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With that clenched + jutting jaw --- America's "sweetheart", Kelly-Ann-Conway never fails to "confab" her way in front of the cameras to "soosh" away anything that festers within Trump World    -------------------->
It should be apparent that she is nothing more than a punching bag for anyone who is NO ta "deplorable" ---  a good two-thirds of this country.   --------------------------->
Somehow Kelly managed to acquire a law degree and run a two-bit polling outfit before latching her star on to the biggest dog + pony show on planet earth.   ------------------------>
It'll be most entertaining to see her bend herself into pretzels to deal with the inevitable impeachment proceedings that will ensnare her boss within the next year.  ---------------------->
No doubt she'll blame it on the big + bad "Deep State"  --- who after all --- "created" Donald Trump only to then work to crush him.   ----------------------->
I think the lying little bitch is hoping that Trump can parlay his White House "run" into another TV network to rival FOX & then catapult Little "Miss Kelly" into a Talking Head Role - aka Sean Hannity!   ----------->


The only trouble, Kelly, is that your lying son-of-a-bitch boss will most likely be nailed for various counts of obstruction of justice & collusion with a foreign power --- all predicated to gain him the presidency.   Maybe Trump can start a news front operation from inside prison.  If that's the case, then sure, Kelly, you can take your microphone + camera into Lewisburg & interview and comment on your "Big Daddy".  -------------->