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Yvonne B McCoy MBA

I'm Ready 4 Me!


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I'm Ready 4 Me! ADEPTLIVING is the philosophy of living your life, expertly as a skilled, well-trained and thoughtful person. Your life doesn’t have to just happen to you. You can learn and use success strategies and systems that can consciously enrich your life. Whether those life choices are about your health, your wealth or yourself, the result is creating a bolder, more dynamic life. The process begins with discovering and focusing on what you envision for all areas of your future success. You expand your horizons fearlessly when you have those strategies and systems to handle change, goal setting, problem solving and managing resources. What are you waiting for? To reach that successful life you have always wanted, you only have to be empowered, design your lifestyle for ease and have a formula that always works. I have lost over 200lbs and kept it off. And I am still losing. It starts by clarifying your powerful internal vision. Not just about one area but in your whole life! I AM ECStatic to take this journey with you. Be sure to click on the Like button in the upper left-hand corner. Let’s get it done.

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With only 3 working weeks left to the year, how are you going to use this time? It would be easy to use excuses to just to wind down until the end of the year. Or are you committed in increasing your results, easily by December 31st?... more

What do our business reputation; accountability, sales and customer service have in common? They all require great follow-up. And this process requires great communication. To be honest, we all should get better at this success habit.... more

There are 8 weeks left to 2015. So what can you still get accomplished? Actually that might not be the right question. The real question is what can you accomplish now, that will give you a strong start in 2016? Using Systems Thinking will help.... more

Wish you had more new clients? Well wishing is never a good strategy. But here are 3 Strategies you can use that will work. First are you doing sales or relationship marketing? Sales are hard, but relationship marketing is much... more

You hear about the people all the time that are in the right place at the right time. It seems to be a coincident that they have so many opportunities opening up for them. Well it isn't luck. It did not happen by accident. First a person has... more

Change is a funny thing. You have to make time and room in your life for it to happen. How do you stay productive? And each time can different. So what should you look at when you have to reorganize your time? Time management... more

It's almost July Will you be where you want to be? If not, you may want to think of making over or updating your business. . Does your business need a makeover for the 2nd half of the year? You need to keep in mind that if you really... more

Have you set goals before but not achieved them? They seemed realistic at the time, but then you just didn't follow through. So what's going on? Were they really what you wanted? Is it possible you are missing the 1 thing that will make the... more

There's a lot of talk about being an expert in this time of information overload. Why? It's important on several levels. As a professional, it keeps you at the top of your game. Also, it increases your visibility and credibility that is important if... more

How many times have we said ?Change your thinking change your life.? That statement had a major impact on my thinking. There are ideas that change your life in major ways because they make you change your beliefs, your... more
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