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Fathers are an under valued commodity because fathers are like air. U don't value them until they are not available. I know many times, my father was an after thought. He was dependable and I knew when he said something you could count on it. When my father walked into the room U could be sure things would be cleared up.I don't ever remember seeing my father panic. His consistency of behavior had a calming effect on me although he didn't always give me a solution to my problems. How does that work? It's kind of like what GOD does when U tell him your problems. God doesn't fix your problems that minute but you have faith that he heard you & you trust because he's not panicking then everything is going to be alright some way some how.  Fathers make sure the family is taken care of each holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation and Bar Mitzpha. Fathers daily fight all the demons of the world that arise with a straight face and stern jaw then come home seeking only some good ole fashion lovin' and respect. Fathers accept that they are the last defense when a family member is about to go over the edge. A father can talk a child down from the ledge and give him something to live for. Without the father there is no head and the body dies on the vine. It is never the same feeling when he's gone. My father passed and I yearn for the strength and serenity his voice brought to my life and as a father I try to be the calming factor for my family. We may act like we have no feelings but I learned from my dad that when a man becomes a father you have to be DaONE. Your family leans on you. Your wife and children are in a space where they aren't concerned with everyones everything. Where as with a father everything depends on you. Take the time to commend your father this weekend. That's a big enough reward for a father to keep him warm and fuzzy for a week.