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I miss doing this. I think what happened is that I got so frazzled by "Looking at What IS," that I couldn't figure out what I wanted, anymore. How could I teach you what I didn't really know? I think I've learned more about Manifestation -... more

**Please note: Due to unforeseen events, I must postpone this episode. Please join me NEXT WEEK! Not sure how else to put it. I want to talk about my experience with redeveloping myself and my #Recovered #Life #Path. I say... more

I actually tried out Bartending. I was able to try it out and see how I'd do. I did pretty well, surprising myself with some things I thought would be problematic for me. Speed is still a slight issue, but my memory worked well and I... more

I've talked about tests, before, but we might do well to explore how tests affect our vision. I need to develop my vision further in the idea of my new career. I see it from time to time, but the visions that go unattended are the ones that take... more

Something that has been an issue for me ALL THE TIME! I used to space out during tests, apparently, I still do. But we can move forward. We can take the tests again. We think it's about remembering what we're supposed to know. I'm... more

I've decided that my next job will be Bartender. I don't know when or where in particular, But that's what's next for me. I'm still writing my stories and I'm going to publish SOON! But for a "Day Job," Bartender seems to be what's next for me. I... more

Social media is the modern Cursed Blessing. Some might be able to use Facebook or Twitter at work- Some, not many but I know some can. But even though there are some ways to minimize the risk, it is still risky to discuss work... more

When you're at work... Where are you? This might be a really common question among metaphysical curcles, but it's THAT important. Where are you when you work? I know some people who are really there, who are in it and have, what... more

What sounds like the kiss of death from an employer is really something to consider, overall. A disgruntled employer might say that you don't need to be there, but, in Law of Attraction circles, they tend to warn you avoid looking... more
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