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makes all the difference. Adam and I recently broke up and I'm taking this as a sign to start redefining my parameters for the relationship that I want. Could I find it within the next year? It's the time of gifts and resolutions, let's talk about it.

A 10 letter word cut of about six letters. It has to be the most feared, most HATED word in the English language. But tis necessary. Discipline is important, and I'm learning this, slowly- as, apparently, I learn everything else. It does, actually,... more

Now that I have a fairly stable job and can get myself most of whatever I want, I'm encouraging those around me to give elsewhere. I would like them to donate to one of my pet causes, if they are so inspired, or go to Borders and donate... more

I've had an interesting conversation with my Chiropractor, yesterday. We discussed what is actually involved in healing. Later in the day, and this morning, I had a ReiKi attunement via DVD and started wondering... Where does it start?... more

In a lot of law of attraction books, Authors talk about the support you have in your goals. Sometimes, though, it doesn't feel like you have any. Let's talk about that. Are you alone in your goals and where CAN you find support? Thank you.

I have returned from Walt Disney World- My home away from home, my quasi-private island in the middle of my own little world and the world of accepted reality. I'm back and I feel better than ever! Join me this early noon and I can... more

From the hit Go-Go's song, Vacation. I love that song, I love the go-go's! I'm probably going to be singing that song ALL WEEK. Next week, I will be heading to Florida and I can just about wait. But this week, I can fine tune what I want from... more

Well, it wasn't a disaster, I just was under the weather for a bit- and in southern New England, that's saying something! I'm better and I'm looking forward to sharing some interesting ideas and experiences with you at my new time,... more

I had a wild week, this week, and I want to share some insights, if I could. I've been meditating more and that's helped me focus and when I got focus, I was more able to strike up an intent. And I want to share that wih you.

This week, I've learned more about the decisions I make and who I generally make them for. I'd like to talk about what drives us to make some decisions in our lives. What state we are in when we make our decisions and what... more
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