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Theresa J Morris is TJ Morris ET Hostest with the Mostest! Simply Cosmic Out of this World Topics A to z in Ascension, Cosmology, Metaphysics, Conspiracy Theories, Science, Theology, Ufology.Psychic Awakening Consciousness Classes. Who, What, When, Why, Where, and How to share existence! TJ Morris ET Radio specializes in helping by being in service to others. TJ works one on one as an interviewer and in panel discussions. TJ began ACO for authors club org, ascension center org, and alien contct org. Authors, entrepreneurs, educators, historians, speakers, truth seekers, videographers, people who want to share their communication of information meet here. . Also, TJ Morris shares her soul past life energy as a Tarot Reader as an Ascension Avatar Master Oracle. TJ produced Atlantis Oracle and now shares TJ Morris Treasure Show and Shop.Theresa Intuitive Investigative Reporter & Tarot Reader is a social networker in the USA as ACO American Community Online.TJ is Author of Books on Amazon and as TJ Thurmond Morris and Theresa J Morris. Radio Talk Show Host, Small Business Owner.Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdayat 8 PM, Sat at 4 PM & Sun 8 PM - Different Show Topics by Theresa J Morris & Friends. Public opinion, News, Views, Alternative Culture - Cosmology, Conspiracy Theories, Paranormal Hobbies, Spiritual Science, Ufology, Ancient Wisdom-New Thought Teachings, Authors of New Age & Self-Help Interviews. We involve the future now. CALL INS WELCOME: (347) 945-7207 - Talk to TJ who is a life coach intuitive tarot reader and business consultant.Also- TJ welcomes co-hosts Bill, Janet, Tommy, Tony on various nights.TJ Morris ET Radio –Div. of,,,, ACOCORP.ORG in USA- ACO International Associate Contractors Organization - Membership Driven Association for Authors - Speakers - Researchers- Advocates of Art-Culture-Education-Science-Technology-History-Folklife. We share cosmolog

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Theresa J Morris shares Tarot Readings for which she now shares at TJ Morris ET at Theresa has been doing Life Coaching & Counseling since she was called inside a Gold Pyramid and told to begin sharing. TJ uses a particular skill as a Psychic Alien ET UFO Oracle. Theresa also known as TJ has been called Tara Thoth in this lifetime and others. Theresa shares her various past life skills in this 3D lifetime to uplift the human spirit as in uplifting the soul while we share our own spiritual journey. Each person who participates is asked "How may we assist you?" This is a question to connect to the universal mind of us all in the Akashiic Field or A Field. We are all psyhic which connects to our own psyche or soul. This TJ Morris ET Radio Show shares Tarot Reading Examples of what people can expect from connecting to the future readings on their own time with TJ during the day. TJ is available from 10 AM until 5 PM daily for bookking readings by donations to ensure an annual conference for a kindred spirit gathering. The readings are done by donations to the TJ Morris ET Radio Show to help pay expenses for this radio show weekly. This is our third season which pays for the other shows weekly such as the Ascension Center and Alien Contact org.
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Cosmos TIme with Bill M Tracer, Theresa J Morris, and Tommy Hawksblood all of the USA share the cosmos, ACE Metaphysics, ET Spirit, Unviersal Mind, Laws of the Universe, space and cosmology.

Guest Donald Schmitt Author-Speaker-Ufologist joins Theresa J Morris, Janet Lessin, of US and Richard Lennie of UK. Don Schmitt explains how he went from a ?complete skeptic? to dedicated investigator and bestselling author. This... more

What do you remember? Past Lives? Lucid Dreams? Memories? Who are YOU? What are you HERE? Do you matter. If you matter do I mind if you find time for me? Life has patterns, symbols, and way to communicate about our... more

ALIEN CONTACT ORGANIZATION with TJ Morris US, UK, Janet Lessin Hawaii in communication of information with Aquarian Radio and TJ Morris ET Radio.Featuring 1st Hour -Californa Ron Garner- Producer - Anonymous Video... more

We are changing how we think about our daily living. We are friends of Ascension Universal Life and Theresa J Thurmond Morris. TJ began the first Ascension Center in Honolulu, Hawaii 1989-1994. Theresa is on an ever learning spiritual... more

Alien Contact Organization International with Theresa J Thurmond Morris aka TJ Morris of Kentucky, USA and Richard Lennie of United Kingdom will be sharing stories in Cosmology, Paranormal, Super Natural, Spirituality, Ancient Wisdom,... more

ACO was begun by Theresa J Morris with a federal identification number in USA. Theresa J Morris has a Brand Logo for the words TJ Morris, ACIR, ACO and ACE which she used with various commercial entities in the USA. ACO is on... more

See Theresa J Morris, Founder of original Psychic Network (1990-present) and Ascension Center (1990-present)-TJ has been sharing her gift for the ACE Metaphysical Institute which explores ET spirit journey. ACO Esoterics -Theresa... more

We are changing how we think about our daily living. We are friends of Ascension Universal Life and Theresa J Thurmond Morris. TJ began the first Ascension Center in Honolulu, Hawaii 1989-1994. Theresa is on an ever learning spiritual... more
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