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3rd Eye Open, Fridays dial in Live (646)595-3705, hosted by Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer Jerome "DaOne" Tucker, with the divine purpose of Mpowering the masses with his unique interview style guaranteed to invoke lively conversation and revealing honest insight. 3EO is aimed at opening people's minds to the possibilities of the universe. With co-hosts Master Journaler Alycia Johnson CEO of Always Journal, World renown historian the 'Encyclo- negro-pedia" C.R. Gibbs 3EO is Mpowering the galaxy. The world has been on a constant path of change and we've hosted many of the most entertaining thought provoking people of our time. My goal is simple, to have fun while expanding your mind and to offer the same to all interested. We will change what you know about what you know because we discuss the elephant in the room in a non antagonistic manner that will allow you to entertain new thoughts. Between the humor and the music we will challenge you to examine the difference between what you believe and what you know. The creator leaves signs thru past events, Can you read the signs? Is your 3rd Eye Open?

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"Most People Don't Really Know Me!" - Marion Barry Jr. Those are the first words written in his book. 3RD EYE OPEN celebrates Marion Barry Jr. as an American Icon. Young Marion became an Eagle Scout and earned a degree in chemistry from LeMoyne College in Memphis in 1958. As a sophomore, Mr. Barry joined the LeMoyne chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and became chapter president his senior year.While studying for his master's degree at Fisk University in Nashville, he organized a campus N.A.A.C.P. chapter. Early in 1960, he helped organize the first lunch counter sit-ins in Nashville. That April, he and other student leaders met with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to establish the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Mr. Barry became its first national chairman. After a year as a teaching assistant at the University of Tennessee. In June 1965 he moved to Washington, where reporters occasionally referred to him as a ?dashiki-clad militant.? A powerful speaker and street campaigner, he began pressing for home rule for the District of Columbia, a battle eventually won. He had found fertile political soil, since residents had only recently won the right to vote in presidential elections and had virtually no say in governing themselves. In 1967, Mr. Barry started a jobs program for poor blacks, winning federal grants worth several million dollars. He won his first election in February 1970, to a citizens' board created to smooth relations between police officers and black residents. In 1978 he ran for mayor and defeated the incumbent, Walter E. Washington
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Making a Living By Sharing Your life's Experiences, Friday's guest griot is announcing the release of his next book. the author of "Black Nancy Book I", Lennox "OX" Nelson & as an extra bonus we have Entrepreneur, Master... more

"Why Voting Doesn't Matter " we are told to go to the polls and vote for who you think is the best candidate in the election to represent our families needs. We are told to register as a democrat, republican or independent before the election to... more

Guest griot Serial entrepreneur Gary McDaniels revealing his new venture for Multiple Streams of Income. There are numerous legal methods to leverage your "friends" to generate residual income. Today we will discuss one of them.... more

our guest griot Poet TY GRAY-EL discusses "Blacks In the Bible" with our very own historian CR Gibbs. Ty who has risen from the woeful condition of being labeled ‘uneducable' to becoming the author of ‘Breath of My... more

our guest griot Poet TY GRAY-EL discusses "Blacks In the Bible. Ty who has risen from the woeful condition of being labeled ‘uneducable' to becoming the author of ‘Breath of My Ancestors/Reflections from the Conscience... more

Is Raven Symone Black? If a pig calls himself a rabbit is he? When you see Americans that are of Japanese, Native American, Latino, Jewish, French, African, Middle Eastern, Greek, Chinese or Italian heritage do you know or care anything... more

Let's talk about the NFL, Ebola, Isis, MLB, AOL is Buying the Huffington Post, White House Security and more... Hosted by "DaONE" Featuring who we at 3EO affectionately call The "Encyclo-negro-pedia" C. R. GIBBS "Connecting... more

Health Technology entrepreneur Dale Wafer is our guest today discussing his revolutionary new delivery system that is 400% more effective than the pills we currently ingest and 40% more effective than needles. Why does my doctor... more

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