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a song that I kind of like, redone by lady P!nk, points to this week's topic of getting into the Feeling place of what you want. I'll be discussing ways of looking at what you may already have to appreciate or feel gratitude for as well as other ways... more

I advertised this on the Facebook page using J. Micheal Straczynski's Babylon 5 character, Mr. Morden, As a reference because he did ask this question to practically everyone- And it's an important question... but with much less dire... more

Looking at the process of getting what you want through the Law of Attraction, starting at the strangest place. Let me tell ya, on the journey of a thousand miles, that first step is a BITCH!

The steps to take to make the law of attraction work for you...

How the Law of Attraction tends to go when we forget the vital ingredient of the Art of Allowing. This week we'll discuss pitfalls and missteps when trying to work this philosphy into your life.

the Law of Attraction and Relationships. Remember, when you feel special, you help others feel special! Watch how it works. "Love yourself and then watch..." -Buddha.

Well, I posed some questions and suggested some things to practice this week, now I'd like to know how things worked. I've come to some interesting things, along the same lines, myself, this week and I think this Law of Attraction thing is... more

Think Yo-self Slim! Is it possible? A Buddhist Concept is that what you put in your mind is more important than what you put in your mouth, and the Law of Attraction says that you can get yourself into your perfect body with the right mindset. I've... more

I'd like to see what we really think about money and how we can think about it. According to LAW of ATTRACTION (LoA,) it helps to look at it as an energy more than an item. And it helps to understand how you feel about that energy, as well... more
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