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    What does Unconditional Love mean to you? Part 1

    in Christianity

    Getting an understanding of the different kind of names for Love, Agape; is an unconditional love that we all should have for one another, this is the love that Jesus displayed when He laid down his life for his friends, although He was betrayed by one of them. He still loved him enough to lay down his life for him. Philia; is an affectionate regard, friendship, usually between two equals such as girlfriends and two men as friends. Then we have Storge; which is love and affection shown especially between parents and children, it's a natural empathy. Eros; this is the love that a man and a woman share for one another stemming from feelings of erotic desire, sexual passion, emotional attractions etc. Out of all of these different types of Love there is but One that is True and should (will) last through the test of times, this love we all have an innate ability to transcend above all the rest from one to another. This loveL I'm speaking about is Agape Love! Find it inside of you, and embrace it never let it go!

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    The Law of Unconditional Love with Zlatko Kanda

    in Spirituality

    During this holiday season we couldn't think of a more perfect topic for tonight's show, The Law of Unconditional Love, with our guest, Zlatko Kanda. Zlatko is a born psychic, intuitive coach, originator of Metatronic Teachings, Sacred Geometry Healing® modality and the creator of powerful healing soul mandalas.

    During his childhood he inspired his mother into the path of spirituality as a result of the clear future predictions he made between 3 and 8 years of age. These many years later he is once again presenting these gifts in the best possible way for humanity. Worldwide, he has helped many people remember who they truly are, with the energy of love, and the simple yet effective tools of the universe and sacred geometry.

    In 2011 Zlatko was honored to receive from his angelic guides the gift of creating healing mandalas by channeling divine healing energies into sacred geometry. With love, joy and excitement he expanded his abilities to heal and support more and more people through his healings, readings and his unique soul mandalas. This unique form of energy is increasingly being appreciated and recognized.

    Zlatko was invited by many radio stations and Dutch TV several times to present his gifts. Zlatko’s vision for humanity is to share the law of unconditional love, to teach the sacred geometry language, and to heal and empower mankind, along with planet earth.

    To learn more please visit kandalani.com.

  • The Matchless.....Unconditional Love Of God

    in Christianity

    As children of Almight God, if we are honest with ourselves, we at times struggle to understand how a loving and gracious Father can accept us just as we are with warts, blemishes, imperfections and sinful hearts, He seems to be quite the expert and seeking and saving the lost. Romans 5:8 says it like this, "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us". That and many other passages of scripture also valitdate His unconditional and unwavering love. Thats the voice of Truth. Then we have another voice we have found ourselves listening to way too often.....The voice of Satan. His lies, manipulation, trickery and deceitful tactics can make us feel unwanted by God, discouraged and having a sense of hopelessness.  John 8:44 says he is the father of  lies. John 10:10 says "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full". It's through worry, doubt, fear and sin that satan paints a false picture of where we stand with God. Whispering lies such as these, "you've really messed up this time, you can't return to God after what you've done", or how can God love you when you left him and you don't deserve his grace."  To sum it up Satan seeks to throw condemnation and self-loathing at us with great force, undermine our confidence and relationship with Christ. We can't ever pray enough, meditate enough, read his scripture enough to earn any salvation or cause God to love us. The great news is that his love is never ending or failing its deeper than any ocean and can't be compared to any relationship or sexual experience. Its the unconditional, matchless love of almight God!

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    What Does Unconditional Love Look like?

    in Christianity

    Believer's Walk of Love

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    What Does Unconditional Love Look like?

    in Christianity

    Believer's Walk of Love

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    What Does Unconditional Love Look like?

    in Christianity

    Believer's Walk of Love

    Min. Keuth C, Finnie

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    What Does Unconditional Love Look like

    in Christianity

    Believer's Walk of Love

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    Digital Distribution of Unconditional Love song written by tammi joyner

    in Parents


    Welcome to A theory of parenting on blogtalkradio.com 

    my name is tammi joyner 

    i am your host for the show

    today team atp is excited to dicscuss with our audience the digital release of Unconditional Love

    several show ago we talked to our audience about the production and efforts that went into Unconditional Love a song written by tammi joyner dedicated to Marquel Green our co-creator

    after all of those efforts we submitted the song to reverbnation, there we were able to release the song to several distribution company like:



    24-7 EntertainmentDelivered7 DigitalDeliveredAmazon MP3DeliveredAspiroDeliveredDeezerDeliveredeMusicDeliveredGoogle PlayDeliveredGracenoteDeliveredHooplaDeliverediHeartRadioDeliverediTunesDeliveredJB Hi-FiDeliveredLast.fmDeliveredMedianetDeliveredMuve MusicDeliveredMyxerDeliveredNielsen SoundscanDeliveredNokiaDeliveredOmnifoneDeliveredPlay.comDeliveredRdioDeliveredRhapsodyDeliveredRoviDeliveredShazamDeliveredSimfyDeliveredSlackerDeliveredSpotifyDeliveredWe7DeliveredZune (Musiwave)Delivered


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    What is Unconditional Love?  Tell us your stories.  Call in at 718-766-4494.  WE LOVE YOU!!!


     YOUR HOSTS: Shawn Z. Williams and Tracy Williams

    Questions or comments for Love All Humans Productions?  Email us at join@loveallhumans.com, Call the Office at 562.283.3115  and visit www.loveallhumans.com

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    Author of Unconditional Love is Hard to Find Dontisha James

    in Books

    Dontisha James is a woman of God and I fear the Lord. I'm a mother of one daughter, work full time and I'm single parent till the Lord send me my mate ( husband). My hobbies is love reading the Bible and talk to others about the good news of Jesus Christ. My fun times are movies night, hanging out with friends and family and my most enjoyable moments are feeding the homeless or helping another person and love supporting my daughter in school, cheerleading.

    This is my first book by the grace of God's its a very touching story to my heart. It's a true story and its about a lost girl looking for love in all the wrong places.  I'm believing some people will relate to some of the pieces in this story. I'm very humble and grateful to become an author. And one day in God's will I will write another book the title will be Pure Love my new birth and new fresh start.

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    The Feel Closer to Spirit Show, Bringing you closer to unconditional love

    in Spirituality

    This is the only show you want to be listening too as you join your host International Medium Nick Humphries for a one hour show where he will be linking to the spirit world to give you evidence of your loved ones survival and to give you guidence and answers to your questions. He will also be talking about spiritual subjects and will be inviting guest on to talk about their experiences. Do you need closure with a loss or help with your lifes path, love or work? if so this is the show for you. Nick has over 24 years experience working with spirit and has been connecting with spirit since childhood and his work has taken him across the world.

    For more information on Nick please go to his website www.nick-humphries.com or look him up on facebook under International Medium Nick Humphries and please click the like button. There is now a new website that we would love you to look at so go to www.feelclosertospirit.com 

    Nick also has a weekly competition called the "Nick's mystery mind game" where you can win a small prize,

    To call into the show dial: 

    USA, 347 857 3763

    UK, 001 347 857 3763 (this call is chargable)


    From the UK 07539 482985

    Alternativly call in via Skype

    I hope you can join in for some fun and laughter. love and blessings xxx