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    The John Vance Interview

    in Radio

    John Craig Vance
    Musician/ song writer
    Born: November 19, 1973
    Birth Place: Flint, Michigan
    Best Known As: Southern Country Blues Singer/Songwriter

    John Vance grew up listening and singing traditional country, southern blues, and Motown at his childhood home in Flint, Michigan. John’s many influences include the likes of Marty Robbins, Willie Nelson, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. John has deep southern roots from spending many summers jamming in Kentucky with family. John has always had a knack for writing and singing. John has played at many venues; Boomers, Auto City Speedway, and amateur night at the Apollo plenty more not mentioned. John has won numerous karaoke contests for his unprecedented vocal range, and takes on certain songs. John won the Blueberry Festival (Montrose, Michigan) contest for best male vocalist. John has played with many musicians Stone Cold, Maurice Davis, and Jessie Couch just to name a few. John has had many people listen to his own songs: the way you love me, water, and don’t leave. John has a voice that is undeniably unlike any others a distinct soulful southern tone. John has donated his time and music to many charitable foundations such as The American Cancer Society and The Miracle Children’s Network. John has been on the radio with Dan Richards on B95 Flint, Michigan. John will continue to bring his soulful energy to all endeavors which come his way making people feel the music.

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    Having Fun

    in Internet

    laughing nd being crazy

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    Politics and Pop Culture

    in Politics

    Back to School time again, and Health Care legislation and so much more with news updates from cable and radio news coverage.

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    Interview with Best Selling Author Cydney Rax

    in Entertainment

    My name is Cydney Rax and I am a bestselling novelist who writes controversial yet topical stories concerning African-Americans. This website lets you know everything that’s going on with my books (My Daughter's Boyfriend, My Husband's Girlfriend, My Best Friend and My Man and My Sister's Ex: A Novel) and other current events of topical interest. Thanks for hanging out with me online.

    The fact that I have a new novel, My Sister's Ex, coming out this summer is amazing. It's like my dream is still in motion. And that is a wonderful feeling. The release date for My Sister's Ex is Tuesday, August 4th (Barack Obama's birthday). It’s a spicy and emotional rollercoaster about two sisters, Rachel and older sister Marlene who are the poster kids for sibling rivalry. Some elements of this novel may be considered classic Rax, but there's still something different about it. This time around, I got to explore family dynamics in a way that I haven't done before. Family drama is real. Family drama can be scary, frustrating. Emotional. Life-changing.

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    in Entertainment

    My 1st episode- tryin 2 figure out how 2 use this.

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    Interview with Barbara Dewey 2007

    in Education

    This show originally aired in 2007. The show is a great one for parents with young children as Barbara has such a magical quality about her! That being said, moms with children of all ages will love this show.

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    Michael McGrew "My Kinda Girl"

    in Entertainment

    This author, takes us by surprise in his book
    "My Kinda Girl". Join us as we discuss his reasoning behind this Wow novel.

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    We are Just getting Started..

    in Business

    The idea is coming and these calls will just let you know what we are doing for now

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    Hot Topics

    in Current Events

    Hot topics

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    Introduction to Story-Time Radio

    in Family

    This short and sweet episode will allow for an introduction and description about what I plan to make this radio show into. I will describe my plans and how each show will work. The lines will be open for callers who wish to make requests or suggestions on which stories to pick, or how they would like the show format to be. I am very open to suggestions. I grow with my listeners, so call in and we'll create a wonderful learning environment for people of all ages, races, genders, etc. I will be pulling stories from all different cultures, and there will sometimes be many different versions of a story that originate from many different cultures, but have the same theme. I might read from a book, or I might write my own summary of the story and read aloud from that. I will always make sure everything I say on this show is child-appropriate, and I will also make reccomendations for children's films and books.

    This is supposed to be a fun, educational experience. Please, if you call in or join the chatroom, be respectful that we may have children listening in, and so keep your language soft and refrain from talking about innappropriate conversational topics.

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    The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit

    in Religion

    The Holy Spirit, an essential part of the Christian faith. Christians have Biblically and Historically taught that the Holy Spirit is a divine Person who is sent by Jesus from God the Father to reveal truth and convict the World of sin and regenerate the believers heart. This Person also known as the Spirit, equally shares in the divine nature of the Triune God and is the 3rd member of the Holy Trinity. In our modern day we face a diversity of interpretations of who the Spirit actually is. In this episode of Real Truth Ministry Brian G, Brian M, and Patrick B will examine both ancient and modern views on the Person of the blessed Holy Spirit. Is he Truly a Person and not just an active force? Is he truly divine? Is he God? These questions will be answered straight from the Bible, so be sure to listen and join the discussion!