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An Alternative Social Commentary

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Do you get irritated, frustrated, and annoyed with the news and with society? Do you see many people doing extremly stupid things? Well, you are in for a treat because this episode of Freedom Friday is all about annoying news stories and... more

There are four states or levels of spiritual maturity, but they all require growth and contending for the truth. Join us as we unpack the different levels of spiritual maturity and learn about what it takes to overcome the Evil One in these very... more

The days of Noah have repeated, and the "gods" are mingled with the DNA of men, but they can't adhere to each other.

Accident forgiveness and proof of insurance are facets of driving a car these days. But, what about sin forgiveness and proof of assurance? These are spiritual facets that we just can't live without. Join us today as we unpack the ancient... more

The Vatican sending their guy to the Bilderberg meeting, Scientists create psychopath Artifical Intelligence, 13 year old girl stabs and kills 14 year alod girl while adults watched, Sadistic rapists allowed to roam free to kidnap and rape a... more

Using the first letter of the Apostle John, we learn that God is Light and that no Darkness is in Him, and what that means exactly for His people.

Example of a broken world: Another person threatenes to shoot up a Las Vegas concert, televangelist wants $54 million for a new jet, guy in demon mask attacks employee and is shot dead, Las Vegas teen shoots and kills father, then shoots... more

What is the difference between Immortality and Eternal Life? They are totally different, as one is grounded in this Matrix, this reality, or frequency while the other is not grounded at all. What is this energy-force, or substance that the... more

Woman stalker sent date over 65,000 text messages, woman kills lover and serves him over a barbeque, woman kills boyfriend has devil all up on her, woman throws her own poop at restaurant employee, woman says Amazon secretly... more

Ever wonder how false teachers and those who love them are going to end? Their earthly works will end by fire!
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