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    The lazy Llama show! part two!

    in Dreams

    part two of the lazy lamma show!

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    The Book of Revelation

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    Join Apostle Rose as she discusses the Book of Revelation that has been longed seen as a book of doom, gloom and controversy by many.  She will begin to share how this book should be read and fully understand by every Believer in Christ and will discover it to be a book of Great Blessings.  Find our the meaning of the various symbols and signs.  Understand the 7 churches, candlesticks, bowls & vials, and so much more.  There are many mysteries to the world that are revealed to the Body of Christ. 

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    What does the bible say about divorce?  How long do you wait if the other party is not willing to work it out? In what ways does divorce effect us?

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    Susan Somerset Webb Tap Into Your Life

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    A highly sought after professional speaker, a popular author and a catalyst for deep and profound personal change, as well as an Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner, a Psych K Practitioner, and Certified NLP practitioner, she is considered an expert by the experts. Her clients include high profile public personalities, and people all over the world who practice in diverse professions including psychotherapy, acupuncture, law and chiropractic. In addition to working with adults, Susan has a thriving practice working with children and teenagers. She is the author of Tap It! The EFT Playbook, the creator of a on-going 8 week online course for entrepreneurial women, an EFT Program for Teens With Addictions and an EFT and Law of Attraction Tapping Group and a free one hour monthly teleclass, The Tapping Tribe. For more information please visit Susan at www.tapintoyourlife.com. To contact her for speaking engagements or to find out more about her workshop availability, please contact her at susan@tapintoyourlife.com
    "A year from now you may wish
     you had started today."   Karen Lamb

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    SCUBA DIVE CUBA with Undersea Expedition's Greg Hamman

    in LGBT

    WOW, Scuba Diving in Cuba!  This is definitely a bucket list item. 
    Join us for this amazing opportunity to scuba dive Cuba.  Greg Hamman will tell everything we need to know about how to make this dream a reality.
    About Undersea Expeditions
    Since its founding by Chris Winkle in 1991, Undersea Expeditions has offered "gay-friendly" group adventures to the world's most exotic dive locations, as well as dive travel planning services to our community. Their mission continues today under the management of Greg Hamman, an avid diver with a background in international business and a belief that bringing more gays and lesbians into scuba diving offers our community a vacation alternative, while benefiting conservation by adding our collective voices and economic power to those who are helping to protect these amazing ecosystems.
    Looking for an out of the ordinary vacation experience? Undersea Expiditions charter whole liveaboards and book blocks of hotel rooms, and the staff consistently e-mail us asking when our group will return, since they have as much fun hosting us as we do staying with them. They travel to the best dive destinations: Cuba, Micronesia, the Caribbean, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Galapagos.
    Beginners get their dive certification on many of their trips, and experienced divers appreciate the exotic ports of call and liveaboard dive opportunities. Meet new dive buddies and enjoy diving with OUR family.
    Undersea Expedition's website

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    Zero Tolerance Policies and the Public School System w/ Dr. Joseph Chinedu King

    in Lifestyle

    I'm honored to have on tonight's broadcast of Somethin' 4 The Fellas, Dr. Joseph Chinedu King, of Saginaw, MI. via Montgomery, Al. A great friend and brother of mine, that has appeared on several previous broadcasts. We'll discuss the Zero Tolerance policies, that have been adopted by many of our public school systems throughout the country. It is vital to the success of young people, that they be properly educated, in order to meet the demands of the 21st century. Harsh disciplinary procedures and practices in the public school system are disproportionate, impacting majority poor and minority students. Our goal tonight is to inspire constuctive dialogue that leads to practical steps,to be implemented, that will facilitate the process of reversing the school to prison pipeline. Please join us on tonight's broadcast.Let's Get It!!! #NUFFSAID

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    Keedren Boston: Knowing Your Purpose

    in Lifestyle

    I Am Refocused Podcast interview with music artist Keedren Boston aka "BossTon"
    Tune in and share!

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    Impromptu Commentary and discussion on hot  topics Right now on the ticket right now: BitCoin controversy, P-Diddy and the Panthers, Joe Budden's current Struggle.

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    Opiods addiction expose racism

    in Culture

    ?Its clear that there is a disparity when it comes to drug addiction and race

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    Indie Artist Cherrelle Wright and HIV Activist Kareem Youngblood

    in Lifestyle

    Indie Artist Cherrell is an Indie Developing Artist/ Song Writer.  She will discuss her struggles on becoming an artist, what inspired her to write music and want to become a singer?
    National Black HIV/AIDS we are speaking to HIV Activist Kareem Youngblood coming on the show tonight to speak about the treatment importance and awareness of protecting yourself. 

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