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    Author Jackie Ellis Stewart is the Guest

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    Jackie Ellis Stewart talks about her new memoir, Raiders and Horse Thieves, which will be relased in November (2015).

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    Episode 199-Cheryl Diane Parkinson

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    The silent opinionated songstress, creative writer and teacher. Cheryl Diane Parkinson writes about anything that inspires her--from teenage fiction to children's stories. From serious articles to poetry.

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    Literary Speaking with Crystal-Lee Quibell

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    Literary Speaking: Life as A Prolific Writer
    Prolific wordsmith and memoirist Crystal-Lee Quibell joins Edie Weinstein and shares her seasoned perspective on the pros and cons of being a professional writer. How can writers get their work out into the world? How can they silence the inner critic who says their work isn’t good enough? 
    Passionate writer, radio host and book coach, Crystal-Lee helps writers take their stories from ideas to completion, offering the tools they need to make their book publishing dreams come true. Her Vivid Life Radio show is called Literary Speaking.
    Edie Weinstein, MSW, LSW (Bliss Mistress) is a colorfully creative journalist and interviewer, internationally known transformational speaker, licensed social worker, interfaith minister, Bliss coach and the author of The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary.
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    AAMBC Awards Recap Show

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    The 8th Annual AAMBC Literary Awards took place in Atlanta,Ga this past weekend and we will be chatting with those who were in attendance. Nominess and Winners are all welcome to call in and particpate. Join Kisha Green and Diane Rembert as they recap.

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    Status and Updates 4 June 2016

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    Recent Issues and Events

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    A Conversation with Diana Abu-Jaber, Author of Life Without A Recipe

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    From award-winning author Diana Abu-Jaber, Life Without a Recipe: A Memoir (W.W. Norton & Company; April 18, 2016) is a big-hearted story about finding your way when everyone else has their own prescriptions, their own “recipes,” for what your life should be like. In her new memoir about family, food, and motherhood, Abu-Jaber describes what it was like growing up with outspoken relatives who lovingly  pestered her with “advice” and how she spent years learning to ignore the script and instead improvise to find her true self and the life she desired. Life Without a Recipe tells a universal story about forging one’s own path while remaining deeply connected to the friends and family members who may have driven you a little crazy along the way.

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    Author2Author: Fearless Writing

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    For today's episode Bill Kenower offer's a crash course on fearless writing. We don't begin writing until we forget to be afraid. If you've ever had a good day of writing - a day where you lost track of time, where your characters talked to you, where you were surprised by where the story went - then you've written fearlessly. The question, then, is not whether you will write fearlessly, but whether you will do it on purpose. In this crash course, Bill offers three tips to focussing our attention on our inherent fearlessness so that we can have the writing experience we crave and deserve. Don't miss it.

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    Writing Warrior Radio Episode 6

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    Kenya Rivers started her writing at the tender age of ten penning songs, poems and short stories. Kenya was a shy daydreamer who used her imagination to create the many stories she was able to see so vividly. She won area writing contests that fueled her desire to put those thoughts on paper. With this new found passion Kenya was able to share her love with the world through writing. She was born in Chicago and raised in California. Kenya graduated and study to become a nurse at El Camino College. Throughout the coming years she was diagnosed with Hypertension and Graves diseases and Chronic Migraines and a Pituitary Brain Tumor that affected her vision in 2006. Kenya was treated with serval different medications to shrink the tumor but, it was not successful. In 2007, she underwent brain surgery and it was a success.
    In 2010, Kenya put her pen back to use and began writing her first story destined for the publishing world. Endless Nights, her first novel was release in 2014. Kenya doesn’t conform to one specific genre. She encompasses the reality of her life. She keeps the stories as true as they are given to her and lets her readers into her inner self putting her vulnerability on display. In December 2012 Kenya was diagnosed with Leukemia (Blood and Bone Marrow Cancer), Fibromyalgia, which put her in a severe depression, and anxiety that took control of her body. Despite everything that she has endured in her life, Kenya continue to push through it all, as she fights every day and works hard to stay strong for her and her family. She stays focus in her writing as she uses it to inspire others. Kenya’s upcoming Adult Novel’s include
    Dangerously Obsessed
    Coming Soon: I Don’t Belong To You, Intoxicated (A Love That Becomes Addictive), and more to come. Kenya was inspire to write a Leukemia Awareness Children’s book titled, I’m No Different From You.  available summer 2016.

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    Word Choice and Setting the Mood

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    Word Choice and Setting the Mood
    In this episode, the Write Pack explores how word choice is critical to setting the mood in a story.
    -  How is word choice used differently between genres?
    - How does word choice paints different pictures of the same setting?
    And more
     All episodes available at:
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       -  And other platforms
    New episodes every Sunday
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    Music: by Meredith Tate and Music: http://www.purple-planet.com

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    This I Believe - Class of 2016 - Episode 3

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    While we are not yet sure what all of our students' "This I Believe" contributions will be this year, past titles of essays have included, "Behind Any Success, You'll Find Determination," "Simply Music," "Not Just a Weakness," "The Magic of Laughter," and "It Goes Beyond Books."
    Intro, outro, and transition music for this radio program was created by longzijun, whose material can be reached here: https://longzijun.wordpress.com/2011/11/24/short-instrumental-themes/ .

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    The Cost of Doing (Writing) Business: What the numbers really mean

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    We had a fantastic Blab last night about how to interpret the numbers coming at us regarding books sales, Amazon, and self-publishing. Why do they matter? Well, it's your industry. Whether you are self-published, small press published, or even traditionally published, we're all in this together. Understanding what we're being told--and its context--is crucial.
    On April 25, 2016, Reedsy released its numbers for what it costs to publish a book, and they certainly raised some eyebrows. So I broke them down as well as compared them to the industry standard for editing and formatting rates through the Editorial Freelancers Association.
    Listen in to learn more...