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With an alternative perspective, this podcast will add value for the person who is weary of the regular narrative.

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The Illusion that is called Professor Stephen Hawking speaks in the language of a philosophical Antichrist rather than a scientist. Revelation 13:6, "And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and... more

"We see heresies today popping up one after the other. But what is the reason they have such an easy access to churches? Because pastors prefer to sell peace of mind than abide in the Word. We discuss more heresies from the author... more

1. Netflix changes its customer rating ability after Amy Schummer's failed commedy special 2. IRS fastracked the Satan Club's tax exempt status within 10 days 3. Chicken meat cultivated in a stainless steel bioreactor 4. Mega church... more

What does the Scriptures read regarding transgenderism? Does ancient Biblical history address transgenderism, pedophilia, and homosexuality? Contrary to what some liberal thinkers insist, these acts are proven to be demonically... more

1. Rattles and shakes in Arizona 2. Volcanoes erupting globally 3. Black cube appears in sky 4. Death by 5. Transgendered model agencies

"One of the enemy's strategies is to create dissatisfaction with the normal Christian life, which can be boring and difficult at times. Subtle heresies like rituals and mystical experiences can provide cheap thrills that satisfy our vanity. We... more

1. Transgendered male wrestler on testosterone beats girls 55-0 2. Murderer ran away from demonic entity prior to his killings 3. Trump is blamed for the rise in membership for the satanic temple 4. UFO sightings increase 5. Genderless... more

1. Pope says, "Muslim Terrorism does not exist 2. News site has alternate reality where Hillary is the president of the U.S. 3. Witches unite against Trump 4. Stasi Universities spy on each other 5. University bans whiteboards due to hurtful... more

"Jesus said His Kingdom is not of this world. In the same way, we are sojourners here and citizens of heaven. Let's not be fooled by false hopes that Marxism is dead. It has just changed into a tool for occultism and depravity, and the right... more

We read from and discuss portions from our paperback book, "Christianity of Blasphemy: A Gnostic Lie," to educate about the original Gnostic lie with its continuation into modern Christendom. We discuss the subtle replacement of... more
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