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    If We Don't Know It's Broke, How Do We Fix "IT?" ft Dr Sebi

    in Health

    Know The Ledge Radio is proud to present the return of Dr. Sebi. Emerging from his latest jungle excursion, the Doctor is coming with a timely prognosis for the Human family, in particular those carbonated beings referred to in 'many' names.
    Dr. Sebi stands firmly on the premise that there is ONLY one remedy for the ills that plaque our people, and that is to return back to the forest, the source of life that has always been synonymous with our healthiest state. There were no need for drugs, pharmaceutical companies or hospitals when the carbonated beings of this planet were adhering to the principles that can be found being practiced in indigenous jungles around the world.
    Sebi says we were in a "preventative existence" as opposed to the chaos we are collectively in nowadays, following the ways of a people clearly who do not adhere to the dictates of anything natural.
    You ask what is IT and how do we fix IT? 
    Lo and behold, there are solutions for those who choose to submit to their higher self and the defeaning tone of sound reasoning. Tune in for PART ONE of a electrifying discourse, delivered in the name of LOVE!  This will be a precursor to Dr. Sebi's upcoming lecture in Los Angeles, CA on Feb 24! TUNE IN for details!! CLASS IS IN SESSION so bring your pad & pens...the DOC will be going innnnn!! 

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    Healthy Matters: The Radio Show-Flint and state opposition

    in Health

    This week on Healthy Matters Radio we will discuss the ongoing onslaught against the residents of Flint Michigan's health and, the state's assist in worsening the issue. Join myself, Dennis Jefferson and my co host, the lovely Dana Pitts as we discuss subjugation of Flint Michigan. Join us each and every Monday at 8 pm Central, 9 Eastern and 6 Pacific. Bring an opinion & a friend and start your week with... A Healthy Matter 

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    Fitness-Running & Weight Loss

    in Fitness

    There is no tool more powerful for weight loss than running, however, running alone is not nearly as effective as combining, functional strength and heart rate protocols in the proper sequence into your session. Join us as we reveal what could very well be the most effective means of weight management and fitness ever orchestrated. Become a Fit-Run practitioner!
    Learn how to get connected to a fitness program you can do anywhere, with no equipment needed and get into the best shape of your life! The Natural Running Network is set to unleash this program Live on Blog Talk Radio.

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    Disclosure of SUDEP

    in Health

    In this episode of Epilepsy.com's Hallway Conversations, Dr. Joseph Sirven, Professor of Neurology at Mayo Clinic Arizona and Editor-in-Chief of Epilepsy.com/Professionals, interviews Dr. Nancy Collins about disclosure of SUDEP

  • 00:18

    Franklin Roosevelt and his Epilepsy

    in Health

    In this episode of Epilepsy.com's Hallway Conversations, Dr. Joseph Sirven, Professor of Neurology at Mayo Clinic Arizona and Editor-in Chief of Epilepsy.com/Professionals, interviews Steven Lomazow, MD, author of FDR's Deadly Secret, about Franklin Roosevelt and his epilepsy.

  • 00:58

    Healing With Dr Daniels - Saving Your Teeth Naturally

    in Health

    Dr. Jennifer Daniels’ show entitled, "Healing with Dr. Daniels" airs every Tuesday at 6:00 pm EST. The show reveals the workings behind the Modern Health System. Dr. Daniels provides insights and solutions. 
    This week's Topic: Saving your Teeth Naturally.  Cavities, crumbling teeth, receding gums and abscesses are modern dental conditions compounded by toxic therapies like root canals, mercury fillings, antibiotics and dental cleanings laced with toxic fluoride. Dr Daniels will discuss the dangers of these interventions and how you can save your teeth naturally.
    Click the link to tune in http://www.blakeradio.com/html/rainbow_soul/rs.shtml 
    For further info visit http://vitalitycapsules.com/truth-files and www.Drjenniferdaniels.com. Listeners can call Dr. Daniels during the show at 914-338-0695

  • 01:27

    Dr. Robert Echenberg discusses PGAD (Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder)

    in Health

    In this episode of the Pelvic Messenger, our guest, Dr. Robert Echenberg spends almost 90 minutes discussing PGAD; helping listeners to understand more about this sensationalized disorder known at PGAD.  Dr. Echenberg discusses at length why PGAD is a chronic pelvic pain disorder and why it is NOT a sexual disorder. 
    PGAD is characterized by unwelcome and intrusive genital arousal episodes that is unrelated to desire.
    Dr. Echenberg has seen numerous patients with this condition, included among the more than 1200 patients he has seen with a variety of chronic pelvic and genital pain disorders such as Interstitial Cystitis, Vulvodynia, Pudendal Neuralgia, and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.  
    In the latter half of the show, we discuss his three pronged approach to treating PGAD condition.
    For more information, please visit Dr. Echenberg's website: http://www.instituteforwomeninpain.com/dr.-echenberg-answers-questions-on-pgad
    Please enjoy the show.

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    No Excuses Weight Loss

    in Fitness

    You deserve to be getting fit and losing weight (1-3 pounds per week) without dieting and without long workouts!
    No gimmicks, just research-based facts from Award-Winning Fitness Expert, 18-time Boston Marathon Finisher and 12-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher Jonathan Roche and Award-Winning Fitness and Wellness Coach, 12-time Marathoner Finisher and 5-time Ironman Triathlon Finisher Erik Hajer. 
    To join the Free No Excuses Team (to receieve Jonathan's Daily Fitness Mission, access to Free Workout Videos and other great free tools) to go: 
    To learn more about Erik and his life-changing book (Live Fit & Be Well!) go to: 

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    Suzi's Story

    in Health

    Our guest, Suzi Tucker, offers a modality called Family Constellations and she tells us, “ pioneered by Bert Hellinger, the work draws from myriad influences from the worlds of therapy,spirituality, philosophy, poetry, family and community”. This work is a facinating process which allows people to see the world from a “present” vantage point, letting go of our limited view from the “past”. As Suzi tells us, “ the goal is not to reach a particular outcome;rather, it is to allow for more information to come to the surface so that whatever allegiances and separations have been formed can have the space to reorganize and to experience greater peace”.Suzi came to this work, 16 years ago from a long and successful  career in publishing. In fact, she was introduced to  the modality when she published a book on the work and this led to her studying and eventually becoming a facilitator and  then a teacher of Family Constellations.

  • 00:26

    Juvenile Arthritis

    in Health

    July 2, 2015: July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month.  The word “arthritis” might call to mind images of older adults, and with good reason – aging is a primary cause of osteoarthritis, which affects an estimated 27 million Americans.
    But arthritis isn’t exclusive to adults, children can develop arthritis as well. Juvenile arthritis isn’t a specific condition but an umbrella term that includes numerous types and subtypes.
    In this episode of Move Forward Radio, a physical therapist will walk us through those types of juvenile arthritis and describe typical treatments for the disease.
    Download the podcast on iTunes.

  • 01:30

    Interview with clinician and author Brad Whisnant, DAOM.

    in Health

    In this episode we will interview Brad Whisnant, DAOM.  Brad is the author of several books on Master Tung and distal acupuncture.  We will discuss his books as well as some of his clinical experiences, along with distal acupuncture, volunteering, and more. Call in with any questions or comments!  

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