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Relevant with a unique conservative perspective, and loaded with plenty of politically incorrect controversy, this is one of the best Christian podcasts adding truth and value to the mature disenfranchised Christian who is tired of the powerless mainstream Christianity we see today. KAPOW! is a punch in the face to liberalism, socialism, satanism, and sensitive cultural Christianity. Radical Christianity is true Biblical Christianity. Remember, the religious leaders thought Jesus Christ so radical that they murdered him. And in the Spirit of the Biblical Jesus Christ, this show exposes the evil in politics, religion, alternative news, current events, and the present apostate church. If you are a mature person with real life experience in a real life world, are frustrated with the modern church and its phony business model, and desire a deeper more satisfying relationship with God, then this podcast will answer the age old question, "What is true Christianity?"

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We as instruments starting out in "Unity" of doctrine and practice, being wholly "Mixed" together by the spiritual audio engineer of the universe can become a beautiful song.

In times of struggle with both man and God, we must return to Bethel, the place where we first received our salvation promise and made our vows to God. Follow us as we discuss Jacob's life in Genesis 35, his struggles and God's promise... more

1. Trump Derangement Syndrome sweeps America 2. Child Prostitution legalized in California 3. New illness caused by recreational Marijuana use 4. Woman refuses to sing at Trump inauguration with Mormon Tabernacle Choir 5.... more

"Alchemy used to be a mysterious doctrine hidden from the masses and involved in fantastic lore like turning lead intoo gold. However, as we approach the Second Coming of Jesus, it is revealing its true colors: it is gnostic witchcraft, promoted... more

Foundational Teaching to avoid being decieved by false or ignorant teachers of the Bible. 1. A Pretext used with a Subtext out of Context always leads to deception 2. Exegesis vs. Eisegensis 3. Using Hermeneutics to properly study... more

Alternative News: 1. John Kerry's Serpentine Tongue 2. Obama Pardons More Criminals 3. Soros says Trump is ruining the New World Order 4. Fart Smell in San Francisco, CA 5. USA Embraces Ayahuasca 6. Victoria's Little Dirty Secret

"It is time for a decision. Satan is telling the world a new wonderful age is coming, where you can do whatever you want without condemnation and total freedom and happiness. The Bible, on the other hand, says the world will soon face... more

The Winter Solstice and how the Pagans celebrate it with ritual, which is the one world religion, as all cultures perform the ritual in some aspect of Paganism or another.

Nothing in this system is real. Everything is fake. We are sojourners, foreigners, aliens on this rock.
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