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KAPOW means, "Kingdom Against Powers Of Wickedness." Dedicated to Supernatural and Spiritual topics. Free iTunes Podcast. KAPOW is Sponsored by FIFTHOOKMEDIA.com

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As we look at the world around us all we can see is how corrupt and wicked mankind is. It seems as if any channel we turn to, there is something horrible taking place around the world. Such as the Christians being persecuted... more

End Times in the perspective of the Jewish and Muslim eschatology and how the antichrist can take advantage of these beliefs in order to deceive many.

The Serpent has been worshipped by cultures throughout history. We ask why? The Serpent is that great Dragon, Satan, and that fallen angel, which demands worship from the human race in order to deceive those doomed for ultimate... more

Woman beats man up for farting, Gay history at the Smithsonian, Woman loves on Giraffe gets kicked in the face, Google wants to solve death, patented holy water for Ebola victims, sexbots robostitutes & lovonics, weird pierced... more

In this episode Justen explores the supernatural world of Apparitions. The adventure will unveil many paranormal miracles and apparitions held to high regard by the Catholic Church over the years. From communion elements turning... more

The correction from the Lord leads us into spiritual maturity.

The show is about false optimism that prevents us understanding the gravity of sin and the need of Christ. Facebook.com/brothermarcosradio

Cheryl Batts – SOUL TIES Where do you see soul ties in the Bible? What are the consequences of soul ties – good or bad? Cheryl gives Scriptural examples of soul ties between a variety of different individuals and explains... more

There is a giant Colossus of a man on the moon as revealed by Google Earth, Retired Temple University Professor states that aliens are mating with humans in order to take over the planet, Werewolves are destroying goats on one... more
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