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3rd Eye Open, Fridays dial in Live (646)595-3705, hosted by Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer Jerome "DaOne" Tucker, with the divine purpose of Mpowering the masses with his unique interview style guaranteed to invoke lively conversation and revealing honest insight. 3EO is aimed at opening people's minds to the possibilities of the universe. With co-hosts Master Journaler Alycia Johnson CEO of Always Journal, World renown historian the 'Encyclo- negro-pedia" C.R. Gibbs 3EO is Mpowering the galaxy. The world has been on a constant path of change and we've hosted many of the most entertaining thought provoking people of our time. My goal is simple, to have fun while expanding your mind and to offer the same to all interested. We will change what you know about what you know because we discuss the elephant in the room in a non antagonistic manner that will allow you to entertain new thoughts. Between the humor and the music we will challenge you to examine the difference between what you believe and what you know. The creator leaves signs thru past events, Can you read the signs? Is your 3rd Eye Open?

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President Obama will not can not run again for president so the candidates are all posturing for their run in 2016. What does that say about their disappearance during these troubled times in St. Louis Missouri. This is so reminiscent of Katrina. Why won't these people stand up for what's right and support this great nations creedo? 'All men are created equal". We don't yet know what happened but we do know another unarmed black male was shot and killed by a white police officer. I'm tired of this America. It's gotta change. We aren't game to be killed at whites whim! Melissa Harris-Perry put it as plain as day Check out this piece http://www.msnbc.com/melissa-harris-perry/watch/the-deaths-of-black-men-in-america-318795331819 done by Melissa Harris-Perry. I'm now a new fan.
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I taught my daughters to always defend yourselves. When my daughters became 10 and 5 years of age and for about the next 5 years my youngest daughter would come crying to me saying her older sister had hit her. I'd ask "Did you hit... more

For all the differences between the sexes, here's one that might stir up debate in the teacher's lounge: Boys learn more from men and girls learn more from women. That's the upshot of a provocative study by Thomas Dee, an associate... more

When I hear "Back to School" it feels like They are returning to a place that is behind them. Sort of like going "Back to Prison" They are similar because you are locked into a regimen that is forceful and controlling. School is like a place for... more

JOYCE BLACK Owner Victory Marketing Group LLC - Lead a team of 1400+ representatives for the over 9 years. Worked with teams to help create financial solutions and build wealth. Worked with leaders to build a winning team of... more

"Are You Coachable ?" Every job we start on we are coached by the current employees in the way of the company. We follow their lead so we can be approved as a member of the team. We are coached to do a good job most... more

If you are married with children and you aren't running in circles most of the time then you aren't doing it right. A family is a juggling act. To be a good husband , to be a good wife, to be a good father and to be a good mother you need to... more

Master Journaler and Circle Lady Alycia Johnson will go into in- depth forgiveness work. Who in your life are you still holding a grudge on? Grudges are like taking on "friendly Fire". Alycia will walk through some techniques that will assist the... more

Lebron and Ali have both created a brand for themselves that has very similar attributes. ali proclaimed himself "The Greatest before he had fought for the Heavyweight Championship. LeBron was "The Chosen One" while still a... more

"Help, I Want To Keep My Home!" Over the past 6 years many people have faced the foreclosure of their homes. The consensus is that they deserved to lose their homes because they bought more home then they could afford. They took more... more
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