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    Politics to Petty on Blasturthoughts Radio w/ RevDoc

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    This Show is for all the Petty People in the World that want to Blasturthoughts. Please call 323-693-3021 to talk live on the show and turn up.

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    Consequences Of Dating A Narcissist/Sociopath with Trenton Hawley

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    Tonight on It's Real Talk Radio we'll be discussing the behaviors of people with Personality Disorders with a focus on Narcissists & Sociopaths. We'll be joined by Trenton Hawley who has had a 6 year relationship & marriage with someone who he found out too little too late was a Sociopath. Trenton has since started a YouTube channel where he's uploaded tons of videos on his 6 year experience of the mental abuse he's encountered in his marriage. We, the hosts of It's Real Talk Radio too have had our own experiences with dating and dealing with Narcissists & Sociopaths as well and I'll be the first to tell you that it's an experience you want to avoid at all costs!
    This is no reality show; this is the real deal! There's nothing fictional about these horrific experiences!! We're here tonight to shed light on this issue and to enlighten those of you who may be dating or married to someone you believe to have a Personality Disorder but can't quite put your finger on what the diagnosis is. Trust and believe you don't need a therapist to tell you how to recognize the signs of a Narcissist/Sociopath! Oh and you'd better hope you're not dating an actual psychopath because you, your kids and other family's lives may be in danger but that's a whole different discussion!
    Dating a Sociopath can be hazardous to your mental health! It also can have financial repercussions! Sociopaths lack empathy and will destroy you from the inside out to achieve their agendas (whatever that may be). Narcissists are arrogant & self-centered. They also lack empathy and prey on others to achieve their goals. To find out more, tune-in tonight at 9PM ET. It's time to spread awareness and air out these scam artists!
    Trenton's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOIdzmdWaFkM4I7aVOjqGCA

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    GRINDHARD RADIO Featuring Jazmin Steele

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    GRINDHARD RADIO Hosted by: Jit Chronicles, Cata' Mafioso, Mz. Chief, Problumz, Dopeazzmzik, Pedalay The Boss, and DJ Sgt Rock. Join us for an Exclusive Interview with Entreprenuer/Advocate/Author "Jazmin Steele" as she talks about her new upcoming projects and more. There will be a topic for discussion, the latest Hip Hop News, and Pump or Dump it. Also random calls will be taken and music will be played. Call-in @ 323-693-3043 and press "1" to stream LIVE with the panel of hosts.

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    Bigfoot Sounds of the Pacific Northwest

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    Join me tonight as I interview David Ellis, of the Olympic Project.  David will introduce audio heard for the first time.  This is a compelling episode.  Do not miss it...
    Best, Dave

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    Real Talk With Tranell "A DV Awareness Special"

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    Join Tranell and Special Guest Host  "Ree" on October 12th for Domestic Violence Awareness on RTWT. This show will feature guest survivors and advocates that will talk in depth about the effects and well as prevention of Domestic Violence. The key is to bring awareness to the issue and empower others through education. 

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    Special Guest Award Winning Author Brian Godawa

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    What the Buck Podcast with Special Guest Award Winning Author Brian Godawa. 
    Brian Godawa is the screenwriter for the award-winning feature film, To End All Wars, starring Kiefer Sutherland. It was awarded the Commander in Chief Medal of Service, Honor and Pride by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, won the first Heartland Film Festival by storm, and showcased the 2003 Cannes Film Festival Cinema for Peace. He wrote and directed the documentary Wall of Separation for PBS, Lines That Divide: The Great Stem Cell Debate for CBC Network, and School’s Out: Political Correctness Vs. Academic Freedom for Boulevard Pictures. He also adapted The Visitation by best-selling author Frank Peretti for Ralph Winter (X-Men, Wolverine).
    Mr. Godawa’s scripts have won multiple awards in such screenplay competitions as Carl Sautter, The Nicholl Fellowship, Austin Heart of Film, Fade-In, Worldfest, Writer’s Network, Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project, Columbus Discovery Awards and Reader’s Digest Screenplay Competition.
    He gives lectures at high schools and colleges on screenwriting, as well as the art of watching and writing movies. He has had his articles on movies and philosophy published in magazines around the world, most recently winning First Place from the EPA for his article on the philosophy of The Matrix.
    His book, Hollywood Worldviews: Watching Films with Wisdom and Discernment (InterVarsity Press) is in its ninth printing, and his new book Word Pictures: Knowing God Through Story and Imagination (IVP) addresses the power of image and story in the pages of the Bible to transform the Christian life.

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    Brad Johns of The Hoover Boys YouTube channel

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    Join us as we sit down with Brad Johns!  You may know of Brad from seeing him in various episodes from the YouTube channel "The Hoover Boys".  Brad may surprise you with some of his stories.  He has had a number of years in the hobby himself and over the last few years has really enjoyed his Fisher metal detector.  He has made many nice finds in his time in the hobby and has even done a number of returns as well.  That's right!  Brad is also a fellow Ring Finder.  Not only is he a fellow Ring Finder but he is a great guy to speak with and even hunt with.  We had the opportunity to meet both Kurt Franz and Brad in Ohio for the Ohio dig and they were both just absolutely great guys to meet and talk with.  I'm sure this will probe to be quite an interesting and entertaining show that you won't want to miss!  It's going to be a great time!  Tune in...we want to hear from you!
    Join us live...Wed, April 6th, 8 PM Eastern Call in number is 1-419-549-5744 We hope to see you there...call in, interact, or just sit back and listen! Click the link below to listen to the show, live through the player...
    The Hoover Boys on YouTube:
    The Hoover Boys Facebook group:
    TheRingFinders directory:
    Like us on Facebook and stay up to date with the shows:

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    Season 2 Episode 18: Dealing with a terminal illness of your significant other

    in Podcasting

    Would you still marry your significant other after finding out they were diagnosed w/a terminal illness

  • 00:31

    The Death of Dating

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    The internet has changed the game of dating. Let's discuss how things are different in 2017 as opposed to 20 years ago 

  • 01:40

    Third Rail Radio || @rebelutionradio Joint

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    Tonight we welcome our favorite neighborhood psyop soldier and military intelligence analyst, @wvualphasoldier ! Tonight we will break down who the fuck is lying, who is telling the truth, and what the hell is Putin really up to?  We are lucky to catch @wvualphasoldier on his way to a symposium on "disinformation in the age of social media", so we will jump into that topic which should be very interesting, as I'm not sure it is not ALL disinformation, these days. Also on the Agenda: malware and the age of data as hostage. Should be a hoot. Join Us, Won't you?

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    2 Hopped Broads - Fall Beer and Banana Beer Bread

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    FALL IS HERE!!! FALL BEEEEEEEEEEEEER! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We review Pecan Ale by Abita Brewing Co, Oaktober from Karben 4, Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen, Yamma Jamma Harvest Ale from Indeed Brewing and we munch some Banana Beer Bread Trixie made!