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    Budget Weddings NYC UnReasonable You

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    Do you think it's reasonable to have a `Budget Weddings in NYC?  Does that sound like an oxymoronic statement? You may be unreasonable, but through that unreasonableness, you can have your budget wedding in New York City.

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    Budget Weddings NYC 4 U - Ask the Experts

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    A very special show for Valentine's Day celebration with excepts from my Wedding Teleseminar sampling in celebration of my book launch, including excepts from my Celebratory Book Launch Teleseminar with guest included Asha Johnson - Vision Board Expert.

    Love Songs via Billboard's Top 50 of all time.

    Reading from NYC Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable on Valentine's Day



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    Real NYC Hip-Hop Radio

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    Listen Live |  Real NYC Hip-Hop Radio  



    Official One Love Hip Hop Radio Live Streaming (Nyc) // Music by DJ Carlos.



    Raaddrr Van Official Black Naussius Music Video - YouTube

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    Jan 6, 2015 - Uploaded by Raaddrr Van

    Raaddrr Van Official Black Naussius Music Video ... Yo Raaddrr this shit aint no joke. ... Raaddrr Van Shared ...


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    The Power of Investment Clubs with Teresa R. Martin, Esq. of REIA NYC

    in Real Estate

    Meet Teresa R. Martin, Esq. - Speaker | Coach | Entrepreneur | Real Estate Investor | Attorney

    Teresa R. Martin, Esq. is a sought after speaker, lecturer, business key note speaker, consultant, facilitator and educator for executive conferences, ministries and educational events who demonstrates a deep understanding of importance of financial education in business and in life.

    Born in Long Island, NY, Teresa began her career in the legal industry in the late 90′s. Despite a lack of mentors, Teresa was inspired to move up the corporate ladder to self employment; creating her own successful law firm in the areas of real estate, bankruptcy and foreclosure defense.

    eresa combines her training as an attorney, financial and real estate professional with her passion for financial education by conducting a variety of presentations and workshops for such clients as: Real Estate Investors Association of NYC, Sibbs Realty Corporation, Carver Bank, Diva Zone Enterprises, Inc., The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of NY, Cathedral, New York Urban League, Habitat for Humanity NYC, The Coalition for Debtor Education, The Professionals Network Organization (TPNO), and Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International

    Teresa earned a B.S./M.S. in Criminal Justice from John Jay College and J.D. in Legal Studies at Touro School of Law in New York, Real Estate Broker, Financial Health Certification by National Association of Certified Credit Counselors, Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) by National Financial Educators Council, Founder of Generational Wealth Zone which provides financial education solutions to individuals, schools, businesses, families, government and nonprofit organizations around the globe to improve financial literacy.

    Teresa has two adult daughters, is the very proud grandmother of two grandchildren and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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    Budget Weddings NYC 4U

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    Updates and readings from my recently published book - New York Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable, including excerpts from my most recent teleseminar= Your Wedding Pathway: Ask the Experts.

    This is special time this week because I will be traveling during my regularly scheduled show.

    Create your wedding with the assurance that no matter your budget you can have all of your dreams come true. We will discuss the best ways to create that wedding with resources from my book: New York City Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable.

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    Budget Weddings NYC 4U

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    Join me as we explore more wedding elements by talking with an industry professional.

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    Vigil for International Peace and Ecology - September 20th NYC

    in Culture

    Guest: Reverend Susana Bastarrica. 

    The Vigil for International Peace is a transformational, grassroots effort dedicated to promulgate peace through participation in art, song, dance, music, prayer and ceremony. The purpose of this Vigil is to awaken humanity to harmony and peace through the power of intent and celebration. The vision is to heal and bridge lives and communities to achieve divinity alignment and recognize the oneness in all

    In 2001, the United Nations unanimously passed resolution 55/282 designating September 21 of each year as an "International Day of Peace."  The intention of the resolution is to have the entire World observe a full day of "global ceasefire and nonviolence." All peoples and organizations are invited to commemorate the day in an appropriate manner.

    As one way of observing the Day, many peace-based individuals representing a wide variety of cultural and spiritual traditions, are advocating an "International Day of Peace Vigil" with the following objective:

    “To encourage the observation of a worldwide, 24-hour vigil for peace and nonviolence on the International Day of Peace, 21 September of each year, in every house and place of spiritual practice, by all religious and non-religious  and spiritually based groups and individuals and by all men, women and children who seek peace in the world."

    The event in NYC's Central Park bandshell will feature representatives and leaders from a variety of local, national, and international organizations, children’s choirs, musical and vocal ensembles as well as dancers and renowned international artists.  

    Linda Lombardo hosts. 

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    Late Night Parents - NYC Marathon

    in Entertainment

    Late Night Parents - NYC Marathon

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    Humpday #5 - 12 Tips for Recovering from Emotional Pain

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    Today Our Hot Topic From the NYC TODAY Magazine is:

    12 Tips for Recovering from Emotional Pain

    By: Luminita D. Saviuc 


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    Happy Birthday to: 

    Lisa Pamperingme Rice

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    Altonia Fowler-Dugar

    Your host, Janel and her co-hosts Lauren, Kim, Unique, and Sandman will be giving you real talk, interesting interviews,Hot Topics and funny moments; including prank calling, good music, pop culture and current events. Don't Miss This Saturday! Don't Miss Any Saturdays! 

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    Ep340: #SaveFamilyMedicine at Columbia NYC

    in Health

    This week, it was announced that the Family Medicine Residency Program at Columbia in NYC would be closing. Just hours later, that decision was reversed. What does this mean, and what are next steps? Dr. Gerry Tolbert and I discuss further. In addition, we talked about the recent AAFP Annual Meeting and other topics. Enjoy!

  • David Oliver talks about cracking the NYC acting market

    in Entertainment

    The King of DC Media, William Powell, welcomes old pal David Oliver about how to crack the NYC acting market, advice for young actors, Kung Fu movies, and Taimak!