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In this episode recorded 4.17.06, Dr. Tucker gives his testimony about his death experience when he was visited by Jesus and given the assignment to teach Revelation to the people. Dr. Richard E. Tucker has been ministering as an... more

The Bible has a lot to say on the subject of music. On this episode of Radio Redemption and Power, we discuss the importance on being vigilant with the music we listen to.

Marcos explores the ideology of Islam and how it may play out in the "end times." He examines the agenda of the Illuminati, the Globalist Elite, and the Powerful and Rich to enslave the commoner in Marxism, socialism, and in wars. This... more

Paul & Linda teach you how to use "wisdom" in God's word to understand the name or number of a man, the Beast in Revelation. Using Revelation 13 as their primary text, they show you how to recognize Scriptural patterns of "six" in the... more

Obama's advisor regrets not disclosing UFO agenda to Americans, Giant UFO over Arizona, UFO buzzing French Nuclear sites, Jagged edged UFO over New York shuts down iPhone, Naked man is shot by police after attempting to break... more

One minute of a new Jingle written from Isaiah 24:19, 20. "The earth is breaking breaking. The earth is crumbling crumbling. The earth is tottering tottering. The earth is swaying like a drunkard. It is rocking to and fro like a hut. Its... more

This episode was recorded on 4.10.06, and features the teaching on the Ten Demon Powers of Satan in the last days. Dr. Richard E. Tucker has been ministering as an evangelist since 1954, and has pastored many churches over... more

In this episode of Brother Marcos Radio, the ideology of Islam is dealt with in an in depth manner, including the history of its founder, Mohammed. This message is vital for the current times in which we live where many are experiencing... more

We live in a world where most people think that they deserve everything. In our jobs we demand greater pay and benefits but we are never satisfied nor grateful for having a job. Some people complain about this country, its laws and... more
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