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An Alternative Social Commentary

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Nine foot flames shooting from a mysterious hole in the ground, Sony introduces its robot spy dog, Bert and Ernie are gay puppets, Idiots playing with cursed objects and demons, and teen girl laughs and smiles while stabbing to death her... more

We play the entire new original release "Time's End" from the band Mesquite Cafe. These songs are available at most online digital music retailers and streaming sites. iTunes:... more

National Solar Observatory Mysteriously Closed As Geomagnetic Storm Looms, parents harvest dead son's SPERM to create 'designer grandson', Two-thirds of transgender students admitted to self-harm, while more than a third having... more

We have entered a Grand Solar Minimum where the cosmic rays from the sun affect earth's climate. With an increase in earthquakes, floods, volcanism, fires, droughts, and general societal collapse, we can tie the prophetic language of... more

A child prays to Alexa thinking its God, the social media suicide challenge that has taken the lives of children, the woman's festival that bans all natural born males who identify with being male, scientists now say that microwaves can be... more

Explore what the end of the age will be like according to the Book of Enoch, Jesus, and the synoptic Gospels. All sources point to the same events, which are manifesting now in birth pangs and increasing pain until the earth is cleansed... more

Cannibals who love to eat human flesh and others who love to be eaten meet up using cannibal dating apps, actress jumps on the "Metoo" movement after being treated like a piece of meat while filming video, mother shoots and kills her 2... more

Jesus the Messiah explained very cleary in Luke 21 the signs and portents to look for just prior to His return in judgement on this world. However, men and their traditions and doctrinal error have made a complete mess out of Biblical... more

San Francisco's poop patrol makes $185K yearly salary, a study on the most recent high level earthquakes, demon in a flesh suit stabs and kills toddler, and a new flesh eating sexually transmitted disease is found in the UK.

There are too many psuedo Christs, anti-Christs, and Cheezits posing as the real Jesus. We wanted to re-intriduce the listeners to the real Biblical Jesus or the who the real Messiah (Christ) was and is. We turned to the opening verses of the... more
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