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  • 01:06

    "Buying Club" and "All Afrikan Empowerment Society" Dialogue

    in Food

    Welcome to the Ministry of Agricultures' Buying Club! Your host is Bro. Carlton Muhammad and his guest is Bro. La'quay L. Juel. Join the conversation as regards the infra structure necesary in the transition from colony to community... at 8:00p.m. Saturday (11/12/16). Enter the studio at 347-945-5454 or enter the chat room http://www.blogtalkradio.com/noimoa
    To learn more about us and to support this program visit our farm anytime online at http://noimoa.com/blogtalkradio/  .....and we look forward to you being in the studio this evening and most of all your participation is very important!
    Contact program engineer at: news.research.communications@gmail.com

  • 01:53

    Chewing The Fat w/ Big & Beefy | Comeback Kitchen | Choco Chip Day

    in Food

    The boys chat about Chef Robs upcopming Comeback Kitchen performance on May 21, 28 and June 4. 8 pm EST
    It National Chocolate Chip Day today!!
    Clem and Rob talk up their Food Truck upcoming dates as well as give you the inside scoop on how its not that easy.
    Follow us on Twitter @CTFBBPodcast @sichefrob

  • 01:48

    Chef Alex Reunites with Chef Cardinale Cooking Show RELAUNCH REDESIGN RETURN!!

    in Cooking

    Chef Alex returns and reunites with the Chef Cardinale Cooking Show!  The Chef Cardinale Cooking Show premiered in Early 2013 as a platform for Alex to share what he was learning in his Culinary Arts program at his Vocational School in hopes to teach more people how to cook and bake. Chef Alex went on to deliever some exciting and awesome cooking and baking shows including an interview with 2 Masterchef Contestants and shows like Recipe Throwdowns! Chef Cardinale Cooking Show had 290 episodes in it's 2 year run from 2013-2014! Chef Alex and CCCS took a hiatus in late 2014...... BUT, CHEF ALEX IS BACK! CHEF ALEX HAS FOUND THAT PASSION AND LOVE FOR COOKING AGAIN! Chef Alex is back for good! 
    With a whole new outlook of Podcasting and Cooking, Chef Alex will bring the Chef Cardinale Cooking Show to new heights and still provide the same passion from 2013!
    ~ News and Information on the Return of Chef Cardinale Cooking Show
    What to expect with the return of the CCCS?
    ~ Current Trends in the Food Industry
    Find out the current trends in the food industry and new food products.
    ~ Ask Chef Alex 
    Ask Chef Alex a question a segment that airs each episode!
    ~ What I learned and cooked since the Hiatus
    ~ Chef Alex's FUCKING AWESOME Prime Rib and Au Jus
    ~ Chef Alex's White Chocolate Drizzle Pie
    ~ Chef Alex's No Bake OREO™ Cheesecake
    ~ Chef Alex's Chicken Milanese
    ~ Donna and Alex's Out of this World Italian Cookies

  • 00:19

    BBQ Time with Matt Moore, He Likes Pig Butts and We Can Not Lie!

    in Food

    NWP welcomes Matt Moore!
    Food writer Matt Moore waves away clouds of smoke to give BBQ lovers a sneak peek into the kitchens and smokehouses of a handful of the South's most revered pitmasters to uncover their tried-and-true techniques and patron-sanctioned favorite dishes. 
    At long last a barbecue book that showcases the distinctive nuances of Southern barbecue like no other. By first aiming the spotlight on one of the South's most revered cuts of meat-pork butt-Matt Moore uncovers the methods that have produced the micro-regional styles of 'cue that garner an almost religious reverence. From old-timers and new-comers to the 'cue circuit, he gets the tried-and-true techniques gleaned over hours, days, and years toiling by fire and spit, coaxing meltingly tender perfection from the humble pig-the foundation of Southern BBQ. More than a book of recipes, Matt explores how the marriage of meat, cooking method, and sauce varies from place to place based on history and culture, climate, available ingredients and wood, and always the closely-guarded, passed-down secrets followed like scripture. Because no meat plate is complete in the South without "all the fixin's" to round out the meal, Matt cues up patron-sanctioned recipes from every establishment he visits. One thing is for certain…this book will change the way you cook, smoke, grill, and eat, but be warned: Your own butt may suffer in the process.
    Order now! https://smile.amazon.com/Souths-Best-Butts-Pitmaster-Perfection/dp/084875185X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1492559556&sr=1-1

