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KAPOW means, "Kingdom Against Powers Of Wickedness." Dedicated to Supernatural and Spiritual topics. Free iTunes Podcast. KAPOW is Sponsored by FIFTHOOKMEDIA.com

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Are we really prepared for death or for the coming of Yeshua our Savior? What does it take to prepare for eternal life? Using Matthew 25 and other Old Testament Scriptures, Paul & Linda explore the "internal elements" that make... more

The Insane are Running the Asylum! Insane gender inclusive school curriculum, Insane school makes 5 year old sign anti homicide/suicide contract, Insane 10 year old beats to death a 90 year old woman, Insane Walmart... more

The Radio Redemption & Power team talk about what it means to advance the Kingdom of God and preach the true Gospel of Christ. With a call to holiness and righteous living, this episode is crucial in today's perilous times.... more

Marcos talks about current events and the imposing fear that is designed to get humanity off balance. His cry is for all Christians to "Stop Fooling Around" and get serious about the things of God. www.facebook.com/brothermarcosradio

It is the "LUST" for all things not of God, which bring His judgment and curses upon humankind. It is "IDOLATRY" in all its subtle forms. It is not trusting in the All Mighty for all things needed in life, rather the lust and desire for more... more

Pediatric nurse foster parent sexually abuses 6-week old infant within hours of taking him home, Naked pervert gets eaten by dogs, Big problems for transgender kids and their school sports, All girl university now allows men dressed as... more

We live in a world today where most people take everything for granted. It seems as if many of us have forgotten that everything we have today is possible because someone worked hard and paid a price for it. For instance, for many of us who... more

Marxist Satanic Schemes is the topic for this episode. What conspiracies are real? and what conspiracies are created for confusion? Brother Marcos talks about the Marxist mentor of Obama and Clinton, the Brazilian election, food stamps abuse,... more

Part six of the Ophiolatreia series: The exact same Ophiolatreia or serpent worship that existed in Egypt and in Asia also existed in the ancient Americas. Mexico and Peru were so entrenched in serpent worship that almost every... more
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