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Welcome To RoughRiderz-RADIO, Your "Rough" Politics Fix! It's Blog-Radio "Unfiltered". Conservatives Cannot Handle "Modernity"! Ditto For Trumperzzzz Supporters! We Do Our Best To "Bludgeon" These Folks With The Best Tool Available ---- The Reality-Based/Empirical Truth!

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Prison We Go ======================== Hi Ho, Hi Ho It's Off To Prison We Go I Did My Crime, Must Do My Time Hi Ho, Hi Ho The Name Is Trump Just A Two-Bit Chump I Sit On A Chair, With Legs Spread Wide... more

Happy Days Are Here Again Impeachment Talk's In The Air & Then More Fun Than Linda Blair's Green Skin Our Political Exorcism's About To Begin Beelzebub Rears His Head Twists It All Around Instead His Orange Mane Starts Turning... more

In Like Flynn Out Like Flynn Comey Ain't Donnie's Favorite "Homey" Comey Wasn't Going For Any Baloney Comey Was, Instead, Headed For The Russian Provolone Alas,ComeyWasDisplayingTooMuchCajone... more

The "Orange" One's 1st 100-Days Have Been Like One Big Giant Infomercial --- Of Coming Attractions As For LEGISLATION Really Being Enacted Aside From Keeping The Government Up & Running ----> NYET Trump & His Band Of... more

Trump/Drumpf Knows Only One Tactic ?Rope-A-Dope? He's Got More Shuck + Jive Than Don King On Steroids! Trump Should've Been A Boxing Promoter Putting A ?Spin? On A Bout With Two Fighting ?Stiffs? As The Fight Of The... more

Dear Cheetos-In-Chief --- If u truly want peace the Imperial Kingdom You must travel to pyongyang and lick my boots & thereby show total fealty to your "Dear Leader" Otherwise we will continue w/the LongDong # 10 ---- Which is able to... more

(1ST VERSE) Crappy days are here again The skies above are weird again let us sing a song of fear again Crappy days are here again Altogether shout it now Ain't no one like Trump Spouts gibberish out loud So let's tell the world about it... more

Two recent developments on the Trump-Russia "Cabal" One, is tdisshe revelation by the New York Times today - (Thurs./March 30, 2017) - that The GOP House Intel Chairman - Devin Nunes - was assisted in entering the White House this... more

ChumpCare Went To Palookaville Yesterday/Friday - March 24t, 2017 ---> Hell, The GOP Never EVEN Brought It To The Floor For A VOTE ---> Just Like They Did They Day Before On Thursday! Trump/Drumpf --- In His Fart Of The... more