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You Are What You Eat

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Getting It Right With Dr Boles

Getting It Right With Dr Boles


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A full-time diet of fried beef patties, fried starchy potatoes, syrupy drinks with caffine, citric and lactic acids added, fried chicken which never touched their feet on the ground breeds sickness. Once sickness strikes, it is treated with a pill, the pill has a side effect, the side effect is treated with another pill and the body moves farther and farther away from natural balance.

Healthcare in America does not go for the cure, but rather the "treatment of disease and illness. This approach makes taking a pill the way to "ensure" better health and neglects the tenet of good lifestyles. There are a myriad of "epidemics" in America that is making the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries wealthy. There is the Diabetes Epidemic, the Breast Cancer Epidemic, the Autisim Epidemic, the Obesity Epidemic and these epidemics give governmental agencies reasons to convene conferences around the country and publish pamphlets and webinars and recommendations. While Americans continue running on the gerbil wheel.

Lifestyle changes are where the cures are. American are eating too much of the wrong foods and neglecting their bodies by not giving it what it needs to fight cancer, brain cell death and endocrine over-rides.

Nature provided the cure for every ailment. Birds know this; consider the rain forest parrot who eats berries that are "poisonous" and neutralizes his diet with the eating of a clay that contains an antedote to the poison. Consider the house cat who will seek out a grass to chew to relieve problems with "hairball" formation in the stomach. Americans have lost the intelligence of the aboriginal man.