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Spirituality, Metaphysical ET Spirit Guide Tarot Readings-Tues- Ascension Center Org-ACE Folklife Life Coaches Art, Culture, Education, Authors Club Shares Books-Wed.- ERA COP Education Research Association Community Online People meet as a Panel on Various Topics -Thurs- Friday Fact Night for Truthseekers in building knowledge with book authors reviews. -FRI-Then Sat -WOW! Cosmos Connection 6-8- 2 hrs on Revolution Radio we come back here to do 8-10 E -ACO Alien Contact Org-Saturday (2- 2 Hr. Shows).-Early Sun w/Amad Painter 11 E.then we Meet & Greet Sunday here at 7 E! ACE Metaphysical Institute presents ACE Nonprofit Inc. to wrap up the week to begin again with TJ Morris Entertainment Network where people with talents and skills share. TJ Morris Media brings Artists, Artisans, Authors,Crafts Creators, Speakers,musicians, singers, songwriters, television show fans, friends of movie goers and reviewers, blogger friends -Facebook Friends Life Stories. Theresa J Morris, Author, Artist, Entrepreneur, Radio personality, Life Coach, Spiritual Empath Intuitive shares TJ Morris Treasure Shop Book & Gift shop. We are looking for sponsors for our paranormal spiritual metaphysical social networking shows while we grow into the future! Livingry Now! TJ is Founder of ACE Folklife Historical Society- ACE Metaphysical Institute (ACE), Ascension Center Organization (ACO), Alien Contact Org (ACO), ACE Folklife Education Research Association (ERA) Community Online People (COP) .TJ Morris Hosting encourages agents-consultants-organizers in small businesses domains to archive. TJ Morris ACIR inspires American Culture International Relations Investigative Reports for Education purposes. Ancient History, Spiritual Quests. ACO Ascension Center Org (1993) Psychic Awakening Classes, ACE Folklife Historical Society (2007). ACIR (2004) American Computers Internet Researchers online - Social Entrepreneur B2B Consultants fosters growth in sustaining bu

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Theresa J Morris & Friends share ACO. Get ready for the explosion in arts and sciences. We now deal with cosmology, Universal Laws. Cosmology includes metaphysics and that which is ever changing essence as a constant in the universe. One constant in the universe is change. Ancestors left us an insurmountable way to comprehend our knowledge left inside us all. Inner unforgettable laws in our DNA. Law of Thinking, Law of Supply, Law of Attraction, Law of Receiving, Law of Increase, Law of Compensation, Law of Non-Resistance, Law of Forgiveness, Law of Sacrifice, Law of Obedience, and the Law of Success are referred to as the forgotten laws. The observation that there are underlying regularities in nature dates to prehistoric times, since the recognition of cause-and-effect relationships is an implicit recognition that there are laws of nature. Recognition of regularities as independent scientific laws was limited by entanglement in animism, and by attribution of effects that do not have readily obvious causes—such as meteorological, astronomical and biological phenomena—to the actions of various gods, spirits, supernatural beings, and extraterrestrials. Observation and speculation about nature were intimately bound up with metaphysics and morality. Those of us who have passed only to return again know that we can return. Some call this reincarnation. Is this the review of the majority who return after experiencing life after death or what some call a near death experience? The Law of Divine Oneness - everything is connected to everything else. What we think, say, do and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the universe around us. What we call laws may or may not be exactly the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us God.
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Theresa J Morris is joined by Bill M Tracer, Tommy Hawksblood, Arlene Kahet, and Rob-Ron Richter to share Divinatory, esoteric, occult(wisdom), tarot archetypes of the world in Akashic Field Readings and Consciousness Raising... more

Theresa J Morris, is joined by Tommy Hawksblood, Thomas Becker aka Amad Painter, Bill M Tracer share Discussions on Contact, Aliens, Hybridization, Atlantis memories. Also divinatory, esoteric, occult(unknown), Tarot, consciousness,... more

Amad Painter aka Thomas Becker, Artist-Author-Radio Host and Manager of TJ Morris Radio Network is joined by Tommy Hawksblood aka Thomas A Sinisi, Diana McClintic, Jairo Bennu, and TJ Morris aka Theresa J Morris.... more

Diana McClintic, Thomas A Sinisi as Tommy Hawksblood and Theresa J Morris share the ASCENSION CENTER ORG, ACE Folklife Metaphysicians CALL TO ACTION for 2015! We will be doing a FUND RAISER for our ACO CLUB... more

ACO ALIEN CONTACT ORG shares with ACE METAPHYSICAL INSTITUTE on SPIRITUAL SCIENCE with TOMMY HAWKSBLOOD and BILL M TRACER. Topics on Atlantis, Gnosticism, Ancient Mystery Schools and Etymology,... more

Interesting topics here on BLOG TALK RADIO. It's time to educate the people in our clever ways of sharing our hobbies in the alien contact world of interest with our topics of STAR TREK, STAR GATE, CONTACT, ET, and other... more

THOMAS BECKER, TJ MORRIS RADIO NETWORK MANAGER JOINS TOMMY HAWKSBLOOD to present the ACO Alien Contact Org ACE Metaphysicians CALL TO ACTION for 2015! We will be doing a FUND RAISER for our ACO CLUB... more

TOMMY HAWKSBLOOD presents the ACO Alien Contact Org ACE Metaphysicians CALL TO ACTION for 2015! We will be doing a FUND RAISER for our ACO CLUB MEMBERS asking them to participate in our... more

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