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The Law of Attraction is largely about Receptivity and Accepting what comes to you as a mark of your desired outcome- or something you are drawing to yourself, wanted or not. What do you accept? What are the things you tell yourself about... more

No turn of ages, no Birthdays and CERTAINLY No New Year's' are with out a certain TON Of expectations. We even had an ancient civilization gearing up our expectations, last year! What was up with that? What did you expect from... more

Law of Attraction and the Holidays. Think about that. This is a time when children are usually prompted to focus the most on what they want and to be good- which might actually be grateful, but what do I know? And the ideas around Hanukkah,... more

Fools you, don't it? I love quoting songs, they reach, you know?! Well, We're looking into Law Of Attraction, Vibrational work and Science of Mind to gear our lives toward what we want, the best we can have! WE CAN HAVE THE BEST-... more

I did like that movie with Matt Damon- but not for Matt Damon, For John Slattery. You might know him from Mad Men. But it is yet early for digression. How do we get to where we want to be? The Law of Attraction says we need a particular... more

I was going to talk about my experience at the Rhode Island COMICON, yesterday- but I think I still need to process that a little. What I will discuss, instead, is Effective Journaling. Can't stress this enough! Journaling can help in... more

WELCOME BACK! Wow, three months! Okay, well, not much doing. I had some interesting experiences. Might call them Adventures in Mediocre Manifesting. But I think I'm back from that. I've learned a bit, of course, and I thougtht it'd be... more

These are notions I've found myself struggling with for most of my life- even before I had to work! I was TERRIFIED! But, I think, now I understand a bit better what the differences are and which one is what I'm trying to get. Might... more

Do we need to be guarded to stay posititive? How else can we cope with the barage of information abour poverty, threat, conflict and ruin that seems to surround us? Some say turn off the news, others say turn it around- find... more

Louise Hay once spoke of the tendency we have of generating a situation over and over again in our lives, saying we do so to test ourselves. We may handle it better or worse each time- the important thing is to learn each time. I think I've... more
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