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With an alternative perspective, this podcast will add value for the person who is weary of the regular narrative.

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We discuss the following; 1. Mothman creature seen over Chicago 2. Man carrying human head stabs another 3. A genetic freak of a Cyclops goat is worshipped as a god 4. Lab grown human blood will bring alien life to humans

"In a world where the conservative movement has been hijacked by pervs and occultists, it is crucial that we develop our personal sanctification. Holy Thoughts are nothing more than thoughts and attitudes that mirror the character and... more

We continue with the studies in 1Enoch. The Rejectors of God will face Armageddon and the judgements to come. Just as in the days of Noah prior to the flood, the conspiracy to prevent the Messiah from coming is in full swing. But, it... more

1. Mixing young blood into old folks 2. Jeff Bezos is a "different species" 3. Snowflaskes de-stress at University 4. Haunted house of serial killer, Ted Bundy

The Greek word "Parousia" means for a person to appear, arrive, manifest, come to, or to be present. We examine the ancient writings of Enoch (Book 1) revealing the 2nd coming of Christ within those writings. Comparing Enoch eith... more

1. Urine Beer 2. Snot Eating 3. Cher 4. Church Brawl

"We study the second rule for Growing in Godliness: Guard Your Heart Against Worldliness. Some Christians think they can hide inside religious safe havens or church activities, but that's not what God expects from us. Instead, be bold,... more

Jesus spoke about what would happen to the wheat and the tares on judgemnet day, and Enoch wrote about this day with the sins of mankind that will bring it on more than 5,000 years ago. We explore these "judgement day sins" listed in... more

1. Ethicists say killing newborn babies same as abortion 2. UFO Uptick across USA 3. Internet most important thing to many people 4. Total chaos power outages across USA

"We start our 8-part series on tips for your sanctification, beginning with the Means of Grace. The Word, prayer and fellowship, all three under heavy satanic attack these days. We also cover the crazy system of the Antichrist being... more
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