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Host Naimah Latif

The Female Solution


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Women have the power to transform this world. We can end crime, violence and poverty, if we all come together and share. Let's share our wisdom, time, talent, finances, and most of all, our love. Connect with women from around the globe as we build bridges of sisterhood and heal our inner spiritual wounds in order to build a stronger foundation for our families. Join us every weekday for enlightening, inspirational conversation with our guests as we discuss: Monday - Politics and Social Activism, Tuesday - Culture and Entertainment, Wednesday - Marriage and Relationships, Thursday - Business and Finance, Friday - Health and Wellness.

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Food: A dangerous drug? Find out the popular foods that are addictive yet non-nutritious, which, if you eat them on regular basis, could be the cause for common physical ailments and premature aging.
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As we consider a female president of the U.S. We ask the question, how do men really feel about women in leadership

Song lyrics: Do people really listen? Composers create lyrics that effect the thoughts, feelings and actions of the people who listen. Can today's performing artists create music and lyrics that counteract today's climate of racial hate and... more

As the Democratic National Convention begins, many are wondering if the philosophies between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are really any different. Today we look at the difficult question of social justice. What would you like to... more

Graphic images of violent killings are distressing for adults to watch, but may leave deep emotional scars for children who are actually being traumatized by the excessive, graphic image of live killings played over and over on television and... more

Defending ones own life is not just a Civil right, it is the most basic human right, the right all beings have of self preservation. Recent attacks on police in retaliation to police killings of unarmed citizens have created panic among some... more

When men of cultures in all parts of the world say they are about to get married, their friends and family members congratulate them. When an African American men say they are about to get married, they are laughed at and... more

In our first hour, we welcome another outstanding author, Dr.Janice Hooker-Fortman, who addresses the challenging relationship between adult daughters and their aging mothers in her book "The Secrets of How Not To... more

Why are dialysis centers popping up in urban communities as numerous as fast food restaurants? Why are we seeing children with aging-related diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney failure? Paulette Miles, in her book... more

Shaping the mind, heart, body and soul of a child is the responsibility of every adult who touches the lives of children. We like the cliche "Children are our future," but if we really understood this, we would be about the business of... more