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    Plastic Storage containers BPA,BPS and Your Health!

    in Health

    More evidence that BPA and the subsitute BPS is harmful to your health says Health Hub From Cleveland Clinic!

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    What Does Your Draft Board Look Like?? For Need Or For The BPA??

    in Football

       BPA= "Best Player Available".  Needs are a GREAT reason to draft a player as well,  especially in the early rounds...  What do YOU DO??  There are arguments for each side of this discussion and you can bet your booty we are gonna discuss em!!  We will do a short MOCK DRAFT as well as talk about the idiot Dion Jordan's dicision to throw away his career.  We had high hopes for him didnt we??  We called him the second coming of Jason Taylor!!

        We will have callers from SunLife Stadium (that you have heard of !!) giving us a draft party update and the latest from there...  And we will be putting together some really fun opportunities for prizes "HINTS" on this shortened for the draft show!  We also have exciting news about the group page and more on this Thursday's show.  so weWe will be cutting about 45 minutes off the normally 2 hour show, so  ALL can watch the draft festivities so, be sure to dial in early to (516) 453-9433 and maybe you can get in your choice for the Dolphins first pick in the draft!!  You get it right, I send you a NEW Miami Dolphins hat :)   GOOD LUCK!!

    Seeya Then & ..........  F I N S  ~  U P  !!

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    Dangers of plastics (BPA, BPS) leaching into food.

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    It is everywhere and it is dangerous. We need to avoid bisphenol-A (BPA) and bisphenol-S (BPS) used to package our  food and drink products.
    We will be on the road to Searcy, Arkansas, where we will stay at Harding University for a couple nights. We will attend Dr. Nancy's Uncle Watson's 100th birthday party and will have some meeting related to essential oils.

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    Your Daily Dose with Dr. Len BPA IN YOUR RECEIPT..DANGER DANGER

    in Nutrition

    Tune in at noon to hear Dr. Len Brancewicz of http://thenutritionshoppe.net discuss today's hottest health topics and new from a complimentary perspective.  From colds to cancer and everything in between, Dr. Len can offer honest advice that makes sense. 

    As a Registered Pharmacist (RPh), Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD), and a homeopath, Dr. Len has over 35 years experience in helping to keep you and your family healthy and happy. 

    Call in today to ask about your most pressing health concerns! we have discussed this over and over again about BPA in the environment..and MILK CAN KILL YOU!!!

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    The Micronutrient Miracle with Jayson and Mira Calton

    in Health

    Mira and Jayson Calton are super passionate and knowledgable about micronutrients, and my podcast recording with them is a taste of the fun and adventure they've created in their lives.

    Mira was a busy, super thin publicist in New York City, living the dream, except for increasing, debilitating pain.  She was diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis, and advised to move home with her family and recuperate.  

    In her search to figure out her osteoporosis, she met Jayson Calton, a clinical nutritionist who did not specialize in osteoporosis,  but agreed to dive into this project with Mira.  Her osteoporosis became completely reversed, and meanwhile she and Jayson fell in love and got married.

    The podcast covers the tenets of their new book, The Micronutrient Miracle:  The 28 Day Plan to Lose Weight, Increase Your Energy, and Reverse Disease.

    In this episode, we talk about:

    How BPA is in more places than you'd think, and how it raises your insulin levels
    How adequate vitamin C can moderate your stress response
    Why iron should be taken away from most other supplements
    The best form of chromium (it's polynicotinate)
    The most important nutrients for thyroid health

    Their new book is highly educational, but also very practical.  There are quizzes to find out where you might be deficient, and plans to follow (including meals for a whole month) for different health goals.  

    Click here to check out the book.

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    PSHRadio Discussed Ghost Adventures Aftershocks as well as what Sam got upto

    in Paranormal

    Join Sam and Caroline as they Discuss Ghost Adventures Aftershocks as well as Ghost Adventures.

    As some of you know Sam was away for the weekend at Derby in the UK for a collabaration event with GreysEncounters and BPA (British Paranormal Association) so she will be discussing that as well as some exciting news so please tune in and don't forget to ask questions and tweet us.

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    Real Talk With Mark and Lynna: Hormone-Altering Chemicals

    in Current Events

    Health and Nutrition:

    Are you really safer without BPA?

    Coca Cola tricks up their Sleeves

    Nutritional Yeast saves your cheese cravings

    The Benefits of soaking your nuts

    Transition radio is a prominant radio source letting your voice be heard. Call in with your questions and concerns.

    Listen to up to date information regarding World Wide issues, spirituality and much  more. Check out our website http://www.transitionradio.net as well as our health blog http://lifetransitionbymarkangelo.blogspot.com/ Every week Mark Angelo Cummings and Lynna Arielle Lopez, will bring you up to date information that will help motivate you and grow with our ever changing realities. We will open the chat room and take calls so you can share your opinions and concerns. Letting your voices be heard. Let us grow and learn to understand one another. Together we rise, divided we fall. 

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    Podcast Series: Big Blue United - In Reese We Trust

    in Sports

    This Bleed Blue Show episode of the Podcast Series will discuss NY Giants football with Big Blue United - In Reese We Trust (@BigBlueUnited).  The details of what the NY Giants are going to do with BPA with their available draft picks, the transactions that have been made between the end of the regular season to the start of the 2015 NFL Draft.  What are we to expect this weekend with the draft and expecations heading into the 2015 season?    

    Facebook:  The Bleed Blue Show

    Twitter: @BleedBlueShow

    Instagram: @BleedBlueShow

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    in Education


    iCEV Online presents  a first time guest , Kirk Lawson, Executive Director and CEO of BPA which works in Business, Marketing and Technology Education K-20.

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    Schedule...Draft.... & A Tebow Sighting!!

    in Football

            Voluntary workouts show teams that are serious about getting to the top!!  We see throughout the league {A.K.A. Antonio brown, Adrian peterson (he gets a bit of a pass from me for what he's goin through) ) and others.  But there were folks placing bets on whether Ndamukhan Suh would show up for the volunteers at this time of year!  And this is PRE-DRAFT TOO!!!

        Speaking of draft...  Josh has been workin for weeks on this special edition of "Josh's Corner" with positional hopefuls and needs the Dolphins will have opportunities to address.  He will introduce players and the schools they are from to all of us and why we feel they could be seriously considered to move to South Beach!

       What about you??  Do you think we NEED to get a WR or DB at #14?  Or do you believe in Dennis Hickey's philosophy of BPA (Best player available)?  Here is what ya do to get your opinion out there...  you call (516) 453-9433 and talk to Dave, Justin, Josh & Hez about why you feel the way you do!!  6:30PM Thursday is the place and if it's anything like last weeks show....  It's gonna get heated!!  :)

    Seeya then!!

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    BPA Bisphenol A

    in Health

    We discuss alternative treatments for incurable medical conditions, spiritual healing, dietary changes, nutrition, holistic and herbal products and inspiring testimonies.