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Education Research Anomalies Community Online Press Internet Radio The Cosmos Radio Organization of Internet Radio Shows. CosmosRadio.org, TJ Morris Radio - TJ Morris ET -TJ Morris Entertainment - ERA COP Magazine - Awakening Consciousness Origin with ERA Cop Mag., Ascension Center Org, Alien Contact Org Associates, Members in ACE Metaphysics and Parapsychology. We enjoy mysteries of life as the author's of our own life stories. Guest Speakers and Panel Discussions of Life's Mysteries. We share ERA COP Magazine "Perceptions". Theresa J Morris, Host. Theresa prefers to go by TJ. Theresa invites her associates in the Education Research Anomalies Community Online Press (ERA COP), Ascension Centers Organization, Alien Contact Organization, ACE Folklife Club and ACO Authors Club. Authors, Metaphysicians, Parapsychologists,Historians, Folklorists, Ufologists share various topics including the super natural, mysteries, metaphysics, ufology, extraterrestrials, with Host Theresa J Morris. Theresa J Morris is founder of the Alien Contact Org and Ascension Center Org. TJ began the Era Cop Magazine. SciFi Fans who like Star Trek, Star Gate, Star Wars and Space Movies will enjoy sharing Cosmology, Science Fiction and Reality TV Shows with TJ Morris Media - TJ Morris Entertainment - TJ Morris Media - Paranormal Spiritual Science Entertainment. Education and outreach to caring individuals in health & wellness. Universal Life self-help, education, cyberspace culture internet radio entertainment. Paranormal, Scifi, Fantasy Authors and artists join TJ in an entertaining talk show. Life topics. Some Panel Discussions, Metaphysical Arts, Life Force, Archetypes, Life before and after this one. Experiencer's inner and outer communications of their perceptions and truth of life. Love One Another - A Feeling better about self help education while on planet earth. We get the word out! Body-Mind-Spirit, Fortean and Fae Folk, Authors of Future Science, Time, Sp

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Theresa J Morris shares her ET Spirit Guide Universal Cosmos Tarot Readings with her friends who call in for a free reading. Diana McClintic does check in from time to time to share her input sometimes as a certified life coach and to share some time with Theresa LIVE on AIR. Theresa began doing readings in 1984 and is a universal life minister for the Ascension Age and for the Ascension Center Education (ACE) of Ascension Center Organization (ACO). We ase a spiritual educational entertainment community with similar interests in phenomenology. Alien Contact Org, ERA COP, Educational Research Association Community Online Practicing Skills is being formed by TJ Morris & Friends with similiar interests in social media online. share eracop.com, tjmorriset.com, tjmorrisacir.com, theresajmorris.com, aliencontact.com, cosmosradio.org, tjmorrisradio.com and LIKE US here and on FACEBOOK please! If you desire a reading please become one of our regulars and follow us here so we can see who we are giving free readings too! Learn to use Blog Talk Radio and to sign in in order to participate in our group and our chat room! Thank you! Theresa Janette (Jan) aka TJ Morris.
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Ascension Center Universal Life Cosmos share seven levels with Tommy Hawksblood aka Thomas A. Sinisi and TJ Morris aka Theresa J Morris.Ascension Center Education (ACE) and ACE Folklife Society of Archivists and historians... more

SHIFT HAPPENS! ~ LYNN HARTRUM, JANET KIRA LESSIN, THERESA J MORRIS -3 EXPERIENCERS SHARE THEIR STORIES! TJ Morris ET Cosmos Radio Org shares the Launch of the Experiencer's Network Oct 1, 2015.... more

Ascension Center Education Spiritual Science Love as Angel Heart what it means.ACE Metaphysical Insitute a divisions of ACO-ACE. Ascension Center Education (ACE) Folklife Affiliates as Ascension Center Organization (ACO)... more

Theresa J Morris & Thomas A. Sinisi aka Tommy Hawksblood joined by Diana McClintic on Ascension, Soul Levels of Life. Theresa & Tommy co-creators about ACIR-ACO-ACE ET Friends and levels in universes. Metaphysics. We share... more

Tommy Hawksblood joins Theresa J Morris We, the members of the Ascension Center, ascribe to the highest standards of excellence with regard to the uplifting of humankind by providing spiritual and educational... more

Alien Contact Org, 2. Ascension Center Org., 3. Era Cop Mag., 4. Cosmos Radio Org., 5. Aquarian Radio, 6. TJ Morris ET Radio, 7. ACE Metaphysicans, 8. Universal Life Metaphysicians, 9. ACE Society, 10. Alien Civilizations Exist UFO... more

Ascension Center Organization Community ACO & ACE Metaphysicians - Universal Life Ministers Life Coaches. Tommy Hawksblood, Diana McClintic, Theresa J Morris and You/"GO SOUL FIRST" Meeting 6-8 Eastern/ 5-7... more

Alien Contact Unincorporated volunteer association of authors/speakers are joining TJ Morris Radio Network & Aquarian Radio Network to share their opinions and views of what life we are co-creating together with our thoughts.What do... more

Emily E. Windsor-Cragg, BS MA English Mystical Wisdom. We the People share a common ideology of Wisdom; the same quotes get printed time-after-time in our print media. It seems like a good idea to create a coherent format, a... more
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