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An Alternative Social Commentary

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Bad omen; lights go out at largest Tech show in the world, scientists trying three technologies to make humans immortal, there is a new generation of Satanists in L.A., the transgender kid who is neither transgender or gay according to... more

What does it mean to be "Unequally Yoked" with a person or thing? Is idolatry still an issue today or is the concept of eating food offered to idols obsolete? Did the Apostle Paul write to the church at Corinth because of cultural practices 2,000... more

A ten year old boy starts the first Drag Queen for kids club where adults are not allowed, SpaceX wants to orbit a Tesla around mars while playing David Bowie music for a billion years, man posted an online countdown prior to... more

Happy New Year in 2018, and Happy New Creature in 2018. We explore the Scriptural truth about that life changing experience of becoming an "UNPRECEDENTED" creature in our spirits when we become reconciled to the... more

We review 2017 global natural disasters, and determined what really caused all this environmental collapse to occur. It may surprise you, but the answer is contained in the ancient letter to the Romans.

If Christmas is associated with the birth of Jesus Christ, then we should know what that birth really meant according to the ancient prophecies of Scripture. There was a certain point in time, a point in history where the... more

Facebook want your face to "help" you stay private, the federal ban on making lethal virus' has been lifted, 26 year old woman has baby from a 24 year old frozen embroyo, man reveals hybrid babies can be made with humans... more

There is a huge difference between Cowboy Poetry, Tall Tales, Fables, and the Truth of Doctrine. We are surrounded by "Ministers of Questions," those who create endless debate and dialogue rather than teach Godly edification to... more

The Human 2.0, Security Robot is Defeated, A.I. Creates , Billions of Faces Read in Seconds, A.I. as a Messiah and Worshipped.

Many Christian Evangelicals believe that Trump's declaration of Jerusalem as Israel's capital is a beginning fulfillment of Biblical prophesy, which will see a third temple built, an Anti-Christ sit in that temple, a secret rapture of Evangelicals,... more
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