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Theresa J Morris is TJ Morris ET Contactee and Entrepreneur. TJ is Author of Books on Amazon and Radio Talk Show Host, Small Business Owner.Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,Fri. & Sun - Different Show Topics by Theresa J Morris & Friends. CALL INS WELCOME: (347) 945-7207 - Talk to TJ, Bill, Tommy, Janet, Tony, Jeff, Robert, Sushant on various nights. TJ Morris ET Radio –Div. of,,,, ACOCORP.ORG in USA- ACO International Associate Contractors Organization - Membership Driven Association for Authors - Speakers - Researchers- Advocates of Art-Culture-Education-Science-Technology-History-Folklife. We have many friends including Spiritual Paranormal Science types, Geeks, Investigative Reporters/Journalists/Bloggers - Specialists in consciousness, parapsychology,Ufology Analysts Archivists, Authors, Counselors, Intuitives, Journalists, Life Coaches, News Group Teams, Psychics- Documentarians, Videographers, Webmasters, Anew News Reporters, Ascension Age Signs of the Times of ACE Folklife History, Theresa J Morris -Author,Entrepreneur, Speaker and Radio Show Talk Show Host shares Live Radio Shows with Associates, Colleagues, Journalists, Authors, Videographers, and Social Neworkers. 9E/8Central/7 Mtn/6 Pac/3 Hawaiian TIme. CALL IN: 347-945-7207. Each night involves various categories of authors, journalists, reporters, news media on humanity changes in global community self-image awareness, social paranormal topics and in the Book "How to Social Network Metaphysics" Book by Theresa J Morris, Author-Speaker. Theresa, Social Entrepreneur, Agent-Consultant-Organizer with Artists,Archivists, Bloggers, Copywriters, Editors, Photographers, Producers, Videographers, and Social Entrepreneurs who desire to co-create dialog as communication of world information networking. People want to know they have support in their own lives with Intuitive Counselors, Life Coaches Mentors,

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ACO LLC with Theresa J Morris and friends share the ACO Consciousness, Metaphysics, Parapsychology and UFOlogy all as topics and genres that are expresses hobbies and studies of research in the ACO Culture Club.
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Theresa J Morris has begun the ACO Culture Club for those interested in mysteries and secrets in cyberspace. Theresa aka TJ Thurmond Morris is an author and speaker on life on earth and in space. Mysteries & Secrets have... more

Theresa J Morris dba TJ Morris Media shares the ACO Culture Club as Ascension Center Education for individuals sharing in our ASSOCIATE COMMUNITY ONLINE with practicing skills. We share the "Rise in the Vibe of... more

See Theresa J Morris, Founder of original Psychic Network (1990-present) and Ascension Center (1990-present)-TJ has been sharing her gift for the ACE Metaphysical Institute which explores ET spirit journey. ACO Esoterics -Theresa... more

Robert Morningstar of Manhattan, NY interviews Thomas R Morris of Beaver Dam, KY in the last 30 mintutes of the show - Robert D. Morningstar is a civilian intelligence analyst and psychotherapist in New York City. He received a degree... more

See Theresa J Morris, Founder of original Psychic Network (1990-present) and Ascension Center (1990-present)-TJ has been sharing her gift for the ACE Metaphysical Institute which explores ET spirit journey. ACO Esoterics -Theresa... more

Ascension Center Organization (ACO) - Ascension Center Education (ACE), ACE Nonprofit Inc., ACE Folklife Org, join as associates cooperative affiliate members in an unincorporated association which is membership driven to... more

Alien Contact Organization International with Theresa J Thurmond Morris aka TJ Morris of Kentucky, USA and Richard Lennie of United Kingdom and Janet Lessin of Hawaii shared stories in Cosmology, Paranormal, Super Natural,... more

ACE for ACE Nonprofit Inc, Alien Civilizations Exist and ACO for Ascension Center Organization, Alien Contact Organization share LIVE Broadcasts on TJ Morris ET Radio. Theresa J Thurmond Morris is celebrating 7 years on UFO... more

Betsy Lewis the first hour. The Spiritual Evolution of our Species Ancient Wisdom and New Thought Teachings with TJ Morris Entertainment Tonight Radio.ACO-Ascension Center Organization Beaver Dam,... more
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