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KAPOW is for "Kingdom Against Powers Of Wickedness." Dedicated to Supernatural and Spiritual topics. Free iTunes Podcast. KAPOW is Sponsored by FIFTHOOKMEDIA.com

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Freedom Friday Hour presents the backdown of federal agents in Nevada ranch standoff, more federal agents seize ranch in New Mexico, state uses sound cannon weapon on drivers, the proposed cow fart tax, a dog is summoned to... more

In this episode Justen discusses the dark side of the ?Heaven is for Real? book and movie, and discusses the major reasons why this was not a godly experience. He also gets into popular demonic phenomenon known as Automatic... more

Brother Marcos broadcasting from Sao Paulo Brazil takes us on a prophetic journey into God's Timetable. He discusses the current situation of the planet, the satanic marxist leaders, upcoming blood red moons, and the increasing demonic... more

The Book of Life, The Book of the Living, The Heavenly Tablets, The Heavenly Scrolls, and The Lamb's Book of Life are all concepts contained within the ancient Scriptures and Biblical texts. Paul & Linda examine the doctrine behind these... more

Nevada Rancher defies armed federal agents, Militia to protect citizen Rancher from federal abuse, civil unrest in Buenos Aires, George Soros promotes weed legalization, Persecuted Christians in China & Pakistan, Captain America and... more

"In this episode Justen talks with Doc Marquis about the history of Easter and the pagan rituals that are still being practiced today, thousands of years later, even in the church. Many important facts are presented in this episode, as well... more

Patrick discusses the truth behind Biblical Spiritual warfare and deliverance from demons. Also in this episode, Patrick shares several experiences in his life that verified his calling into spiritual warfare even in the face of opposition of others... more

Brother Marcos discusses the "Noah" movie in more depth, after viewing it himself. The movie has themes of Gnosticism, Gaia worship, and paganism along with outright anti-Biblical heresy. Then, Marcos examines the topic of... more

Fence sitter, fire suppressor, or freedom fighter, which one are you? How obtaining the mind of Christ will unleash the warrior within to do spiritual warfare. This episode offers the Spiritual Warfare tools needed to live an... more
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