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Why Are They Poisoning Us?

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The Prime Directive

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We are constantly under assault from life-threatening toxins. They are in our food, water, and air.

The medical establishment is poisoning us with deadly prescription drugs and mercury-containing vaccines, while the standard of care is being lowered. Antibiotics are in the food chain and handed out like candy by doctors without a proper diagnosis. As a result, deadly uncurable superbugs are arising.

Industrial waste from China is added to our water to "fluoridate" it. Radioactive debris from Japan are washing up on the west coast. The Pacific Ocean is now radioactive, with more radioactive water pouring into it every day.

Monsanto is pumping GMO into foods, while food processors are adding dangerous and carcenogenic food colorings for cosmetic reasons.

Why are we being poisoned? Is it all about the money, or is there a more sinister agenda? It is no secret that certain elitists and self-proclaimed intellectuals from the "new world order" want to depopulete the earth.

Dr. Vic Manzo from Wellness Smart Radio is our featured guest this evening. We will be talking about all of these issues and what we can do to protect ourselves. The government is not going to help us. The government is the problem. We have to take care of ourselves.

This show is about you and your life. Please call in with your questions and concerns.

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