view "influence" as... more

Deb listened to Dr.Parker, psychiarist's view about drug use.Victory Over ADHD- a holistic approach for helping children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.(HealthNewsDigest.com) It offers comfort, inspiration, and hope to... more

Wholism and what it means to be whole - with some musings on whether the New Age community is always wholistic. What is personal ?empowerment? and what are the components of this desired state? An introduction to the... more

Ahmad's love for Islam was obvious. He said that the original context of Mohammed preaching in Arabia his message of love and truth was uinwelcome to a people who believed the sword the answer to conflicts. He separates... more