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An Alternative Social Commentary

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Love is in keeping the commandments of God. The truth is contained in God's commandments. And the truth dwells inside of us. Therefore we love one another as Messiah has commanded. "Grace" covers the sins of men; "mercy," their... more

More elderly people being murdered by unstable relatives, one had his eyes removed. A pediatrician who sexually abused dozens of children since 1980 finally caught. Ten year old boy with super swiming powers named Clark Kent beats... more

We conclude the letter written by the Apostle John (1John Chapter 5), and discover how he wraps up the entire Christian doctrine in one final chapter. True love for the bretheren can only come about if one has true love for God... more

Do you ever feel like you are in Wonderland with Alice on Flakka? We discuss the following on this episode. Man stabs to death 101 year old neighbor, Man beats pregnant girlfriend just to kill the baby, three sisters kill mother and bathe in her... more

We discribed what it means to love your brother/sister, and how that love only flows through the supernatural union with God, and how no one can simply love as a "work" naturally. The example of our love for another person born of... more

Illegal foreigner uses chainsaw to kill wife in front of his three kids, father uses baby as baseball bat in attempt to hit girlfriend, woman hangs baby and runs over two men and judge gives her probation, Netflix to air "American Jesus" a show... more

How can we tell the difference between a seducing spirit of error and the truth of God in another teacher, prophet, or minister? The Apostle John tells us how to do that. He tells us to "test" and discern with critical thinking the spirits around us.... more

Zombies or demon controlled flesh suits are running wild attacking the elderly and the very young. We watch as society transcends into global chaos and takes on a Thunder Dome like appearance.

We continue in 1John chapter 4 discussing the difference between someone who is a child of God (through adoption), and someone who is a child of the Devil (Serpent Seed). The Aposle John is quite frank, and really black or white in... more

Humanity seems to be going off the rails with a 92 year old mother shooting her 72 year son to death, man stabbing little children having a birthday party, Spain with its man dressed as a woman representing that country in the Ms. Universe... more
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