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With an alternative perspective, this podcast will add value for the person who is weary of the regular narrative.

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1 Enoch 93:3, "I was born in the SEVENTH part of the FIRST WEEK." Enoch understood that there would be 10 weeks consisting of 700 years each (10x700=7,000 years) until the end of time and the end of this age. Enoch... more

1. US Postal Service celebrates the solar eclipse with occult-like rituals on Summer Solstice 2. Re-Animating the Dead 3. Skyrocketing US Drug Deaths 4. Hillary Clinton and her Shady Pastor 5. TSA throws 82 yr old woman in jail for... more

"We arrive at the 4th Rule for Godly Living, Ponder the Brevity of Life. Our life is just a moment that comes and goes quickly, and we'd better make the most of it, not through projects and checklists but by submission and obedience to... more

Enoch speaks an ancient prophecy that applied to the destruction of the earth via the "flood," and also applies to us who are living today in this very wicked world system. Enoch tells of the signs of evil we will see, and where the destruction... more

Is CERN activity written about in the ancient books of Revelation 9:1-11 and Jubilees 10:8-11? By the looks of the modern demonization of the human genome, it certainly appears that the bottomless pit is in fact opening wider... more

"We arrive at the 4th Rule for Growing in Godliness, Watch for Temptation. We are living in what is perhaps the time most-filled with temptation in history. The key to avoid it is careful self-examination, prayer and reliance on God,... more

1Enoch reveals the New Testament teachings on the Rapture of the Chosen Ones prior to the judgments of punishment on this earth. The book also reveals the concept of the "Tares" being removed prior to the "Wheat" being gathered... more

The "world" has changed much recently, and the new normal is a demonic normal. This is fact. We discuss this demonic normal with stories about; 1. Pilot assists transgender (male) in cutting off his testicles 2. FB allows and... more

This special episode focusses on the modern day scholarship of 1Enoch with its denial of the "Son of Man" as Jesus Christ. It is a warning and lesson for those who do not wish to be deceived by these liars and sons of Satan. It is vital to... more

In the book of 1Enoch, there is articulated a "Covenant with the Righteous" between God and His faithful believers in His word. This is a covenant of "light" that dispels darkness both in our personal lives and in the the world we live.... more
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