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Welcome To RoughRiderz-RADIO, Your "Rough" Politics Fix! It's Blog-Radio "Unfiltered". Conservatives Cannot Handle "Modernity"! Ditto For Trumperzzzz Supporters! We Do Our Best To "Bludgeon" These Folks With The Best Tool Available ---- The Reality-Based/Empirical Truth!

On-Demand Episodes

The GOP are no better than Russian grave robbers. In Wisconsin, Michigan & North Carolina they attempted or are attempting to severely strip the power of the duly-elected democratic governor in those respective states. The GOP-dominant... more

Paul Manafort has forfeited his plea deal arrangement with Russia probe Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. It seems that the Mueller team got fed up with all of the lying that lying Paul committed after agreeing to "tell all" truthfully after... more

Thanks for the memory Of stormy's pantaloons Swinging harem tunes Amazon hips & burning lips My manly boast - your girlie swoons How lovely it was Thanks for the memory Of candle light & wine Shackles so sublime My... more

If you're over 18 you have the obligation of voting. No, the duty! It's not about convenience. It's not about the best of all possible worlds. It's not a beauty contest. It's not supposed to be sexy or American Idolish! It's a necessary harsh... more

Before we begin --- the Democratic party symbol is the "donkey" - or - mule [Verse 1] On the first day of mid-terms My true love gave to me: An unmarked mail-in ballot [Verse 2] On the second day of mid-terms My true love gave to... more

This story goes all the way back to 1744, when the ambitious but unremarkable clan of al-Saud, one of many clans that divided up the vast Arabian desert, allied with a puritanical fundamentalist named Muhammed ibn al-Wahhab.... more

Republicans are bracing for a total shellacking on Nov. 6, 2018. Polls show that they are truly the minority party, especially among women. The democrats are buoyed by the fact that there are 209 congressional districts that are leaning or... more

Brett Kavanaugh is a loose cannon. He certainly can't hold his liquor. He certainly can't admit to blacking out. He certainly can't admit to assaulting women & helping others do the same. He certainly can't admit that he has a belligerent, bellicose... more

Kavanaugh will be the latest word in the english lexicon to be a noun that denotes a "verb". As in --- don't kavanaugh this chance! Talk about a total, fucking debacle! This is worse than the "flame-out" of the 1959 Ford Edsel - (named... more