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I have been getting into some writing, after a ridiculous hiatus. I started to read some Writing Prompts books and I start wondering what prompts people to use Law of Attraction? I got using Visualization for my NEW BED!!! A new bed is... more

Does the Law of Attraction need the Mystical element? Do you need to believe in God or a Higher Power to use the Law of Attraction? Can it be more along the line of "Self-fulfilling Prophesy?" It is said that Lynne Grabhorn, author... more

A bit of a twist on Allanis Morrisette's "You Learn." I love that song! I'm taking a class that I wasn't sure I was really interested in or ready for- but I think you learn most when you push yourself, just a little. And it came to my attention that... more

Oh, did I have an experience, this week! I got more sick than I think I've been in years. I had a RAGING sore throat that is slowly fading- slowly. I've been more tired, sluggish and moody since this struck. What's worse is that I feel like I lost... more

As the local branch of the Occupy Movement packs it up (Supposedly for the winter,) I find myself wondering about relevance- how long a person or group can run with an idea before it looses steam in either their mind or the mind of those... more

The UK's "Daily Mail" Suggests that "Today's the Day Most Will Give Up Resolutions." Boy, do I get that! It's tricky, we all have our reasons for giving that goat up. I think, however, there really is only one reason- We think we need... more

If you have been following along, so far, you are probably about the same place as I am, more or less, in terms of practicing the Law of Attraction. If you've been stumbling (Like I Have!) you might want to reexamine some vital elements that... more

I did something, this week, that I have not done in at LEAST ten years. It's talked down a lot and not very highly regarded- not in Law of Attraction circles, not in general society. I'm talking about... the Lottery. I had bought a bunch of lottery... more

It's entirely likely that you have heard the saying, "What do you get to the boy or girl who has everything?" This has been a big question for me, growing as I've grown. I wonder what to get people who are entirely capable of getting for... more

Occupied with the Occupation of US Cities by its denizens. I want to look at the mindset of those gathering in Pro-test of the (Apparent) Economy. Yes, "Apparent" Economy. When you think about it, We effect our economy. Supply and... more
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