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3rd Eye Open, Fridays dial in Live (646)595-3705, hosted by Speaker/Certified Trainer Jerome "DaOne" Tucker, with the divine purpose of Mpowering the masses with his unique interview style guaranteed to invoke lively conversation and revealing honest insight. began in 2009 as an Internet radio program aimed at opening people's minds to the possibilities of the universe. With co-hosts Master Journaler Alycia Johnson CEO of Always Journal, World renown historian the 'Encyclo- negro-pedia" C.R. Gibbs and our sports financial reporter Anthony "WuWu" Adewusi, 3EO is Mpowering the galaxy. The world has been on a constant path of change and we've hosted many of the most entertaining thought provoking people of our time. My goal is simple, to have fun while expanding your mind and to offer the same to all interested. We will change what you know about what you know because we discuss the elephant in the room in a non antagonistic manner that will allow you to entertain new thoughts. Between the humor and the music we will challenge you to examine the difference between what you believe and what you know. The creator leaves signs thru past events, can you read the signs? Is your 3rd Eye Open?

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"Why Everyone Should Invest In Real Estate" Dr. Tiana Von Johnson is a serial entrepreneur, producer, author, sought-after mindset coach, real estate guru and creative visionary. As CEO and President of GoldStar Properties and Madison... more
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DR. JOHN WORKMAN Has worked six years on Wall Street in the Investment Banking area before moving into the mortgage business in 1990. It was at Lehman brothers that he got his first exposure to international business. Our... more

Last week the Chicago office of the National Labor Relations Board ruled that the Northwestern football players are employees of the Evanston, Ill. University and have the right to collectively bargain. The Northwestern University quarterback... more

IT's PFUNKY PFRIDAY All day we'll have Phunky thangs to play with. Music, Comedy, Conversation, Poetry. Chasin' the "knowses" away! hosted by Jerome "DaONE" Tucker with Co-Host Master Journaler and CEO of Always Journal,... more

"What Is The Benefit Of Having Your Own Education System?" 183 Acres, 35 Buildings: A #VA HBCU Is Up for Auction. Consider a few random budget numbers numbers: $1 billion in ?loan guarantees? for Ukraine. (House/Senate... more

What Is your Vitamin D level? It should be 50 or greater. Ask your doctor then contact me when you find it's lower as I know it is. Why didn't he tell you this before and it's relationship to your diabetes, asthma and pain. OurSpecial... more

WHAT PRICE FAME? Kerry Washington & Gabrielle Union To be recognized as one of the best in your field is surely an honor. What comes with it in entertainment arena is fame and fortune. Who wouldn't want that? why wouldn't... more

"MyStory" Historian answering "Dumb Black Mystory Questions" who we at 3EO affectionately call The "Encyclo-negro-pedia" C. R. GIBBS Connecting Dots - From Generation to Generation" hosting our annual 3RD EYE OPEN "Black... more

C.R. Gibbs,"MyStory" Historian answering"Dumb Black Mystory Questions" C. R. GIBBS who we at 3EO affectionately call The "Encyclo-negro-pedia" Connecting Dots - From Generation to Generation" is again hosting our annual 3RD EYE... more

C.R. Gibbs, the encyclo-negro-pedia, is hosting our annual 3RD EYE OPEN "Black MyStory Month" "An Internet Magazine of our History & Culture, The Development of Humanity" 2 Million Years to Founding Ancient Kemet. Hosted... more
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