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KAPOW means, "Kingdom Against Powers Of Wickedness." Free iTunes, Apple & Android app. KAPOW is Sponsored by FIFTHOOKMEDIA.com

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Our LORD YHWH has a message for you.

In a world filled with shifting sands, where else can we find solid ground on which to stand, other than Jesus Christ The Rock, who is the same yesterday, today and for ever. In this episode of RR&P we discuss what it means when when the... more

Brother Marcos talks about several subjects including his opinion on the Christmas festival. www.facebook.com/brothermarcosradio

Today's church & Christendom are like Cappuccino, frothy and airy with no real substance. People running to and fro seeking knowledge about everything except the WORDs of God. The question being answered today by Christendom... more

Drunk Santas need civil rights attorney to remain disorderly, Satanic Temple forces demonic nativity scene on the state of Michigan, Atheist invokes Thor, Allah, earth, etc., in city council prayer, Demonic Christmas parade... more

In such a critical time in history,with the eminent return or Jesus, we are seeing so many Christians falling back into the world, in this episode of Radio Redemption and Power we discuss several reasons why some Christians go back into the... more

Brother Marcos Radio! In this episode, Marcos takes us on a journey into the occult superstition of the "Evil Eye." Many people are bound by this belief of fear, and have created charms and amulets to ward off the evil curse. Using history... more

If we obey the commands of God, we are only doing what we are obligated to do. We are useless servants according to Yeshua in Luke 17. So, what does God want from us? He wants is to move from the Gospel of Salvation (what can God... more

Ouija like texting dead people, Boy and girl beat mother and try to steal her baby, Demonically challenged man stabs people on Amtrack, Demonically challenged man stabs Jewish student in the head while he prayed in synagogue, Satanist... more
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