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    Let's Talk Vaccines

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    This week we'll be discussing whether or not parents should vaccinate, whether or not parents should be required by law to vaccinate, and common arguments against vaccines that are refuted by the science. 

    Logicast is a weekly call-in radio show that airs every Thursday @ 8:00 PM CST. 

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    Vaccines & Drugging Our Children

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    Vaccines & Drugging Our Children

    If you don't know, this WILL hurt you, our loved ones, and our children.

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    The Deadly Truth About The HPV Gardasil Vaccine

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    My guest, NORMA ERICKSON, the President of SaneVax (2010-pres), was once a freelance writer and independent business consultant. Her primary concentration was providing information surrounding the vaccination controversy. Being a firm believer in fair and balanced journalism, research and fact finding were always top priorities. The discoveries made during that research led directly to the concept and creation of SANE Vax, an organization dedicated to creating a world where only Safe, Affordable, Necessary and Effective vaccines are allowed.  We will be discussing all the dangerous and deadly facts that the HPV Gardasil vaccine has done and is doing to our teenage girls and boys.  You can check out Norma's website at http://sanevax.org/.  Please join us on February 13th at 12:00 P.M. CST live.  We will be taking callers with any questions.

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    It time to shine a light of WISDOM on the issue of vaccines.  Using science, biology and biblical knowledge, your host VIYAHTA and co-host RAPHE  discuss what most parents and adults are faced with every day.  A recent whistleblower with the Center for Disease Control revealed some important knowledge that should help in your decision to vaccinate or not.  As the word goes "My people are destroyed or lack of knowledge".  With google and youtube there's no more excuses for gaining the knowledge. 


    "SAYING NO TO VACCINES", DR. SHERRI TENPENNY;  http://vimeo.com/108522744; Evidence of Harm, 2005, by David Kirby


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    The Goddess Rising Network present vaccines and their effects

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    The University of California will require incoming students to be screened for tuberculosis and vaccinated for measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, meningococcus, tetanus and whooping cough, under a plan set to take effect in 2017.

    Currently, the UC system only requires students to be vaccinated against hepatitis B, though several campuses have additional requirements.

    The plan — designed to help protect the health of students and campus communities — has been in the works for a year. But the need is more pressing than ever, given the current multistate measles outbreak and the re-emergence of other vaccine-preventable diseases among those not completely immunized.

    As you know, health authorities around the globe fiercely maintain that vaccines are safe, regardless of what’s happening in the real world. Time and again, serious side effects from vaccines are overlooked and swept under the rug as being “coincidental.”

    But just how many coincidences does it take before a pattern emerges, and how long do you stare at the pattern before you acknowledge that it’s there?

    It’s all very convenient to ascribe all vaccine reactions to sheer chance; brushing them aside with comments like, “they would have gotten ill anyway due to predisposition.”However, once you take the time to truly investigate the information we already have at our disposal, in the form of medical studies and disease statistics, it’s quite clear that a pattern is staring us right in the face. In a nutshell, this pattern could be summarized by saying that vaccines generally reduce health and worsen health outcomes…..DR. MERCOLA.Barbara Boxer has proposed a bill on the Federal level to force vaccinate all children in the Federally funded HEAD START programs.

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    Jeff Hays: Vaccines, HPV, and $7 Million Bucks.

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    Jeff Hays -- producer of the new documentary Bought -- reveals The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma, & Your Food. Topics include:

    * How one mom won $7M for her son’s vaccine injury. And what she had to go through…

    * Why the HPV vaccine is allowed to make claims it can’t back up.

    * The big lie the makers of Paxil pleaded guilty to in court, but still made billions on.

    * Has the current vaccine schedule ever been proven safe?

    Watch Bought for FREE from now thru March 6th at:


    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.

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    Vaccines, RFID Chips, Economic Collapse Update, and Finding Hope For Humanity

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    Welcome back fellow conspirators and inquiring minds! Tonight we're going to hit on a cornucopia of topics and hopefully make sense of at least some of them! Given many of the recent cases of varying disease outbreaks, measles, Ebola, various flu viruses and even Plague in Madagascar, the powers that be are pushing vaccines hard again. We will discuss the science and propaganda around the whole vaccine issue. In relation to that, as well as any other possible pieces of information about your personal life, RFID chipping is becoming another avenue of Big Brother to ensure your "security" in lieu of your "freedom". From big businesses to grade schools, the concept of RFID chips in things like credit cards all the way to implants for your pets and kids, RFID chipping is being pushed with an increasing fervor. 

