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Relevant with a unique conservative perspective, and loaded with plenty of politically incorrect controversy, this is one of the best Christian podcasts adding truth and value to the mature disenfranchised Christian who is tired of the powerless mainstream Christianity we see today. KAPOW! is a punch in the face to liberalism, socialism, satanism, and sensitive cultural Christianity. Radical Christianity is true Biblical Christianity. Remember, the religious leaders thought Jesus Christ so radical that they murdered him. And in the Spirit of the Biblical Jesus Christ, this show exposes the evil in politics, religion, alternative news, current events, and the present apostate church. If you are a mature person with real life experience in a real life world, are frustrated with the modern church and its phony business model, and desire a deeper more satisfying relationship with God, then this podcast will answer the age old question, "What is true Christianity?"

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Sandwiched between two genealogies of SHEM (name) occurs this little story about Babylon, its city, and tower. Humanity is divided into those who "Make a great name (Shem) for themselves," and those whom God makes their name... more

Conservative Alternative News: Confused Britain Military celebrates male soldier as first female soldier on front lines, California man uses a crucifix to attack numerous people in public, West Philly man who shot two Police Officers and... more

"Internet and social media practically rule our lives today. They can be a tool for good or evil. Can you discern the schemes of the devil when you see one? The show today brings three examples of fables spread on Facebook this... more

Have we arrived at Genesis One? Are we about to experience the new creation of a new heaven and earth? The Book of Genesis is prophetic. It is divided into two main parts; first, the beginning and spread of sin that culminates in... more

"The beatitudes, the blessings of the Sermon on the Mount, are a beautiful summary of what our relationship with God and our neighbors should be. The first two commands are explained there. First, you put yourself in... more

Conservative Alternative News: In this episode we discuss the 18 year old girl suing her parents for posting her pictures on their Facebook page, the Florida "face chewer" man that only had marijuana in his system, Peruvian girls become... more

Conservative Alternative News with Commentary. In this episode, we discuss a blood drinking and dismemberment ritual in Wisconsin; a mother and daughter commit incest and get married in Oklahoma; thousands of people turn to black... more

"We need to delete almost every fable and fantasy that comes from today's Christian leadership and go back to the words of Jesus in the Bible. God is more concerned with the character of our hearts and our dependence on Him than... more

Conservative Alternative News: Topics include; Duke University's new safe space for tender students, Rutgers University's "language matters" campaign, Georgetown University gives priority admissions to salve descendants, American... more
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