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Relevant with a unique conservative perspective, and loaded with plenty of politically incorrect controversy, this is one of the best Christian podcasts adding truth and value to the mature disenfranchised Christian who is tired of the powerless mainstream Christianity we see today. KAPOW! is a punch in the face to liberalism, socialism, satanism, and sensitive cultural Christianity. Radical Christianity is true Biblical Christianity. Remember, the religious leaders thought Jesus Christ so radical that they murdered him. And in the Spirit of the Biblical Jesus Christ, this show exposes the evil in politics, religion, alternative news, current events, and the present apostate church. If you are a mature person with real life experience in a real life world, are frustrated with the modern church and its phony business model, and desire a deeper more satisfying relationship with God, then this podcast will answer the age old question, "What is true Christianity?"

On-Demand Episodes

1. Miss KAPOW has episode of Jesus' return excitement 2. Bro. KAPOW talks about the Jesus return song given to him 3. Miss KAPOW recieves teaching on the rewards of God's work 4. Bro. KAPOW takes a photo of "two suns" with... more

1. No flacca or bath salts found in cannibal's system 2. Meteor sparks fears of an alien invasion 3. Globalists want decriminalized drugs for everyone 4. Alien infested bus driver kills 5 children on purpose 5. Catholic "Sindr" app for... more

"As we approach the End Times, the eternal conflict between the Spirit of Peace and the Spirit of the Antichrist is heating up. Conflict and chaos are coming, and we should avoid putting our hope in politicians. When people are tired with... more

Born of the Spirit means death of the flesh. In this duality of flesh and Spirit, it depends on what we yield our thoughts, actions, and lives to. In this episode, we we discuss the Fruit of the Spirit as it relates to LOVE being the primary... more

This episode focuses on the Biblical perspective of what is occurring in America and across the planet. The 2016 election results are causing many to behave abnormally and demonic. Although there are many reasons and speculations as... more

"The Bible tells us to regard other people higher than ourselves, but our world today is a world of narcissists. Narcissists can't see the need of repentance, because they think they are always right. They also react with violence to... more

Twenty three celebrities promised to leave the USA if Donald Trump was elected President of the USA. Now that Donald Trump has in fact been elected, let us examine the absurd statements made by these pointless spoiled brats of Satan,... more

"It seems Providence lifted the curtain for a minute so we could check the depravity and occultism that permeates our political leadership. However, Satan already has a new trap set for us: a new age of gnostic enlightenment that will... more

1. Our recent UFO experience 2. Steve Pieczinik-American revolution happening now 3. Universities are purging "toxic masculinity" from students 4. Plastic surgery for the elderly 5. Hillary and America's #1 Abortionist share same stage... more
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