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The Female Solution


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Women have the power to transform this world. We can end crime, violence and poverty, if we all come together and share. Let's share our wisdom, time, talent, finances, and most of all, our love. Connect with women from around the globe as we build bridges of sisterhood and heal our inner spiritual wounds in order to build a stronger foundation for our families. Join us every day Monday through Friday 7am -9am Central Time, Saturday noon to 2pm and Sunday 5pm to 8pm for enlightening, inspirational conversation with our team of radio hosts: Monday - Higher Learning with ZeldaSpeaks Tuesday - Creating Solutions with Mama Joy Wednesday - Family Relationships With Naimah, co- host Karriem Hameed Thursday - Let's Talk About It With Myeka Friday - Health and Wellness With Viyahta Saturday- Women Entrepreneurs International With B'Lov, 12noon To 2pm Sunday - The Female Solution, 5pm -7 pm

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This is Part 2 of an interview by Zelda, the Monday morning host on The Female Solution of her book The Nonviolent Right to Vote Movement Almanac. You can visit the archive to hear Part 1. The book can be purchased at lulu.com/spotlight/myeka.
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