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KAPOW means, "Kingdom Against Powers Of Wickedness." Dedicated to Supernatural and Spiritual topics. Free iTunes Podcast. KAPOW is Sponsored by FIFTHOOKMEDIA.com

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Brother Marcos talks to us about the pervasive Religious Spirit operating in world affairs today.

This audio features an old fashioned preacher who died in a mysterious plane crash after years of struggling with the State of Texas over his right to run group homes in his ministry. The day a new Texas governor was put in office and... more

Comic book Archie dies for gay friend, Offensive Christian College in Witch City, Disney's Perverts are Convicted, Baptist Transgender Pastor, Man Stomps Baby to Death, Man Seeks Someone to Kill in Hotel, 300 Vials of Death... more

In this episode Justen continues the adventure into the Hollow Earth. We will be unearthing the mysterious occult encounters of the Third Reich and the Nazi connection to the Inner Earth. These topics are sure to blow your mind. This is... more

Living in a world that is often cruel and heartless, it is important to understand God's mercy both on us and how we display it to others, especially those of "The Way."

Brother Marcos teaches us about the three global powers in existance today, which influence everyone on planet earth depending on what power region they live. He explores the current issues with Israel and Palestine, Marxism,... more

There is a New Age Peace Plan that most know of as "love, peace, and oneness." But, few realize the darker side of this written and formulated plan is to "eliminate" the Biblical Christian by selecting them for death. Just as Hitler selected... more

Black Mass to be held at Oklahoma Civic Center, Released sex offender rapes own grandmother (83) and own uncle, Man beats to death innocent bystander because he "felt like killing someone," Utah cop drugged, raped, his wife and... more
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