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1 -Opening to the highest level of love, two who taught what spiritual means?

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Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris


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Let's start at the beginning. 

   Is Love related to being spiritual ? Yes, Can you have one without the other. yes. Who did man learn about being spiritual from? It is not what you think. It is not what everyone says it is.  Just because one says  they are spiritual -doesn't make then spiritual. For one to  be they would have to know - about death, soul, spirit, angels, deiites more then just reading a book about them. They would need actual experience in them.  Oh did I forget the word GOD. Sadly most people do. 

     I started Wednesday but did not get to far into it. I did bring up many so-called spiritual people. I only say that because the Internet says so. Look up the top five spiritual people on the Internet.

   As a child, love is one of the things a child can feel from the start. It grows greater as long as there is no abuse involved. Then a Child starts learning programmed ideas from their parents. When a child come near a person they can feel energy which either make them feel good or it makes them feel bad. During this talk I will compare it to a Dogs love, for many reason but the most important one a Dog is one or maybe the only creature on this planet that truly can live from a place of unconditional love. More so, then a cat, pig, horse and anything else.  It will give it's life for It's owner and always be ready to forgive you no matter waht you do to them. They are there 24/24. Yes most woman usually try to forgive you most of the time. 

  People looking for God do not need the so-called love relationship here on this planet. All people do different things when one is trying to please themselves vs when they are trying to please someone else.