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Understanding Law of Attraction is simpler than you think. Law of Attraction is the principle of getting everything you want out of life through the power of your own mind. Every person holds in their mind the power to shape the events of their life. Each person must be expectant of RECEIVING - the same way that one expects there to be air to breathe. A major principle of the Law of Attraction is that Thoughts become ?Things? and the environment that you reside in is important. Happiness radiates a ?glow? that inspires happiness and ?unhappy people? people give off ?negative? vibrations. Negative vibrations generate feelings of loneliness, sadness, stress, anger, confusion and disappointment. Protect your mind and heart by distancing yourself from negative people and negative environments Harnessing the benefits of the Law of Attraction begins with meditating daily and learning to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts - whatever you focus upon, increases.Do not resist the negative, but OVERCOME it with positive thoughts and deeds.Ask for what you most desire. Develop a habit of asking and expecting to receive. Release Resistance: Do not dwell on what you do not want in your life or what you do not have. Imagine what you want and feel the joy and contentment of getting your desire; allow yourself to feel emotion. An answer may come in a dream, in an article that you read or a conversation with a friend. Pronounce your expectation in words to manifest Your desires. Then visualize having that desire fulfilled and feel the joy and be thankful. Be Grateful! Say ?thank you? each time you receive something expected to show that you appreciate all that you receive. By understanding that you have control over your thinking and your life, you can deliberately have a prosperous life.
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Self reliance begins with accepting responsible for is what is your purpose. Ask and answer this question: What do I want out of life? You do not have to know where you are going to set a personal goal for your life. Take a moment and set... more

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