    As always, we will touch on the current movers and shakers and current events leading up to the inevitable Economic Collapse that continues to move full speed ahead. From Western NWO to the "Eastern NWO", the potential clash and or merger into Full Spectrum Dominance of the many by the few continues to proceed mostly unchecked. Soon, if not already, even the internet will be reclassified and regulated into oblivion.

    Lastly, I think that there is Hope left for us and we can still turn the tide, or at least survive our mistakes and turn this around! Let us join minds and hearts and unlearn what we have learned. This is a journey not for the meek, but for those of us brave enough to keep the faith. We will not go gently into this goodnight!

    Peace, Love and Conspiracy!

    ~Dave and Wes

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    The Truth Behind Why The Government Created a Vaccine Court

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    My guest, WAYNE ROHDE, is the author of a very informative book that I highly recommend everyone to read called The Vaccine Court: The Dark Truth of America's Compensation Program.  You may view his book at: http://www.thevaccinecourt.com/.  We will be discussing the real reason why President Ronald Reagan passed the law on November 14, 1986, called the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, restricting the ability of a parent(s) to sue a vaccine manufacturer or pediatrician directly.  Sadly, every vaccine injury or death claim that is filed can no longer be addressed in a civil court with a jury, it must now go through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program known as Vaccine Court; no jury, decision is made by a government selected Special Masters.  Please join us live on February 19th at 12:00 P.M. CST.  We will be taking callers at 917-889-8895.

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    Trace Amounts

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    My two guests, ERIC GLADEN and SHILOH LEVINE, will be discussing their new documentary called Trace Amounts.  This film is the true story of what happened to Eric when he scratched the top of his head on a rusty nail at work, and went to the hospital where he then received a tetanus vaccine shot.  Eric's life changed forever as he began to have adverse reactions from this vaccine.  He describes the mental chaos of what our Autistic children are going through and what these symptoms feel like as your body and mind are being taken over and you become a trapped prisoner.  These Autism-like symptoms were caused by mercury poison, which came from the thimerosal (50% ethylmercury by weight) that is used in the tetanus vaccine.  Instead of giving-up, Eric is determined to find out the answers of what is happening to him, so he hits the road in his RV to travel the country seeking out doctors, specialists, and all the documentation he can find to solve this puzzle.  Please join us live on February 26th at 12:00 P.M. CST.  I will not be taking phone calls during this interview.  The film crew is traveling from location to location through the states promoting and taking interviews at the screenings.  Find the closest theater near you and buy a ticket to attend this film, it is absolutely amazing!  Clarksville TN we're bringing Trace Amounts to you in March.  I will let you know when tickets are available for purchase.  

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    Living a Life-Long Nightmare After Receiving The Influenza Vaccine

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    My guest, LISA MARKS SMITH, will be sharing her vaccine injury story that has been a living nightmare for her after she received the Influenza Vaccine (Flu Shot).  Here is an article written about her testimony: http://www.ageofautism.com/2010/12/adult-flu-shot-vaccine-injury-nightmare-drug-store-disability-could-happen-to-you.html.  Lisa is also the author of Chapter 17: Get Your Affairs in Order in the book Vaccine Epidemic.  Here is a quote from the book by Lisa, "A nurse told me to call my family. It is very difficult to tell your children good-bye forever. It was the most heartbreaking moment of my life."  Her vaccine injury case went to trial and was settled out with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, but the damage to her body is something that money cannot replace as she continuously deals with pain and surgeries.  Please join us live on March 3rd at 12:00 P.M. CST.  I will be taking callers with questions at 917-889-8895.

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    Are Mass Vaccines the Real Weapon & Ebola the Trick?

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    Listener call in # (347) 857-4514

    With the world focused on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Europe & the United States, there is talk about Ebola Vaccines being developed. Global Peeks sits down with Kevin A. Muhammad, Researcher — Author — Educator for a rounded discussion on Vaccines and the dangers in a climate of depopulation schemes by the U.S. Government & global Elites against the darker people of the earth.

    For more than thirty years—under the guidance of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan—Mr. Muhammad has dedicated his life to educating the human family about how best to attain and sustain good health. He has emerged as a leading author, respected scholar, and inspiring lecturer.

    Passionately called a “Research Scientist” by many of his peers, Kevin A. Muhammad is admired for his sensible use of science—anatomy, biochemistry, biology and food science—to show how disease-free living is easily attainable through spirituality, proper diet and conscientious lifestyle changes.

    Order books & PDF’s from Kevin A. Muhammad @ http://kamuhammad.com

    Live tweet the episode @ Hashtag #GlobalPeeks

    Follow more info on programming @ The Hereafter is Now Network Website

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