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in Buddhism, there is Right Intention and Right Effort. In the Law of Attraction, there is Intention, inspired effort and allowing- yeah, I know, even I get confuddled about having intentions, following Inspired Efforts and Allowing. It kinda... more

what does it take to start over? I've found that it takes a lot of effort, honestly. You need to be willing to forgive- not just others, but yourself- especially yourself because you made the choice to follow what others have told you. let's talk... more

I've been a little faulty on Drive lately, but I think things are starting to pick up. I've been looking into Wealth Building and maintenance and I'm just... Inspired in some strange ways that I might want to share, this weekend. Feel free to join me

This week we'll be discussing Compassion- a word that is often misinterpreted and very missunderstood. We'll explore how foggy this gets and how to clear it up and apply it to your journey towards your best life.

August has begun! On this, the Second Day of August, I will be looking to discuss ways of Augmenting the changes we look to make in our lives as we come to understand the Law of Attraction more. I know I want to Appreciate more things... more

Using ideas like the Law of Attraction to better manage relations, networking, and various social encounters.

I'm starting to expand on the concept of my show to include other ways of looking at life and ways of making life more of the way you want it. Let's talk about it , this week!

I recently got vacation time approved by my boss. I became permanent (what a concept!) with the company about three months ago, and I was able to get vacation time in October. This helped me to learn how it feels when you know... more

is it possible to manage to ALLOW at this most confuddled time of the month? This weekend I'm going to be discussing PMS And the Law of Attraction. Thank you

Well, I'm wrapping up the Step-By-Step of the series I presented about the Law of Attraction. I'm really excited because Last week I had such a fantastic revelation and I want to see if it'll happen again. This week, we'll discuss Allowing. Reving... more
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