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"Jesus Football Club - Being a Christian means more than belonging to the right fan club. You have to be born again and become a new creature. False leaders use Jesus' name in order to manipulate people into participating in a false... more

Alternative news and commentary: The earth is in crisis, One month of madness from Orlando to Nice, Backing up human DNA in the universe cloud, Thirteen year old girl shoots 70 year old store clerks during theft, File Under - You Can't Fix... more

We trace the origins of the ancient Jewish Sanhedrin to the 1st Century murder of Jesus Christ with the persecutions and murders of the Apostles of Christ. We show how the Illuminati, Globalists, and Elites are still part of this... more

Pocket Monsters (Pokemon Go) creates augmented reality, Walmart employee stabs two customers, Female cartel hit woman drinks victim's blood and has sex with corpses, the K2 Zombies, Social Media "likes" change the brain, Female is... more

"Jesus is the one who has the words of eternal life. This should be our perspective. Unfortunately, religion as a fix to this material life has been the focus of church leaders these days. Prosperity, peace of mind, they are all for sale.... more

Four elements exist in using the name of Jesus according to Acts 3:1-13. First, we must understand what it means to invoke the name; second, we must pronounce with confidence; third, understand the response of faith and; fourth, never... more

Allah causes panic in a bar, Allah kills over hummus, One world Obama, Demonic possession recognized by psychiatrist, an Transgender soldiers are approved by US military.

"Vision Casting Fraud. The church of today resembles more a NGO structured to carry on projects than a community of believers linked by fellowship, love and sound doctrine. Pastors want to be leaders instead of servants, and... more

Learn the key concepts and phrases related to the United Nation's Agenda 21 for Sustainable development, and how they relate to Socialism, Communism, and of course satanism. Because the Agenda 21 concepts are against the Words... more
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