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I hope to G*D that is what I think it is! ;p Well, This week, I would like to look at what we bring to work- particularly our attitudes. I have worked with many cynical, some rather run-down and listless people and I have worked with some pretty... more

Well, We're back! I think I want to hold a focus, this year, and I probably said this before- I'll admit. I want to develop a path for this show and I'm thinking of taking a cue from one of my quasi-mentors, Lilou Mace. Lilou wrote a book... more

I think it's easy to forget the Why. It is, a little. I mean, we may think of how it might feel to have what we want, but does that say we really know or understand WHY we want certain things. It's been Four years since I started this show and I... more

I think part of what's been my problem with... well, EVERYTHING, is that I haven't paid much attention to where I am or how I am. I have lived in a bit of fear for a while, just racing the clock and focusing on finances (Not so much... more

I remember a song from the 70's, maybe 80's that had that as a title. I think it's appropriate because I want to explore how much we need other people to believe like us for what we want in our lives. I started a Prosperity group in... more

This episode is about time management. With "Tax Time" around the corner, most of us will feel not only rushed but crunched in our finances. This is not a good combo for those new to the Law of Attraction- it's not even good for... more

Well, this is an interesting idea, isn't it? FINDING Love. It's supposed to be an unlimited resource and we are really not supposed to look very far for it. But what does that mean? How do we love ourselves? How do we love others?... more

I know I used to have this idea of the perfect partner, the person who could fulfill all my needs and make me happy- and breakfast in bed! Not a bad idea, and WONDERFUL if you can get it! But I never really considered if I was so special... more

Quite a title, wouldn't you say? I know I don't usually schedule shows so close to each other, but this was an interesting idea I've been playing with for some time. After getting hooked on the Secret and learning about the Law of Attraction,... more

And if so, What? Do you know what might be holding you back? I think I know what it has been for me. I wrote a journal entry/letter to me that discussed forgiveness and releasing the past- basically what I wanted to discuss in this... more
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