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TJ Morris ET Radio –Div. of,,,, ACO LLC USA- ACO International Independent Associate Contractors Organization - - Membership Driven Association - Geeks, Investigative Reporters/Journalists/Bloggers - ACIR Specialists in consciousness, parapsychology,Ufology Analysts Archivists, Authors, Counselors, Intuitives, Journalists, Life Coaches, News Group Teams, Psychics- Documentarians, Videographers, Webmasters, Anew News Reporters, Ascension Age Signs of the Times of ACE Folklife History, Theresa J Morris -Author,Entrepreneur, Speaker and Radio Show Talk Show Host shares Live Radio Shows with Associates, Colleagues, Journalists, Authors, Videographers, and Social Neworkers. 9E/8Central/7 Mtn/6 Pac/3 Hawaiian TIme. CALL IN: 347-945-7207. Each night involves various categories of authors, journalists, reporters, news media on humanity changes in global community self-image awareness, social paranormal topics and in the Book "How to Social Network Metaphysics" Book by Theresa J Morris, Author-Speaker. Theresa, Social Entrepreneur, Agent-Consultant-Organizer with Artists,Archivists, Bloggers, Copywriters, Editors, Photographers, Producers, Videographers, and Social Entrepreneurs who desire to co-create dialog as communication of world information networking. People want to know they have support in their own lives with Intuitive Counselors, Life Coaches Mentors, and Friends Online. ACO is an Association Community Online Organization with classes, events, media, news, publishing as Universal Citizens including how we share in the grass roots awareness of community in trade and commerce in products, services, programs, projects and body-mind-spirit wellness.Popular topics of the times in ACE Folklife, ACE Society, ACO Business Associates, ACE Metaphysical Science, Cosmology & Spirituality - Mysteries of Life, Soul, Spirit, Body Health and Wellness of Mind and Consciousness

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ACO Culture Club - shares Secrets A-Z - Ancient Mysteries, Break Away Civilizations, Conscious New Thought Teachings, Psychic Powers & Tarot Readings, ACO Culture Club is about health and prosperity for all and is changing the world for the better each day we show up however, we all love a good mystery and conspiracy theory on how our world needs to bring order in chaos. More or less government and hidden deep cover politics and black operations have been around since World War II and we are discovering that history written about is not all there is. We are about waking up to our new future discoveries in cyberspace and space and like to discuss secrets and mysteries on TJ Morris ET Radio with Theresa J Morris, Host. We will post what TOPICS we will discuss by TITLES of EACH WEEKS SHOW. Communication is important and TJ Morris is taking a role in today's talk shows as an author and social entrepreneur who writes books as her own real name Theresa J Morris whle hosting weekly shows on this TJ Morris ET Radio Show. TJ aka Theresa does Free Tarot Readings on Monday Nights for her friends who enroll in her ACO Culture Club or if they have a business they can enroll in the ACO LLC Business Directory. This includes the Author's Club Organization which meets with Tony & Bonnie Leanore Elliott. TJ is also friends with Phyllis Galdi of FATE Magazine and both women support the Paranormal and Mystical together with a synergistic flavor of the psychic powers in our every day affairs. We all have gifts and some of us use them more than others.Theresa J Morris shares the Psychic Awakening Classes with the Ascension Ancient Mystery School Teachings for the ACE Metaphysical Institute which is a part of our ACO LLC which has many disciplines, interests, and members who are life coaches, investigators, researchers, light workers and truth seekers. Theresa J Morris aka TJ Thurmond Morris author/journalist/blogger and speaker.
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