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CALL IN IS 347-945-7207 to join Educational Entertainment by TJ Morris ET Spirit Guide. Extraterrestrial Truthseekers find this strangely appealing..Theresa J Morris is the host of TJ Morris ET Radio. Something to Think About as Your Consciousness Changes. TJ is creating the Advanced Community Online for educational entertainment entrepreneurs who explore and investigates changes in cultural reality. Super Natural, Metaphysics, Space Exploration, Paranormal Research, Author Interviews, X-Files panels, UFO Association, ACO Association, Ascension Age, ACO Club topics: CALL -1-850-376-9100 or 850-736-5138 to book an event promotion or live tarot reading parapsychology. phenomenology, alienology, ufology, universal life theology, philosophy, Spiritual Science TV. Integrative Medicine, Body-Mind-Spirit Consciousness.A.I. and more... American Communications Online supports ACOAssociation.com, UFOAssociation.org, AdvancedCommunications.Agency, Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Research. OBE, NDE, Immortal Cosmos Connection Metaphysicians ACO CLUB Members. Since June 3, 2012, https://www.patreon.com/theresajmorris by ACO American Communications Online, TJ Morris Agency. AuthorsBookClub.org or ACOClub.app peer to peer reviewers on pyramidology, ancient cultures, archaeology, history, science, physics, metaphysics, scifi writers. reverse technology A.I. UFO Secret Space y OBE, NDE, universal life consciousness research. TJ writes about OBE, NDE, Dreams, ET Force, Tarot Readings, Precogs Intuitive Skills..Theresa "TJ" Morris, classes in esoterics, exoterics, metaphysics, phenomena.CosmosExpo, ERA COP, AscensionPsychic, Advanced Community Online has advancedcommunications.agency. Universal Life Force Energy, Multi-Dimensional Time Travel ERACOPcom, Missing Time Experiences, new horizons, living healing arts integrative medicine.UFO Association Network spiritsciencetv.com. ACOinvisibletvcom. TJMorrisAgency.com Teachings Mystery Schools Join ACO Club at

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We three (3) begin the new UFO Association Organization and include the Allied Command Organization, Alien Contact Organization, ACO Association, and the Alien Hunters Organization with welcoming the international social... more

Russ Kellett and Amad Painter join Ken R Johnston Sr and Theresa J Morris. Russ and Thomas Becker aka Amad are both Revolution.Radio Hosts and friends who share our Cosmos Connection. ACO is an acronym we share wirh Allied... more

UFO Association begins with the Paranormal Researchers ET educational entertainment with American Communications Online. Allied Command Oracles share a panel discussion on our personal Cosmos Connection. Dan... more

Dan Cooper believes he was genetically engineered by Japanese scientists in 1952 to be a super soldier, and delivered through his surrogate mother on March 2, 1953 at Samson Air Force Base (now a closed USAFB but, still an open... more

ACO Club American Communications Online is in cooperation with Dr. Richard Alan Miller. Why? Because he is a brilliant author and teacher of metaphysics. To maintain and foster social relationships with our colleagues and peers for our... more

TOPICS TO BE DISCUSSED: UFO Association Organization now forming in 2019.Alienology, Artificial Intelligence, Authors, Consciousness, Cosmology, ESP, Extraterrestrials (ET), Metaphysics, Paranormal, Parapsychology, People,... more

We share interests as CE-5 Contactee Experiencers. We are the ACO Club, Allied Command Officers, and share Alien Contact Organizers. Ken R Johnston Sr, Janet Kira Lessin, and Theresa J Morris share the future and how... more

Consciousness communication as kindred spirits is called Ascension Age. We are about growing our tribe. We as ACO Paranormal Researchers share many tv shows, movies, and the varied mysteries in life. These topics of the unexplained... more

We are building the future of our species with varying levels of consciousness and paranormal experiences. We share the TJ Morris ET Radio with America Communications Online. ACO Club is about the friends in a social club of... more
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