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  • Euphoric Network, Euphoric Aquatics Pod-Cast: Dealing With Boredom Of The Hobby

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    Have you ever been bored with your fish hobby? Have you ever felt like just giving it all up? There are times when it just seems like the fish hobby has lost its enjoyment for you and you feel like maybe it's time to just get out of the hobby all together. You say wow, I spent a lot of money on this hobby and I'm just going to give it up? Well, some people actually do; they sell all their tanks and hardware just to regret it later.
    There are thigs that you can do to bring the joy back. Our guest, Scott Cowden will be here to discuss this topic. Come listen and call in live to ask questions. !-347-677-1837.

  • Neale Monks, Known World Over, To Speak On Brackish Water Aquarium Scenarios

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    Neale Monks has been keeping aquaria for more than 20 years but has always been particularly interested in oddball and brackish-water fish.
    Neale studied zoology at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, after which time he worked as a marine biologist before earning his Ph.D. in paleontology at the Natural History Museum in London. He now writes for most of the major fishkeeping magazines and writes the monthly Fish Health exclusive for FishChannel.com. He recently edited 'Brackish-Water Fishes', the first truly comprehensive account of this increasingly popular part of the fishkeeping hobby.
    Contributing Author of AQUARIUM FISH INTERNATIONAL Magazine
    Neales Own Words:
    daily contributor to Bob Fenner's WetWebMedia (do many of the freshwater questions), monthly Q&A contributor to Practical Fishkeeping, and a pretty sizeable heap of articles in TFH, Aquarium Fish and most of the other English language magazines. Mostly write about community fish, oddballs and brackish, though for FishChannel.com my slant is mostly fish healthcare.
    Stop by The Euphoric Network on March 28th at 3 pm EST to listen to Neale speak the brackish-water community aquarium and the compatible species for this scenario. Call in LIVE to ask this expert any question you may have in reference to anything brackish or any of the above bio interests but, please try to remain within today's topic.

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