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Getting It Right With Dr Boles

Getting It Right With Dr. Boles


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Motivation, Nutrition, Race Relations, Education, Healthy Lifestyle, Self Help

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People don't take action because fear is holding them back. No one is being chased by animals trying to kill him, no, the fear is born from negative thoughts. Most fear is just bad management of our mental faculties. The fearful mind... more

Meet and talk with Arlene Mullin-Tinker, an advocate for hemodialysis patients. Hemodialysis is the blood cleansing method for people who have lost the function of their kidneys. It removes waste products such as creatinine and urea... more

I have been listening to motivational speakers lately who are encouraging the listener to ?create the reality that he/she wants?. At first, I was unclear what exactly was being advocated, but the more that I listened, the more I agreed with... more

Commercial sale of genetically modified foods began in 1994; to date, most genetic modification of foods primarily focus on cash crops such as soybean, corn, canola, and cotton seed oil. Genetically modified livestock have also been... more

In the early 1980s, four chemical/pharmaceutical companies, Monsanto, Upjohn, Eli Lilly and American Cyanamid began researching a new technology they believed would revolutionize the dairy industry. Through genetic engineering,... more

USAID was fully aware that informed consent was not provided to women prior to Depo Provera injections (the Rebecca Project provided details to the DHHS, DOJ, and USAID) and that violates US ethical research IRB procedures and... more

Recently I was asked to comment on the use of vaccines in America and around the world. I am familiar with the activities of medical centers "developing" vaccines on the Navajo Reservation in Tuba City, Arizona when I was in medical... more

Gardasil, manufactured by Merck & Co, also known as Silgard was approved in the America on June 8, 2006 by FDA. In 2008, Gardasil vaccine was approved in 41 of U.S. states and 120 other countries. The FDA recommends vaccination... more

The United States of America has many institutions that lead the way in medical research, but unfortunately, advances in medicine have come at the expense of Black Americans and feeble citizens of America. In 1932, U.S. Public Health... more

I was in New York City recently attending a medical conference at the Jacob Jarvits Convention Center. There were"big" name academicians in the star roles of presenting the latest guidelines for the practice of medicine in the United... more