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With an alternative perspective, this podcast will add value for the person who is weary of the regular narrative.

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1. Sex doll that can be raped 2. Mysterious Bank of America disapearing accounts 3. China's GMO dogs 4. Alien signals from space 5. Husband PODS for women shoppers

The Alien Age is the time period in which we all live. From the time of Christ until now, we have been under the unfluence and deception of the Alien we call Lucifer or the Beast System. The Anti-Christ Federation and office of the Psuedo... more

1. Lie: Man gives birth 2. Sex Doll has customers at brothel 3. Cop gets reprimanded for calling a man a man 4. Trump gets more demons from Rodney Howard Browne 5. Nevada is in a state of emergency because it is running low... more

We break down a popular "Worship Song" to show you that the lyrics taken from the Bible are about God's enemies hating and fighting God, rather than praising or worshipping God. It is a subtle deception that most Christians are unaware of in... more

1. Non-Binary Trans Parent fights to have genderless baby certificate for "her" newborn. 2. Artificial wombs for Trans-women born men. 3. No sex needed to have lab-babies in the future. 4. Men find true love with sex dolls. 5.... more

1. Demons destroy 10 Commandments Monument 2. Sippie Cup Beatdown 3. Massage using Meat Cleavers 4. 9 yr old offered College Football Scholarship 5. Yellowstone Super-Volcano Earthquakes Increase

Enoch 52 is about the "Six Mountains" which are made from various metals of the earth, and in this vision, Enoch sees all of the mountains melting like wax before a fire when the Son of Man returns in judgment against the Kings of the... more

1. The Sour Toe Cocktail Theft 2. Dangle a baby, get fb likes 3. Demonic mother tries to perform exorcism 4. Exorcists make deal with the Devil 5. Crime to use wrong gender pronouns

We continue our discussion on "God's 7,000 Year Plan," and Enoch's "10 Weeks" of human history. Daniel's "70 Weeks" are completely examined to find that they pertain to only Israel and prophesy the Messiah and His redemptive work, rather... more

1. Manspreading 2. Bless U-2 Robot 3. Prozac Nation 4. Phubbing 5. Sapphism
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