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    Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Inflammation

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    Healthy Tips:
    Drink Warm Lemon Water
    Organic Turmeric
    Organic Ceylon Cinnamon 

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    Jack Kapanka "one eyed jack" and his remarkable life

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    Come join the boys from Hillbilly Express as we get a unquie chance to tallk to a remarkable man. Come sit a spell as we talk with Jack Kapanka other wise known as "one eyed jack"
    Jack Kapanka "One Eyed Jack".  Born blind, he gained sight in his right eye when he was two. Still blind in the left. Started off as a stuntman and jumped into the music business working as the Publishing Coordinator for the Back Street Boys, NSYNC and several other "Pop" groups. He was the music supervisor for ABC/ MTV's Making The Band. Jack Created and hosted Writers On The Road for XM Radio Channel 171. He has wrote theme songs for national and international orgizations including:  The Special Olympics World Games - A Champion  Kairos Christian Prison Ministry International - My Kairos  The Health Care Center for the Homeless - Not Alone  Freeedom Ride Therapeutic Horseback Association - Freedom Ride  Veterans - What They Gave To Me  #6 All time best trucking song XM radio - America Moves By Truck  Theme song for the movie Stroke Of Genius - Play It As It Lies  She's Got My Heart - #34 Music Row Charts and hunting for hero’s  

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    Why your flaws doesn't disqualify you from leadership

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    We all were created with some type of character flaw. We wish that we could be perfect and live  a perfect live and in a perfect world. A flaw coul be gambing, stealing, anger, sassy, drug addtion, colorful, lustful, etc. Any flaw can be a problem that can either indirectly or directly affect a person's character.
    As we continue on our life's journey, we have an unction that we are called by God to step into a leadership role, but we start to second guess ourselves, 'Is God really calling me?" On that very day that God created you, there was no dought that he knew that you had one or more flaws about you. It is the flaws that lies within you that causes God to use you to build His kingdom. 

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    wicked Naked

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    Live with Oscar Valladares - Time for something AwEsOmE!!

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    LIVE on this weeks show - Oscar Valladares is IN THE HOUSE!! Along with his Southeast area Sales Rep Jason Paquette - Oscar will talk about his HOT NEW Cigar - The Oscar and we'll pick both his and Jason's brain about why this Cigar is one of the greatest sticks in our shop!!  We will also be paying a tribute to a legend in the Cigar world - Avo Uvezian who passed away last week at the age of 91.  So, if you are anywhere near Ocean Springs, MS on Tuesday's - come out and Join us here LIVE @ Perfecto Cigar Shop, the show starts @ 8pm CST.  If not you can listen LIVE on ITunes, TuneIN, IHeart, Facebook & Twitter or just call into the Studio to give us your thoughts 607-203-5257 during the show!!  See ya then!!
    LIKE us on facebook - @PerfectoCigars   Twitter - @CigarsPerfecto
    For information on how you can be a part of our LIVE Studio audience, contact Kathleen @ 228-215-1152 Tickets are available for our June - Sept shows #liveradio

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    Anything & Everything ( The downfall of American Culture & Relationship issues )

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    Join us tonight folks, as we discuss several subtopics within the main topics for tonight. We will be going Facebook live simultaneously tonight as we have our show on Blog Talk Radio. Just giving it a shot to see what happens. Love to have you all come by and let us know what you think of the show. Like it, hate it, whatever the case may be.

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    Why is it that we consider a person who has an African American dialect to not sound intelligent? Second half will be about missing white women, must be a serial kidnapper!!

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    Colada Time Ep.1 (2-15-17)

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    Its about that time mi genie! Its Colada Time!
    Welcome to ColadaTime, where nothing matters other than having your colada hot, fresh, and strong. 
    On this episode of Colada Time we are discussing ;
    -Little Havana recognized as a National Treasure 
      (Spoiler alert NO NICHOLAS CAGE!)
    -Miami Heats historic 13 game win streak!
    -Mayweather fight or Chris Breezy?
    -How far will you go to be J-lo’s stay at home hubby?
     (Fan interaction)
    -Emojis aren’t for everyone, or are they?
     (Fan interaction)
    -We find out the answer as to why opening an umbrella is bad luck
    -Quote of the day brought to you by: Dalai Lama
    Enjoy this episode of Colada Time and stay tuned for the next episode!
    Colada Time, your new favorite time of the day!

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    "Ego" The Beast Within

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    Introduction to The 19Report Website
                This is brother Johnny of Gruv19 Promotions out of Manning S.C. Inviting everyone to join us on The 19Report Website where we will be engaging in informative and enlightening conversation, commentary and subject matter related to the inner self. And the Devine Path of enlightenment ordained by the most high.
                And although the blueprint has been tampered with and tainted by the hands of people of ill will, or ignorant ones with good intentions. Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that the books and the blueprint are still the most precious gifts of Guidance offered to man. But the true meaning of this gift can not be attained without the knowledgeable journey into “the valley and shadow of death.”
    You can read hints relating to that journey in
    23 Psalms
                We must all surrender unto death. Just as Jesus the Christ surrendered his life to the author of his existence. We have to follow his example, but this journey unto death is 2 fold in that we were born to die so that we could live again.
    “For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive.” 1 Corinthians 15:22
    Now we need to make it clear who Christ is, how and when we died. What caused our death? And most importantly; how do we live again.         
    Proverbs 14:8 the wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways, but the folly of fools is deception.

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    Bitcoin Kings - Betrobot Disaster

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    Tonight we talk about Betrobot and the losses everyone had, our opinions and some funny reads from the Betrobot chat. The system kicked us out for posting an address :D so no comments read until; we can get it back. Meanwhile if you want to check out BitGrow then go here http://bitgrow.biz/?ref=Archangel

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    GODS OF THE ROUND Starring Ceelah El Bey (King Saudi)

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    Welcome to the next episode of the Gods of the Round. Join me once again as I continue to share these jewels with the family as we continue to disseminate into the "Nu'Philosophies" of Life and expound upon them once more. I want to encourage each and every one of you to do your best and to always have courage. Peace
    - Ceelah El Bey