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Ph# 347-945-7207 LIVE ON AIR with CosmosRadio.Org - TJMorrisRadio.com,AlienContact.org, AscensionPsychics.com - Club Rado Shows. ACO/ACE Education Entertainment in USA. Host is Theresa J Morris known as TJ Morris dba ACIR. ERA TIME COP Born Theresa J Thurmond, prefers to go by "TJ". TJ is an advocate for Alien Contact Experiences as ACO UFO CLUB. Being that she has had her entire life involved in learning about beings who come and go in her life that are phenomenal. TJ shares we are all aliens just visiting this planet. TJ shares her work with her friends in her ACO UFO Club and Ascension Psychics Club. She also shares ERA COP for Education Research Associates Community Online People. TJ is a business woman with interests in the mysteries of life in the Cosmos. TJ promotes her club for her friends interested in the ACE Folklife Culture and ACO as ACIR. Ascension Cosmos Internet Radio. We share iculture self-help shows in cyberspace. . ASCENSION PSYCHICS are LIFE COACH with the breakthroughs in her guide book called "How to Social Network Metaphysics" ACO Social Service Club available on Amazon. TJ meets people and invites them into her life as a friend in social media on Facebook. Paranormal Spiritual Science to Science Fiction and A to Z. We are about sharing the breakthrough in what we call the Ascension Age. TJ is a Life Coach and Psychic Medium. She shares Ascension Psychics Club with her friends. She shares Alien Contact Org and ERA Cop Magazine as a peer review guide. We are CosmosRadio.Org as an outreach for those who share the airwaves as team players for the service to others. TJMorrisET.com,TJMorrisradio.com,AlienContactOrg, AscensionPsychics.com, ERA COP MAGAZINE on eracop.com. Our group is mission driven sharing that "Alien Civilizations Exist!". Theresa J Morris, Founder,Host combines Education, Entertainment, Fun,Research, Phenomenology, Anomalies. People, Places, Artifacts. ESP-OBE-NDE-Mind Breakthroughs. TJ Morr

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Theresa J Morris, Founder Director of the ACO - ACE Folklife - Education Research Association Community Online People! (ERA COP.com) TJ Shares a transmission and download. Bill M Tracer VP of ACE and ERA joins TJ and... more

PANEL on PHENOMENOLOGY - with Bill M. Tracer,Janet Kira Lessin, Tessa B. Dick, join Host - TJ Morris. Discuss Philip K. Dick Movies with Tessa 5th wife- Author in ACO author's Club. Theresa J Morris, Psychic Life Coach shares in... more

Theresa J Morris is TJ Morris created a CD called the Atlantis Oracle sharing some of her own past life memories. TJ is doing Free Tarot Readings on Tuesdays, shares Ascension Psychic Panel Discussions on Wednesdays, On... more

ACO UFO Club is about phenomenology dealing with unidentified past ancient mysteries and new thought teachings on UFO Sightings and Alien Contact Experiencers (ACE).. We are dealing with the new Ascension Age with the... more

TJ Morris ET Cosmos Radio host Theresa J Morris is an Author and Founding Director of the Author's Club Org and Alien Contact Org. SHe invitedBlog Talk with her new Business Associatge in Northern California, Javier Sandoval, and... more

So much to live for! We can make a difference! Theresa J Morris, Janet Kira Lessin, Javier Sandoval, Bill M. Tracer, Mica Inoue share a roudtable panel discussion. We share that the ACE Historical Researchers accuracy that... more

Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris is known as Theresa J Morris, and TJ Morris, Intuitive Journalist Author, Speaker, Radio Host of the Paranormal Spirituality – Spiritual Science. Author of books and hundreds of articles that have... more

Bruce Cunningham is Founder and Director of Ancient Mysteries International. He is Indiana Bruce as a real Indiana Jones and shares the Pyramid Finds and Sacred Sites in his life with others. We share people, places, and artifacts.... more

energy technology, neurological use, what we are receiving that is changing inside the critical mass mind. We are still sharing taboo pieces of our truth in the future. We share various mystery thoughts and what we believe about some ancient... more
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