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You’ve tried to lose weight fast. Now learn to do it so it lasts! To reach that healthy and sexy weight you have always wanted, you only have to be empowered, design your lifestyle for ease and have a formula that always works. I have lost 200lbs and kept it off. And I am still losing. It starts by clarifying your powerful internal vision. Not just about your weight but about your whole life!I AM ECStatic to take this journey with you. See one of the tools I still use at www.imready4me.com/free-gift. Be sure to click on the Like button in the upper left-hand corner. Then download your free “See When You Eat” Plan at www.imready4me.com/free-gift. Because you will be amazed at what you find out. Weight is an everyday reminder of our inward sabotage. Have you thought about how your beliefs and behaviors affect WHAT you are doing? Turn your good intentions into consistent action. Learn to think differently so you can move forward in all areas of your life and have exponential results. Your body will naturally follow. And it’s fun! Be Healthy, Wealthy and Alive now and in 2014.

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If this cold snap caught you off guard, it can be the perfect wake up call to winterize your healthy life style and make it even healthier. We make our houses & our cars ready for winter. Why not do the same for your health? Be... more

I have been missing in action for 8 weeks. I finally fulfilled a long-term goal of having surgery on my inner thighs to remove excess fat & skin. I was especially not prepared for what happened next – both physically (infection) and... more
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