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    Obama vs. Putin

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    Good morning. Today, on The Meter we discuss the continuing crises in Ukraine. Russian president Vladimir Putin ignores Barack Obama's warning that there will be a "cost" for his actions and expands Russia's military operations in The Crimea and now into eastern Ukraine which is pro-Russian. Just as the Obama administration announced maasive cuts in US forces and proclaims that America can no long count on dominating the Seas and Skies is this the appropriate course of action for America's defense? Also, on the domestic front President Obama announces a plan calle My Brother's Keeper to help disadvantaged black and Hispanic youths in the 6th year of his historic administration. Please join the discussion at 10:00 AM. Your input is essential. 

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    An American Empire? Was Putin Right?

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    In 2005 Russia's President Vladimir Putin described the collapse of the Soviet Union as "The greatest geopolitical catastrophe" of the 20th century.

    Could he have been right? Did the Power Vacuum have a part to play in why we again find ourselves on the brink of thermonuclear war?

    Now before all the knee jerk, frothing at the mouth, “Communist Sympathizer!” stuff starts, relax; I use it as a beginning point to discussion. I want to take a look at the Ukraine situation and the issue of Crimea.

    What has led us to the point of conflict on the very boarders of Russia?
    Why are we over there?
    Should we be over there?
    Have we become an Empire, requiring constant growth outward to loot, rather than producing and competing in the world market?
    How does this serve the American People (Remember them?)
    What made America great? Is there any of that still applicable?
    Just what is “America” and why are we “Over there- Everywhere!”
    If World War III starts, who provoked it and why?
    Do we, America, still have the "Moral High ground"?
    Cui Bon? Who Benifits?

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    Why Russians Love Vladimir Putin

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle explains why Russians love Vladimir Putin and why they fear NATO.

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    Putin the Republican new Hero!

    in Politics Progressive

    We know that Republicans love to invade countries!  They even admire those who do, Putin the Republican new Hero!


    The West’s standoff with Russia over its seizure of Crimea, analysts and former administration officials said, could complicate American efforts to curb Iran’s nuclear program, resolve Syria’s civil war and, even in the short run, broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

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    The Ignorance Equation-Putin on the Ritz

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    Today on a special open forum episode of The Ignorance Equation we'll be asking

    "Is it Un-American to root for Putin to succeed and for Obama to fail?"

    "Is it Un-Patriotic to laugh or cheer when Putin humiliates Obama?"

    "Is it Un-Acceptable to allow other countries to disrespect our President no matter who he is?"

    Also we talk Edward Snowden, Sochi Olympics and all the Verbal Vodka you can pour into your Communist Earholes.

    All that plus "The Pissed Of News" with The Honey Badger and calls from listeners- you got opinions we wanna hear them!

    Because in Soviet Russia you don't listen to internet radio...Internet radio listens to you!!!

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    Mike King - Putin, Russia & Ukraine

    in History

    On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Mike King of TomatoBubble.com. Mike and I will be discussing Putin, Russia and the situation in Ukraine. 

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    The Realist Report: Mike King — The Talented Mr. Putin

    in History

    On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Mike King of TomatoBubble.com. Mike and I will be discussing his recently published book The Talented Mr. Putin. Callers are welcome. 

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    Bill Martinez Live: Border Crisis, & How Dangerous is Putin

    in Politics

    Issues of the Day discussed by Bill and guests.

    Welcome to Bill Martinez Live, a nationally syndicated talk radio show that is committed to solutions over partisanship…involvement over invalidation…The United States over party politics.  The best answers come when we are all engaged, involved and united for everyone’s higher good. 

    In hour one, Roger Noriega, AEI Fellow and Latin American Expert addresses the multinational impact of the border crisis. Former Congressman John Leboutillier talks about just how dangerous Putin is and can be. And the Texas dean of talk, and author Mark Davis talks about his new book, Lone Star America-How Texas Can Save Our Country

    Our second hour features Coach Kevin Collins from www.coachisright.com talks about the quiet Tea Party victories and why Israel will ultimately win.  Than a Military Wife Reveals 3 Subtle Attacks against Modern Marriages, and First Team Dad, offers A Game Plan for Building A Winning Family.  It's all coming up on Bill Martinez Live. 


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    Putin Speaks to America

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle discusses Vladimir Putin’s op-ed that was published in the New York Times on Wednesday, September 11, 2013.

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    Vladimir Putin: 'Dictatorial Thug' or Anti-Imperialist Stalwart?

    in News

    In recent weeks Russian President Vladimir Putin has gone from being a relatively obscure leader of the Russian Federation to a house-hold name around the world. As part of that process, he has been subjected to 'trial by Western media', and the judgement is conclusive: he's a 'thug' determined to reestablish the Soviet Union at the expense of the people of Ukraine who simply want some good old fashioned freedom and democracy.

    But is the portrayal of Putin accurate, or even close to accurate?

    From his political origins as an agent of Russia's FSB, to his nomination as Prime Minister amid 'Chechen terrorist attacks' on Russian civilians, to his current confrontation with the American Empire over Ukraine, Crimea and much more, this week we'll be delving into the details and asking the question, 'Who is Vladimir Putin?'

    Join us this Sunday March 16th, 2014 from 3-5pm EST (12-2pm PST, 8-10pm CET)

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    AMCPress #381 "Scottish Putin Roundup"

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    Let's cut to the chase here: We at the station have been wondering. Is Stalin somehow worse than Putin or is Putin really wandering around the kremlin wearing depends?!? We did just say that for clafication.  No, really!  Also we were wondering weather Nessie is having a crisis of nationalism . Scottland and The U.K. are going though a divorce and more.    

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