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The Female Solution


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Women have the power to transform this world. We can end crime, violence and poverty, if we all come together and share. Let's share our wisdom, time, talent, finances, and most of all, our love. Connect with women from around the globe as we build bridges of sisterhood and heal our inner spiritual wounds in order to build a stronger foundation for our families. Join us every weekday for enlightening, inspirational conversation with our team of radio hosts: a Monday - WISDOM With Mama Dee Tuesday - Gathering of the Griots With Asadah Wednesday - Family Relationships With Naimah, co- hosts Karriem Hameed and Munirah Habeel. and the AM360 Family Thursday - Let's Talk About It With Myeka Friday - Health and Wellness With Viyahta Join us Saturday's for a special feature from 12 noon to 2 pm: Women Entrepreneurs International With B'Lov

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What is "The Female Solution"? It's a sisterhood of women who agree to unite with spiritually strong men in the rebuilding of our culture in order to raise healthy, happy children who will remake this world into the way it should be - a world of peace. The area of controversy in the book "The Female Solution" is the recommendation that men prepare themselves to marry multiple wives in order to provide good mates for all women and fathers for all children, in a cultural lifestyle that is practiced in many parts of the world. Today we examine the book The Female Solution, and talk to women who are living or have lived lives as "sister-wives" in order to get a better understanding of the relationship of sisterhood between women. We also take a look at the historic sexual abuse that was introduced as part of the African Slave Trade which continues to emotionally scar African American men and women and creates difficulties in forming healthy personal relationships. This is often the root cause of the intense response to what is a normal lifestyle of extended family, however, the American American experience has been quite abnormal. Today we'll discuss how our cultural creativity in books, music, films, etc. can help redefine positive expressions of our sexuality. We'll examine whether emotionally healthy women can in fact form a cooperative motherhood in raising children.
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