  • 01:22

    GI Radio- Frank Talk About Food & Defcon-versations with The Dynamic Food Duo

    in Food

    Welcome to Another Episode of GI Radio!
    With John Dilley and Frank Price (The Dynamic Food Duo)
    It's Raw, Unscripted, and we are sure to make you laugh about food!
    Our First Guest This Evening is :Kristen Hess of Artful Gourmet
    The Artful Gourmet is a website dedicated to celebrating the art of food and cooking through colorful recipes, stories, food styling & photography. Food styling, food photography, recipes, restaurant reviews, cookbooks, chef interviews, restaurant reviews, food news + trends, food shows & articles written by NYC-based food stylist and photographer Kristen Hess.
    Our second guest is Austin D' Almeida of Jersey Barnfire Hot Sauce LLC
    " It's not all about the heat, it's about the flavor! Our flavor first sauce has great complexity to be used anywhere and still deliver that satisfying heat!"
    Thanks for Listening and come back each Friday night plus listen to the Replays!
    Check out Defcon Products at: www.Defconsauces.com
    Check Out Grilliant Ideas Flavored Panko Products at: www.GrilliantIdeas.com

  • 00:30

    C-CAP Nutrition Camp 2016 Day 1

    in Food

    Culinary instructors report all about the Summer Camp experience @ Uinversity of Chicago. We have a action packed schedule of activities, work experience, industry exposure, chef instructions, team buliding exercises, team projects, exercise, and socialization. Take a listen about what went on this morning. 

  • 00:19

    The Business of Edible Insects -- with Lars Baugh (LithicNutrition.com)

    in Food

    Edible insects are becoming an emerging topic within food, both for their potential environmental sustainability and nutritional value. Currently, most of the discussion on the topic revolves around the speculation of insect cultivation, but this episode goes in a more entrepreneurial direction.... What's it like to try to sell insect based foods? And how can you convince consumers that they should eat more bugs?
    Lars Baugh, the co-founder of Denver based Lithic Nutrition, works to normalize the consumption of insect based nutritional foods amongst athletes, with his company that currently sells cricket protein powders and bars. 

  • 00:46

    The Mid Mo Smoke Show 5-13-17

    in Cooking

    Hear about the pitfalls of marked-down meat, and some exotic barbecue. Mike has prepared some trivia questions for Ask the Czar. Local events, and the recipe of the week this week is the Smokerbuilder approved poultry brine. Be sure to stay tuned for the secret ingredient.

  • 00:31

    REAL FOOD with Chef Val

    in Food

    Listen to, REAL FOOD with Chef Val, radio show, Thursday, May 18 at 1 PM. Chef Val will share her, original, savory, Baked Pinto Bean recipe on air. Recipe also features Miso. Chef Val will discuss what Miso is, how it is made and why it is so healthy for everyone.

  • 00:32

    In Conversation with Cantina Giuliano's Eli Gauthier

    in Food

    Eli Gauthier is a French born winemaker who, together with his wife Lara, owns and operates a boutique winery in the heart of the Tuscan hills, in the village of Casciana Alta. The winery, Cantina Giuliano (named in honor of Lara's grandfather, a wine and olive oil maker) produces around 12,000 bottles per year.

  • 01:06

    Open Bar - FUBAR Tequila

    in Wine

    George Harris of FUBAR Tequila joined us by phone for this great interview about his FUBAR and Alien Tequila brands.
    FTC Disclosure: Guests of Open Bar do not pay for promotional consideration.  These brands were previously vetted as Brands Of Promise Nominees and the samples imbibed during this show were the only sample received for Brands of Promise judging.  
    FUBAR and Alien Tequilas did pay a nominal fee to be featured on the 2015 Dia de Los Muertos Tour but an appearance on Open Bar was not part of that arrangement.

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