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With an alternative and conservative perspective, this podcast will add truth and value to the mature person who is tired of the mainstream commentary.

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1. Pope says, "Muslim Terrorism does not exist 2. News site has alternate reality where Hillary is the president of the U.S. 3. Witches unite against Trump 4. Stasi Universities spy on each other 5. University bans whiteboards due to hurtful... more

"Jesus said His Kingdom is not of this world. In the same way, we are sojourners here and citizens of heaven. Let's not be fooled by false hopes that Marxism is dead. It has just changed into a tool for occultism and depravity, and the right... more

We read from and discuss portions from our paperback book, "Christianity of Blasphemy: A Gnostic Lie," to educate about the original Gnostic lie with its continuation into modern Christendom. We discuss the subtle replacement of... more

1. Dead Owls Fall from the Sky? 2. Human microchipping protection laws 3. Humans merging with machines 4. "A Fantastic Woman" is a Man 5. Trophy Girls are Men at Grammys 6. Canada releases man who beheaded stranger... more

Derek Prince teaches us about spiritual deception and gives us foundational tools to make sure we "Take Heed" and not be deceived into believing a false gospel, false Jesus, false Spirit, and false teachings.

1. Scientists don't believe in God, but fear alien contact 2. First transgender boyscout 3. Transgender murderer has sex with inmates 4. Transgender city council candidates 5. Gay men have public sex on store display bed 6. Tech... more

"The Luciferian elite decided that it's time for the final push of occultism and marxist ideas to destroy society for good. It's the Externalization of the Hierarchy. Antichrist is almost here, and fake aliens may pave his way. It's time for... more

Anthony Cummings was privileged to be a guest on the "Jew and Gentile Podcast," and we at KAPOW Radio Show are honored to re-broadcast it for you. Topics discussed: 1) The importance and impact of family 2) Genealogies in the... more

Alternative and conservative news with a spiritual perspective: 1. The term "Pregnant mothers" upsets transgenders 2. Texas mayor comes out as transgender 3. Pediphile sex ring dressed as animals while raping children 4.... more
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