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"News from global media confirm with facts what this show has been telling you: the new world religion is being built on the worship of the Eternal Gnostic Feminine, while the elite worships evil and destruction. Christian must guard... more

We have all heard the term "Cheap Grace," which refers to people who take the work of Christ in error and think that they have a license to continue and practice sin in their lives. If they are corrected in their sin, they yell out, "You are a... more

Current Events with a Spiritual Commentary: The demonic face eater, A church "tokes" the holy ghost, Demon leaps onto bystander being interviewed, Poltergeist levitates dog, University students offended by 80 year old murals depicting... more

"The elite who control this world worships and does evil, because they believe that the universe has both an evil and a good principle which must be satisfied so they can become little gods. Christians, on the other hand, believe in a... more

Ancient Soteriology is the Doctrine of Salvation as viewed by the the very first Messiah followers. In this Podcast, we take you on a journey to the origins of Christianity and the true church in the 1st Century, and explore exactly what it... more

Demonic takeover episode of publically naked man, Vampire boy wants to be treated equal, Mother and son have sexual relationship called GSA or Genetic Sexual Attraction, Rich socialist Bernie Sanders buys third lake front property... more

"Worship of Mary is more than a mistake from Catholics. It comes from Ishtar, from Babylonian original satanic religion and spreads through hinduism as Shankti, to Buddhism as Tara, to Islam as Fatima daughter of Muhammad. She... more

Did you know that verse 37 of the Book of Acts chapter eight has been removed from many modern Bibles? This verse declares that salvation can only come through the belief with one's heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. The... more

Obama releases 200+ Federal Prisoners, The UN wants to tax meat to eliminate it from the world, Parents leave toddler alone outside in heat to play Pokemon Go, Transgendered men still want to have babies, The after school Satan club,... more
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