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Getting It Right With Dr. Boles


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To date, United States clings to the concept of rugged individualism- predicated upon the understanding that most people are capable of taking care of themselves and people should be left to succeed or fail on their own and the government... more

Microaggressions are more than just insults and insensitive comments that show people's biases against marginalized groups leaving their victims feeling uncomfortable or insulted Remarks, questions, and actions are painful because... more

In the news, the consequence of not getting children vaccinated against measles virus is headline. Do parents have the right to choose whether their children receive available childhood diseases vaccines? The Centers for Disease Control... more

Public education in poorer urban and rural areas is in crisis. Too many of the students are dropping out well before high school graduation. Too many are receiving high school ?certificates of attendance? that do not certify academic... more

Research in brain biochemistry contributes to a new understanding of mind and body,psychoneuroimmunology, where the core idea is that cells in the brain are lined with many specific "receptors" which constantly share information. There... more

?Social networking? has replaced conventional methods of forming friendship. The computer and internet is more important than pen and paper. Polishing responses by e-mail removes the sincerity and replaces it with caution.... more

Getting the year started off right is on everyone's mind. January offers a ?new beginning?. The place to start is with yourself; let's make ourselves better people. Evaluate yourself and your circumstances. There are many things that we can... more

Why do bad things happen to good people? A number of philosophers say: ?Suffering has potential good. It's up to an individual free choice to actualize the potential?. Consider the Biblical story of Joseph who went through terrible... more

There is no better time than now to change into Who you desire to be. Make the best of your life and do not just ?settle?. When you believe that you can not have what you desire, you lack faith in yourself and in the goodness of life; you settle... more

Did you ever daydream? I guess I should explain ?daydreaming? to some of you if you have never heard the term. "Daydreaming" is like pretending, not in action but through thinking. It is thinking of something desired and making it as real... more