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Getting It Right With Dr Boles

Getting It Right With Dr. Boles


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Motivation, Nutrition, Race Relations, Education, Healthy Lifestyle, Self Help

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October and November were difficult months for me. My god-daughter and niece age 23 died in an emergency room, October 18,2013, of a ruptured appendix. I was devastated. Ten days before her death, my dearest friend's mother... more

I have heard about the Laws of Attraction for about a decade, but I never really thought about what it really meant or how to "harness" it. Well recently, I have been paying attention to things around me and I am now a believer. When I was... more

1. Search for new pleasures and new activities to stimulate the mind : Be more physically active. Make the world your gym. Do errands on foot, push mower, and run up stairs 2. Worry only about the things that are in your control: anxiety is... more

The story that caught my attention this week is the tragedy of a high school student, Kendrick Johnson in Lowndes High School in Valdosto, Georgia being found dead wrapped up in a wrestling mat and the authorities deemed his death... more

Herbal / Natural remedies work with the body to repair it, without interfering with its natural processes.Nuts, grasses, fruits and vegetables are naturally occurring gifts of nature. They have the capacity to absorb inorganic substances from the... more

A full-time diet of fried beef patties, fried starchy potatoes, syrupy drinks with caffine, citric and lactic acids added, fried chicken which never touched their feet on the ground breeds sickness. Once sickness strikes, it is treated with a... more

It is so important to look closely at what surrounds you. I like to do my own lawn service. It gives me exercise and I feel close to nature. I have found myself looking more closely at what I had identified as "weeds" in my lawn and this... more

Are vaccines good for American children? Has the relationship between adding "mercury" to vaccines as a preservative and the cause of the increased incidence of Autism in America been conclusively made? Was the Navajo people used... more

"Who am I?" was a popular essay question set upon philosophy students. Those three words were a gateway to a myriad of entry points. How is one to define oneself? Is a person a part of a larger faction, the way that an ant is part of the... more

Recently I was asked to comment on the use of vaccines in America and around the world. I am familiar with the activities of medical centers "developing" vaccines on the Navajo Reservation in Tuba City, Arizona when I was in medical... more