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Talk About Having It Easy!

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I wanted to be a little more graceful about this week's show, but, what the hell! This week, We'll be talking about accepting blessings, all our good and the prayers, wishes and affirmations that brought it to us. I know I get... more

Partly in keeping with my promise to look at magic in the Law of Attraction- This week we will be discussing a vital aspect to the Law of Attraction, a magical and mystical part of it that can sometimes strike fear into the heart of even... more

School's back in. This prompted me to recall my experience of school... I was put into "special ed" in the middle of third grade. In terms of Law of Attraction- which I haven't learned about until much later- I was very resistant to learning things... more

What a concept! But, it's true, Thoughts can have weight! Thought's can GIVE YOU weight! Take it from the Most OBSESSIVE Person I know, Thought is where weight begins! We really don't need to eat much when our thoughts can weigh... more

I'm pretty sure there is a John Mayer song about this. I was asked by my therapist to configure some priorities for my life, I'm in therapy for just this reason- I really don't have my priorities figured out. I have GOALS up the river, but not as much... more

Louise Hay says that one of the big fears that hold us back from some of our greatest growth is "What will the Neighbors think?" But your growth, your experiences, really, only affect you- "You are the only thinker in your mind." This... more

I have a lot of great, inspiring friends. Quite a few entrepreneurs among them and I am so blessed and honored to welcome "Momma Dawn," Dawn Cote-Hutnak of Mama's Creative Ceramics will join us this weekend and we will discuss her... more

I've been out of practice on goal-setting for a while, but suddenly, things seem to be picking back up. I think it's because of the summer and all the nice, sunny weather. In any event, There are some aspects to goal setting that still elude... more

I had a BUNCH of very interesting dreams, last night. And I only thought about lucid dreaming most of yesterday! Before I fell asleep, I asked that I remember pleasant dreams- and I was able to remember at least three of them! I read a... more

One of my ICONS is a sweet lady called SARK. And she is a MAJOR proponent of taking time for yourself, including and especially taking a NAP! I've noticed that it gets tricky to stave off negativity when you're tired, so I'm going to... more
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