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KAPOW means, "Kingdom Against Powers Of Wickedness." Free iTunes, Apple & Android app. KAPOW is Sponsored by FIFTHOOKMEDIA.com

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Chicago Public Schools teach 5th graders about safe anal sex, Feminist group storms the Vatican using crucifixes in crude ways, California University student caught having sheep sex, woman kills and cooks her neighbor, Cannibals make... more

RR&P: Overcoming The Things Of The Past How often , as we are moving forward, we are suddenly paralyzed by regrets of the past. Past sins, past mistakes, past events that caused us trauma. In this episode of Radio... more

Patience or Longsuffering is one portion of the fruit of the Spirit. Too many Christians are lacking patience today and allowing fear and discomfort to deceive them. To lack patience is to lack a portion of the Fruit of God's Spirit. With many... more

In the Last Days of Sodom and its surrounding cities, the righteous Lot had called the sodomites that wanted to sexually rape his house guests, "brethren." Then he was reluctant to leave that sinful place and had to be forced out of the city. His... more

Welsh cannibal killer eats woman to death, Extreme child abuse/torture, Islamic cannibal eats prostitutes, Furry rectum toys for children, Evil stick toy with demonic suicide picture hidden within, Catholic exorcisms on the rise due to... more

On this episode of Radio Redemption we touch on the warning that Jesus Christ gave to the church of Ephesus, to return to their first love, and the consequences of not obeying this dire command. Revelation 2:4 Nevertheless I... more

Brother Marcos Radio takes you on a journey into the deep reality of suffering in this life. We can expect to suffer as Christ suffered in his death and resurection because we are servants of Christ. Using Scripture, personal experience and... more

In the last days preceding the end of history and the pouring out of God's complete wrath on earth's wicked inhabitants, God's elect ones will need to understand and operate in many spiritual gifts in order to overcome the... more

Demon controlled little girl mocks street preacher, Murderer posted pictures of dead girlfriend on social media, Voices in head tell mother to throw her child over a bridge, Naked man invades home and bites owner and wife, United... more
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