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    Lez Talk Books Presents: V. Nikki Jones

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    V. Nikki Jones (a.k.a. Kionne Nicole) began writing short stories and poems at seven. Kionne Nicole is actually a pen name that the author created as a child. "Retaining the name is a way for me to honor my childhood," she explains, "and a way for me to carry on something that has always been inside me."
    To help deal with the stresses of unemployment, Nikki wrote her first novel, The Space Our Love Demands, in 2009. The story mirrors aspects of her personal relationships and explores the thoughts and emotions of young, African American lesbian-identified college students. "I think it's important for us to tell our own stories the way we want to tell them," she says.
    Her latest novella, Lyric and Blake, delves into the interior life of Astin Lyric Boyd, who self-describes as undefined. “I’m proud of my novella,” the author says, “because it adds diversity to youth-focused literature. This book is just one of many ways that I can influence a young person’s opinion. And, hopefully, it’s a positive opinion that will lead to interactions that help make their schools and communities better places.”
    Nikki is a native of Drummonds, TN. She is currently a full-time doctoral student and licensed Couple and Family Therapist residing with her partner in Louisville, KY.

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    30 minutes With Author Selena Haskins

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    Selena Haskins is a native Washingtonian who enjoys music, reading, spirituality, and spending quality time with her family. Selena's secret passion is playing video games. That's right, Selena is a gamer! Besides writing, she loves watching an intense game of NBA Basketball. You can find her in front of the TV cheering for her Boston Celtics!For more information about Selena, please visit her website:www.booksbyselena.comTwitter- @booksbyselena

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    Reconnecting With Crime Writer Marguerite Ashton

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    Join crime writer, Marguerite Ashton as she provides an update on future broadcasts.
    So much has been going on with the panel members of Crime Writers Panel and Criminal Lines Radio that they've decided to bring both shows together as one. 
    Episodes to follow will be focused on current events related to crime, cold cases, and writers.

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    Interview with author Clarissa Clemens

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    Clemens will be on tour with her erotic poetry collection, The Poetic Art of Seduction. She's stopping by to particpate in an interview with Sage Adderley.

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    Fallen Angels audio book part one

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    People have been asking me for audio versions of my books, but I don't have the resources necessary to produce them. Therefore, I will be reading my books aloud on half-hour segments for those who want or need an audio version. This is  part one of Fallen Angels, my science fiction novel. It was inspired by my husband Philip K. Dick, who often discussed the problems with eugenics. My free account here at blogtalk allows me half an hour for each show, so I will read for half an hour today, then read for another  half hour, and so forth, until I have read my entire novel. I hope thatyou enjoy this reading. 

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    FREE PSYCHIC READING! Call-In now, psychic Kelly Cochran

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    A terrible car accident left me with a great psychic gift. Call in now and let me share it with you. 

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    Front Porch

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    Opinion, research, interviews, hot topics, current events, thoughts from all of us welcome,
    former interviewer with national firm, welcoming opinions from the globe.
    Come take a sit down, relax talk and or listen, that's what a porch provides, a setting, a comfort if you will.

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    The Nick Pierce Show- Business of... Book Publishing

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    The Nick Pierce Show - How to in the Entertainment business. I will help further, enhance, and protect your entertainment career.  Let’s talk about copyright, band names, finding managers and agents, royalties, booking shows, touring, protecting your name, show contracts, how to run your band as a business, performance contracts, getting radio air play, touring, recording deals, and how to avoid scams.  Do you have a question about music, film, dancing, modeling, acting or another artistic career?  Let me know.  I am here to help. The Nick Pierce Show is a live call in show where I give you advice based on my over 25 years experience in the entertainment business.  There is also lots of free information to help you out on my website www.nickpierceshow.com  . 

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    A Conversation with Diana Abu-Jaber, Author of Life Without A Recipe

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    From award-winning author Diana Abu-Jaber, Life Without a Recipe: A Memoir (W.W. Norton & Company; April 18, 2016) is a big-hearted story about finding your way when everyone else has their own prescriptions, their own “recipes,” for what your life should be like. In her new memoir about family, food, and motherhood, Abu-Jaber describes what it was like growing up with outspoken relatives who lovingly  pestered her with “advice” and how she spent years learning to ignore the script and instead improvise to find her true self and the life she desired. Life Without a Recipe tells a universal story about forging one’s own path while remaining deeply connected to the friends and family members who may have driven you a little crazy along the way.

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    Soul Tal Live with Tameko

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    Inspired to speak on emptiness, fulfillment on a new path, when the new path gets old.