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3rd Eye Open, Fridays dial in Live (646)595-3705, hosted by Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer Jerome "DaOne" Tucker, with the divine purpose of Mpowering the masses with his unique interview style guaranteed to invoke lively conversation and revealing honest insight. 3EO is aimed at opening people's minds to the possibilities of the universe. With co-hosts Master Journaler Alycia Johnson CEO of Always Journal, World renown historian the 'Encyclo- negro-pedia" C.R. Gibbs 3EO is Mpowering the galaxy. The world has been on a constant path of change and we've hosted many of the most entertaining thought provoking people of our time. My goal is simple, to have fun while expanding your mind and to offer the same to all interested. We will change what you know about what you know because we discuss the elephant in the room in a non antagonistic manner that will allow you to entertain new thoughts. Between the humor and the music we will challenge you to examine the difference between what you believe and what you know. The creator leaves signs thru past events, Can you read the signs? Is your 3rd Eye Open?

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"Help, I Want To Keep My Home!" Over the past 6 years many people have faced the foreclosure of their homes. The consensus is that they deserved to lose their homes because they bought more home then they could afford. They took more money than they could pay back is a common response. But truth be told the banks convinced the lenders they could handle it. You know Americans believe the experts even though it might not jive with people's reasoning.Let's not forget about the BILLIONS of dollars banks have been forced to pay in fines and penalties for fraudulent activities pertaining to mortgages. If they paid Billions how much did they really steal. Also manufacturing in America left for overseas and many Americans lost their only source of income, their jobs! So much of the foreclosure plague was caused by human error from the authorities greed and irresponsibility. Along comes Dess Sealy and the Bolden Pinnacle Group to legally help the owners keep their homes & their family's legacy.If the millions of people who have been foreclosed on and made to move were able to cut their mortgage payment in half and reduce their mortgage obligation to 80% of the homes current value 75% of the people would be in their homes.Many couples wouldn't be divorced and or incarcerated for doing something desperate.Friday Dess will help everyone who calls in to turn their upside down home around, to lower their mortgage payment 50% & give them 20% equity in their current home. This includes rentals also.What has been done in the dark with information is now being brought to the light. For more info listen to Dess' live conference calls 8:00 pm each Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evening (267)507-0240 pin 418457#
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Sometimes we get to a point in life where we have settled down and accepted that this is as good as it gets. When we do this we kiss off the gift that is right around the corner. As I look over my life I realize there have been many, many... more

Guest Val Love discusses "Who Was With You When You Were Down?" Friends, Who are they? I've always told my daughters "Know who your friends are!" Who has been with you thru your hardest times, Who is encouraging you when you... more

"Your Business Needs to Be on Social Media or Else..." with special guest griot who is a Husband, Father, spiritual leader, online business builders, health & wellness pioneer, serial transportation entrepreneur and trainer DALE WAFER... more

"Why Women Don't Find The Man They Are Looking For!" Get With The Program Ladies! Hosted by Jerome Tucker. Like all things there is a process to having a good relationship and finding a mate. It's not like getting a new car. all Toyotas... more

Join us as we celebrate 3RD EYE OPEN's 5th Anniversary on the air. Its been quite a journey for 3EO. and me. I couldn't have made it without my crew, Andy Evans, Nikpitome, Naisa, Pookie, C. R. Gibbs, Alycia Johnson, Dave Owens,... more

Todays discussion: "Don Sterling Was On Point". As an African American, when I first heard of the comments made by L. A. Clipper owner Don Sterling I was pissed off. "Here goes another racist running off at the mouth" I thought. Then... more

"Why Everyone Should Invest In Real Estate" Dr. Tiana Von Johnson is a serial entrepreneur, producer, author, sought-after mindset coach, real estate guru and creative visionary. As CEO and President of GoldStar Properties and Madison... more

Alycia Johnson, Master Journaler and Circle Expert will be sitting in for Jerome "DaONE" Tucker as the guest host. Known for her popular 30 day "Golden Nuggets" web series Mrs. Johnson is impacting lives across the planet with her... more

Alycia Johnson guests hosts Third Eye open for a one hour pilot showcasing her unique journaling style and cirle concepts. Everything in Gods economy has value and works in cycles. it's the law.
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